TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 2 Part 1


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Chapter 2 Part 1

On the day before the entrance exam, I set foot in the Royal Capital.

“So this is the Royal Capital…”

As expected of the Royal Capital that is said to be the most prosperous in this country.

In terms of activity, it seems to be pretty much the same from a thousand years ago.

It is overflowing with people, and the buildings stand close together.

But even in this city, I didn’t see any kind of magic tools.

“Does this mean that the magic civilization has declined even in the Royal Capital?”

After the magic revolution in my previous life, one would use Quick Move to increase their walking speed.

People who were involved in doing hard labor also use Rise Power, a Body Strengthening Magic.

But no one seemed to be using magic here.

Well, that was mostly within my expectations.

As I was walking around the Royal Capital searching for an inn to stay for the day,


I heard a feminine shrill voice.

It seems that the voice is coming from a nearby alley.

“What was that?”

I used detection magic to grasp the situation in the alley.

There’s a girl surrounded by three men.

Perhaps from fear, the girl just screams.

Should I intervene?


I went into the alley and called out to them.

“What is it, you bastard?”

“Are you trying to challenge us?”

“We are the feared Alan Trio, you know?!”          

The Alan Trio who were surrounding the girl showed a sharp glance at me.

“It doesn’t seem like you guys are just picking-up girls. Even then, weren’t you guys being too pushy? That girl doesn’t seem to like it though?”

While saying all of that, I observed the three of them.

…First of all, the tallest guy seems to work out frequently. Compared to the other two, he is much more muscular.

But such an inefficient training regime wouldn’t even let you break boulders.

Even so, I think the one I need to watch out for is that little guy.

He may look weak, but there’s a dagger hidden in his pocket. Well, “So what?”.

“Hmph…! The girl over there picked a fight with us. She bumped into us but didn’t even apologize afterwards”

Those men smirked.

“T-that’s a lie! They were the one who stopped me and brought me to a place like this!”

The girl leans forward and appeals.

Looking closer, I wonder if she’s about my age?

A lovely girl with long hair. She looks bright and lively.

I wonder if they were just seducing her or trying to commit violence.

But it was obvious that the lovely looking girl disliked it.

“You bastard…! How dare you!”

The man moved his right hand.

He clenched his fist and was about to take a swing at the girl.

—It’s unacceptable to hit a girl.

I activated the Quick Move Magic and closed the distance towards the guy in an instant.

“Hey. Thought I told you to stop it”

I grab his wrist and warn him.

“What the…? When did you get here?”

It seemed that he couldn’t catch my movement.

Forget it.


As it is, I twisted the confused man’s wrist and slammed him to the ground.

“You bastard! What the fuck are you doing!”

“You’ve got some nerves to be picking a fight with the Alan Trio!”

and the two other men attacked together.

Their movement were too stiff. That Cyril would have been much better than these two.

Let’s not use any offensive magic. Else I might end up killing them if I’m careless.

I think Quick Move, a magic that increases the speed of the caster, would be more than enough to deal with them.

“Waaaaaahhhhhh! Eat this!!! —Whoa!”

I tripped the leg of the guy who had raised his fist.

He slammed his head hard onto the ground and subsequently the guy lost consciousness.

“You bastard!! I’ll avenge my brothers!!!!!!!”

The other guy swings his right fist to attack me.

But his actual aim was to use the hidden dagger he had in his pocket with his left hand.

He intends to slit my throat with it.

“So slow”

I muttered.

It took him two seconds to swing his right fist.

And another half second to take out the dagger to slit my throat.

I had already yawned once by then, and then got behind him with plenty of time to spare.

“I got you!!!!!! …Wha-?”

“Were you looking at my afterimage?”

Then I snatched his dagger and playfully tap his cheeks with it.

“You should do more training. I can teach you if you want, but that will cost you a fortune”

“Y-you bastarddddd!”

The guy turned around and tried foolishly to tackle me.

As I shifted my position slightly, the man who tried to tackle me ran straight into the wall of the building.

“Don’t you mess with her again”

“Whoa!! W-what the hell is this?!”

I approached the injured guy from behind and activated Aerial Remove.

With the force of the wind, his body was lifted into the air—


He was then slammed to the ground and passed out.

“Is this the extent of the people in the Royal Capital?”

Well, they didn’t seem to be mages.

They’re just thugs.

I bet I’d see someone who are better than them when I attend the magic academy.


As I was thinking about that, the girl from earlier called out to me.

“Thank you!! Thanks to you, I was saved!”

The girl approached me and held my hands tightly as she looked up at me.

There I was unwittingly attracted to something.

A cleavage as big as twin mountain peaks.

Moreover, every time the girl moved, those two big bulges would jiggle around.


Even a thousand years ago, this kind of situation rarely ever happen to me, so I was at a loss.

This is too much of a stimulus.

To think that someone like me could blank out, even if only for a moment.

“Um…your face…is…kind of…close”

“Whoa! I’m sorry!”

Immediately the girl pulled herself away.

Did I scare her?

I didn’t mean to tell her off.

It’s just that I’ve hardly spoke with a girl even in my past life, so I was just embarrassed.

Besides—if this girl’s breasts were to get any closer to me, I would be at a loss.

As I was wondering what to do,

“Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Lara Ascanoss! 15 years old!”

said the girl—Lara energetically.

“And you are?”

“I’m Kurt. Kurt Lepracta. 15 years old, too”


“Just Kurt would do”

We’re the same age.

I think there’s no need to be fixated on that.

“Then…Kurt it is! That was an amazing move earlier. Is Kurt a swordsman by chance?”


“I’m not a swordsman. I’m a mage”


Lara looked puzzled.

After all, the Body Strengthening Magic doesn’t seem to be common in this era.

That’s why it’s not surprising that she reacted like that.

After clearing my throat.

“Well anyway…that move earlier can only be done with magic”

“Oh. I’m not very knowledgeable on magic. Even so…what a coincidence!”

Lara suddenly smiled.

“I’m a mage too! I came here to take the entrance exam for the magic academy…but then I got involved with those people back there”

Lara turned her gaze to the fallen men.

The men show no sign of waking up.

“I think a cute girl like Lara could attract shady men…so you should be more careful when walking around”

“Eh? I am cute?”

“Y-yeah…did you feel uncomfortable being told this out of the blue? If that’s the case, I apologize”

I was thrown into panic.

…I didn’t really know how to converse with a girl.

Even in my past life, I was so focused on mastering magic that I didn’t even make any friends, let alone a girlfriend.

“Hehe, I’m cute…cute…”

Lara hums with her hands behind her back.

By the looks of it, she didn’t seem to be in a bad mood.

“But if you’re a mage, why didn’t you use magic to take out those men earlier?”

“Because I was too scared to take action…that’s why I’m so grateful that Kurt came to help me. Truly, thank you!!”

I wonder if she just isn’t used to fighting?

From the looks of it, the quantity and quality of Lara’s magic power are quite impressive.

It’s a rough calculation…but I think it’s better than Cyril from the village.

I wonder if it’s normal for a fifteen years old to be not used to confrontation?

At any rate.

“Just now you were saying that you’ll be taking the magic academy’s entrance exam, right?”


“Well, the same goes for me. Let’s give our best shots”

“Eh? Kurt also came for the magic academy?”

“Hmm? Is there anything strange with that?”

“I-it’s strange! After all, from the way you moved earlier, I thought you were already actively working as an adventurer!”

“I-is that so”

Even though I’ve gotten most of my power back, but that just now wasn’t even a proper fight.

“I don’t know what Lara thinks, but it’s true. Tomorrow, I’m going to take the entrance exam to enroll into the magic academy”

“Fuee…I wonder if I’m going to be accepted, if someone like Kurt is taking it…”

Lara looked dispirited.

Looks like she had lost her confidence.

“B-but! I have this!”

Immediately, Lara looked up and held out her hand as if to say, “What do you think?”.

There seems to be a ring on her index finger.

“That is?”

“It is the ‘Mizorato’s Ring’ which I had bought at the famous magic equipment store in the Royal Capital. It seems to provide magical support if I wear it…with this, I should be able to pass too! Don’t you think so?”

I see….

Even in my past life, there were also such equipment that were enchanted with magic.

I remembered that I also wore something called the ‘Dark Dragon’s Ring’, which is said to have been made from the tears of an evil dragon.

However—since I was reincarnated in this world, this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.

“Do you mind if I take a look at it?”

“Sure, go ahead!”

Feeling nostalgic, I received the ring from Lara.

And then I analyzed it—but it was a shocking result.

—What is this trash equipment?

It’s probably a piece of equipment made to efficiently channel one’s magic power.

However, its structure is too crude.

The circuit inside is a messy dead end.

At this rate, the conversion method will be inefficient rather than being efficient.

“What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful!”

Lara gazed on to my face.

“How much did you pay for this?”

“Umm, it was pretty expensive…but when I told my father that I wanted to attend the magic academy, he saved up some money for me. He told me to buy some good equipment with it and to do my best in the entrance exam”

When I heard the price from Lara, I became speechless.

It was quite expensive.

That is the price that a family of four could spend for at least three months if they live modestly.


“Eh? Kurt? Why are you staring at me like that all of a sudden? It’s kind of embarrassing…”

Unable to stay still, Lara blushed.

I felt bad for her….

She got ripped off.

I didn’t expect such a defective product to have that kind of a price tag.

“It can’t be helped…”

I looked at Lara’s ring again.

This is a good opportunity.

After all, I had not used Enchantment Magic yet since I came to this world.

I felt sorry for her, maybe I should alter it a little into something more decent.

“Lara, can you leave your mouth open a little bit?”

“Eh? Like this?”

Lara opens her mouth.

And without hesitation, I shoved my index fingers into her mouth.

“Ohmigosh! Kurt!?”

Without paying attention to Lara’s puzzled expression, I just moved my fingers back and forth.

*SFX of Lara mouth drools*

I heard an obscene sound and Lara’s eyes were charmed and all teary.

“F-furt. Fwaarrf arr yuu duin?”

“I need you to trust me”

I’m not doing anything strange.

The closer I get to the inside of the human body, the easier it is to feel their magic power. It’s even easier to get a feel of it when there are bodily fluids.

So I put my fingers in her mouth to analyze Lara’s magic power in more detail.

—Even so, what is this magic power of Lara’s?

Hmm, this is not a familiar magic power. I think I saw a similar magic power a thousand years ago, but I can’t seem to recall it now.

Maybe it is because of this that both the quantity and quality of her magic power are excellent.

“Hmm! Mmm!”

Saliva was dripping out from Lara’s mouth.

Her chin gradually rose, and she seemed to be feeling the touch of my fingers in her mouth.

If I were to do this for the first time, it would feel like I’m doing something strange.

Lara’s tongue curled around my index fingers, and I felt a pleasant warmth.

“I’m almost done”

I vigorously moved my fingers around.

At the same time, I fed the ring with magic power and improve on its messy magic circuit.

I tried to match it with Lara’s magic power and reconstruct the ring’s magic circuit.

…Yeah. I think it should be a little more decent now.

While I was at it, I also enchant it with [Magic Power Output + 200%].

“It’s done”

“—Haa. Kurt, what were you doing? And what was it for?”

When I pulled my fingers out of her mouth, drool dripped onto the ground like a thread.

Then Lara plopped down on the ground as if she had lost all her strength.

Her cheeks were a pale pink, and she was breathing heavily, seemingly unaware of what had happened.

Oh no!

It was common in my previous life to stick a finger in someone else’s mouth to analyze their magic power in order to tune their equipment.

However, apparently, this was not the case in this era.

I had inadvertently neglected to explain to Lara.

“I’m terribly sorry. I thought I’d tune the ring to match it with Lara’s. That’s why I had to do that”

“Tuning…? You can do that just by putting your fingers in my mouth?”


I put the ring that I was holding on to Lara’s finger.

“How is it? Do you feel anything?”

“I’m not sure…but if Kurt says so, I believe in you”

“I’m glad you said that”

“Besides, it felt kinda good……”

Mumbled Lara, but that last part was not heard.

I could still further alter the ring, but that would be too much. I don’t think it would do any good for this girl.

“Well…I guess all that’s left would be these guys”

I shifted my gaze to the unconscious men on the ground.  I’m certain they were called the Alan Trio.

“There must be a militia in this city too. Shall we leave these guys to them?”

I created a translucent rope with magic. Due to it being filled with magic power, it won’t break so easily.

I gathered the Alan Trio in one place with Aerial Remove and tied them together with the rope.

“This is a pain in the ass, but from what I saw earlier, they seem to be only habitual criminals”

If I were to let them go, there would be more victims. This will just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

“Lara, do you happen to know where the militia are?”

“Yeah! I just came to this city, but I saw them on the way here”

“I see. Then can you show me around?”

“I’d love to! …Just being with Kurt makes me happy…”

Lara sounded lively and she also had a joyful look on her face.

After that, these guys were taken in by the militia, and we then parted ways.

And at last.

It’s the day for the magic academy’s entrance exam.

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