Chapter 11 – VS The Genius Mage


Chapter 11 – VS The Genius Mage

When I went up to the stage, there stood a pretty girl with purple hair.

With her arms crossed, and her expression was somehow sullen.

“Examinee number 99… it’s you huh. The genius who was said to cast a magic that can hit all the ten mud puppets”

The girl started talking before I even open my mouth.

‘Well, that’s right. Do you have something to complain about that?”

“Of course. I was… hoping to pass this school’s entrance exam at the top rank. And that’s where you came in. Wouldn’t I be tempted to complain a word or two if the obstacle to my goal is in front of me?”

It’s a grudge, isn’t it?

While feeling astonished beyond words, a few voices could be heard from the surrounding area around the stage.

“Hey, isn’t that Marise Sizenosna?”

“Yeah. It is also said that she is a genius mage of the Sizenosna family”

“Do you know about this? I heard that she hit a mud puppet with the magic and destroyed half of it in just one shot”

Apparently, the girl in front of me is named Marise.

She also seems to be quite a famous person.                                


“But I heard that guy destroyed all the mud puppets too. Moreover, with defective magic”

“Hahaha! What’s with all the messed up talk? You can’t do that! How is it possible to use magic with defective magic in the first place?”

I could hear them talking about me, too.

The target exam was being held at several venues.

It seems like there are people here who doesn’t know what I did.

“You know, I heard that. It’s a defective magic”

Ahh, that defective magic word again.

The golden color, which is also the color of supremacy, why does it have to be said in such a way?

“Are you also going to make fun of me by saying that it’s a defective magic?”

“Making fun of you? I won’t do such a low level thing. It’s because — I have ‘inferior magic’ too. Deciding superiority or inferiority based solely on the type of magic is absurd”

I see.

I don’t know what that inferior magic was about, but it seems like this girl has a bit of a better sense of it.

The problem would be her ability though….

I wonder if she’ll be able to entertain me.

“Well then, allow me to cast a defensive magic on you”

As I was speaking, the examiner deployed a defensive magic on my body.

The defensive magic is very heavy and yet so fragile that it makes me want to discard it immediately.

But I’ve heard that if it breaks then it will be my loss.

I need to endure with it.

“Well then — Let the examination begin!”

The examiner announced it.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Kurt”

“Kurt. I will not go easy on you… Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame. Be a spear and … enemy …”

At the same time as the chanting magic was casted, three Fire Spears appeared around Marise.


When I observed the target exam earlier, there’s nobody that has been able to deploy more than one Fire Spear at a time.

It looks like she has talents.

“Pierce and burn!”

Three fire spears were fired at the same time.

It seems the inferior magic that she mentioned earlier was the purple magic.

It’s a magic power that excels in long range magic.

If that’s the case…let’s not get carried away.

After the Fire Spears were fired, I slowly formed up a magic formula to create something with the same power as the incoming Fire Spears.

And then hit them with it, cancelling each other.


Marise became speechless as she saw the Fire Spears cancelled each other.

”My God… are you saying that you can unleash a magic that’s equivalent in power to my Fire Spear? Who are you?”

To be precise, it was intentionally made equal.

I could have end it in an instant, but I think that will make the battle feel plain.

”Having destroyed all the mud puppets…… Maybe that’s not entirely a lie after all…… but!”

Without a moment’s delay,

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame…”

She is trying to release the Fire Spear again.

Her deployment speed is quite fast.

It is incomparable to Cyril who only knows how to boast.

But, sad to say.

“It’s slow”

This girl’s magic is certainly fast.

However, if she continued to rely on chanting, she wouldn’t be able to do better.

Without chanting, I deployed the Fire Spear faster than Marise and fired it.


She let out a small scream and fell on her butt as a Fire Spear pierced underneath Marise’s feet.

“W, what is this? This is the first time I see it, casting magic without chanting…? Is that even possible? And it was too fast!”

Apparently, Marise was perplexed after seeing my magic.

I guess this is the limit for this girl now. It seems that she hasn’t come close to entertaining me yet.

It looks like the defensive magic isn’t broken yet. Marise didn’t say “give up” either.

As I approached Marise.

”Kuh… I wanted to hide this as a secret move…but it can’t be helped!”

The color of Marise’s eyes changed from black to blue.

In an instant, she stood up while closing her eyes and began to chant magic.

“Our God. Give me the power of the Holy Sword on my hand. A Holy Sword, roar from the heaven and annihilate the enemy. I am Marise. The one who wields the power of God”

A magic formula slowly formed up.

Ohh, she’s going to use the ‘Holy Sword’, isn’t she?

It’s an intermediate level magic even in my past life.

“Oh. You’re doing pretty well, aren’t you?”

My voice leaked at the sight of a person-sized sword that appeared above my head.

”Are you sure you can afford to be so composed? This will be your… loss! <Holy Sword of God>!”

Marise waved her hand down, just as the Sword of Light was about to fall.

“But it’s still too slow”


I casted dispel-magic.

A sound like broken glass was heard, and the Sword of Light disappeared without a trace.

”W, w…w….what is this? Where the hell is my Holy Sword?”

”It’s dispel-magic. Since you can use intermediate magic, so you should know that much, right?

”The Holy Sword, which is also located at the highest level of magic, is intermediate? Moreover dispel…magic?”

Marise was trembling all over and shivering as she saw the scene in front of her.

Ah— she never heard of dispel-magic?

It’s not like detection magic or body strengthening magic were common. This much was somewhat predictable.

Dispel-magic is a magic that analyzes and betrays the opponent’s magic.

To put it simply, it’s a skill that erase the opponent’s magic.

However, you need to analyze and understand the opponent’s magic perfectly, so you can’t use dispel-magic unless there’s a significant difference in ability.

“I’ve finished the analysis because you took so long in chanting”

“You want me to use magic without chanting?”

“Yeah. It’s easy”

“It’s just you!”

Hmm. I get it.

It seems that this world is based on the standard before the magic revolution I started… the chanting magic.

If that’s the case.

“I’ll show you the real Holy Sword”


I triggered the magic formula that I have formed beforehand.

Without chanting, of course.

Then, a Sword of Light appeared above Marise’s head, just like the one from earlier.

No, it’s not the same.

“I, it’s huge!”

Marise looked up and retreated in fear.

“This is the true Holy Sword”

The one she used was about the size of a person, while my Holy Sword was about the size of a house.

The venue was enveloped in a dazzling light and the surrounding audience seemed to be making a lot of noise.

”Since you have defensive magic, it should be fine if it’s just this much, right? Here I go, <Sword of Tiny Child> <— Holy Sword”

While facing Marise, I dropped the Sword of Light on her.

“Pl, please wait a minute! The exam is over! It’s over! That’s not something she can withstand with the defensive magic!”

The examiner made a hasty move and entered in between us.

Mariseis cringing at the sight of my magic.

The belligerent gaze that she had earlier was gone.

I wanted to continue using the magic as it is but… apparently, it seems like the match has been decided.

“Well, this is it huh”

The Sword of Light disappeared after I deactivated my magic.

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