If you’re interested in becoming a translator and having your work posted on our website or moving your chapters over, then please fill up the form at the bottom of this page.

Please note that we may review your translations. (We do not accept pure MTL or unedited translations.) Once approved, you will receive an account from us through email, and you can start to post your chapters on the website immediately.

Who can join us?

  • Everyone!


  1. No experience is needed.
  2. Must be fluent in English.
  3. Pure MTL is not allowed.


  1. Freedom and flexibility! You can set your own deadlines and post them anytime you want.
  2. You can earn money from your own work! All you need to do is create your own Patreon (Recommended) or Ko-Fi profile and add it to your posts. We won’t take any cut from it.

Note: Requirements are subject to change.