Progress Updates – 3

Hello everyone~ The translation part on TUS Prologue is done, now waiting for Editor-san to do the finishing touch 🙂



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16 Responses

  1. Zharov Stepan says:

    Thanks for the info

  2. flamespear says:

    thanks for the hard work tler-san !

  3. Highest emperor says:

    Thanks for the info and hard work

  4. Jas Strock says:

    thanks for the hard work i am sorry um… maybe i running ahead of time , but what will be next release after tus ? trm or tdk ?

  5. Saws Das says:

    thanks for the hard work . um…… if not secret i what will be next release after tus trm or tdk ?

    • Shin says:

      TRM, actually I already worked on both TRM and TDK halfway before doing TUS prologue, but now depends on how fast Editor-san can clean the translations haha

  6. Souta Kun says:

    how edit img progress ?

    • Shin says:

      you mean?

      • Souta Kun says:

        editing work tekee less time than tling ? yes i know its foolish question , i am sorry

        • Shin says:

          oh you mean editing, i thought you wrote edit image lol.
          yeah, but he has assignments, that’s why it is taking a longer time for him to do the cleaning. I will try to ask him to finish it asap.

          • faltieron says:

            Thanks! It has been quite a while since the last update.

            Honestly, Asada TL has been down for the last month a well so between that and this site, I’ve had almost 10 series that I have been reading that have been essentially on hold for several weeks.

            The gap is really starting to be felt, so it will be nice to have 3 series back.

  7. Jas Strock says:

    any news?

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