RHXS Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Part 4


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Chapter 1 Part 4

In the past, the country known as Vegalta was just one of the smaller countries on the continent.

Although they possessed a unique technology called sorcery, it was considered difficult for any combat application because it required tools and advanced preparation.

However, things changed drastically with the emergence of the ‘Sage’.

The ‘Magic Circuit’, which replaces all the tools and chanting required for the activation of magic, not only made it possible to cope with the rapidly changing war situation but also eliminated the gaps caused by chanting and advance preparation, thereby overcoming the challenges in close-quarters combat simultaneously.

Thus, Vegalta acquired the power to challenge the great Altein and won the long war that lasted more than a hundred years with ‘Magic’ that was created by the great ‘Sage’.

After that, Vegalta increased its national power by raising its standard of living to a level incomparable to other countries through magic technology, specializing in magic combat by making it mandatory for the soldiers to acquire magic skills, and ruled the entire continent with its overwhelming power.

And that is how ―― the ‘Vegalta Magic Kingdom’, came to be.

Honestly, it was a surprise to Reid, who knew Vegalta when it was just a small country.

“Haa… Things have really changed a lot.”

From the window of the magic vehicle, Reid looks out at the scenery of the royal capital.

At any rate, the royal capital of Vegalta is more developed than the great Altein, and magic technology can be seen everywhere.

Looking around, one can see glimpses of the magic technology being used. There are magic lamps that utilize underground magic veins, the water purification system that is activated by the magic generated by water currents, and the hardening magic that is applied to the well-maintained paths to prevent them from breaking down.

“When I was here before, it wasn’t that different from Altein.”

“…Reid, you have been to Vegalta before?”

Hearing those words, Elria tilts her head slightly.

Since Reid came to the royal capital of Vegalta after hearing the news of the Sage’s death, it was only natural that Elria did not know about it.

“Well, it was a long time ago. More importantly, are my stories being passed on to future generations?”

Hearing this, Elria casts her eyes downward.

“…It’s been a thousand years. So, many things have been adapted and passed down.”

“Oh? What do they have, for example?”

“I-I can’t tell you that…”

Elria shook her head vigorously.

From the looks of it, the stories about Reid that were passed down are not good. But that is not surprising. After all, from Vegalta’s point of view, Reid was seen as an enemy.

Just as the great Altein disappeared from history. History is written by the victors, so it is not possible to complain about how viciously the enemy was written.

“I can’t tell you, but I’m sure it’s not as bad as what they said…”

Noticing Reid’s expression, Elria followed up by waving her hands. On the contrary, Reid began to wonder how it was passed down.

Just as he was thinking about it, a light knock sounded from the partitioned driver’s seat.

“Nn… We have arrived at my house.”

“My stomach started hurting just hearing that.”

After all, Reid is about to greet his fiancée’s parents.

He had deceived his mother and the village chief by saying, “I have some affairs to do in the royal capital, so I’ll be going there,” but as Elria’s fiancé, and is also allowed to take advantage of her family’s position as a Caldwen, Reid must explain the situation to her parents.

“Haa… I never did an engagement speech in my previous life…”


“I had turned down all marriage talks because I spent most of my life on the battlefield. That’s why I wasn’t going to start a family because I could die at any time…”

“Mm… Is that so?”

In contrast to Reid, whose shoulders dropped, Elria’s expression brightened a bit.

Moreover, for some reason, she held both hands lightly in a guts pose, and a tiny half-smile, too.

As Reid was blankly staring at her ――


Suddenly, a loud voice echoed all around them.

A large man approached them from the mansion in a panicked frenzy. He looks to be in his mid-thirties, but the wrinkles indicate that he is probably older than he looks.

Seeing him, Elria steps down from the cabin of the magic vehicle.

“I’m home, Father.”

“I heard you went on another excursion alone!!”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Good for you for being so honest!!”

“I made sure to leave a note this time and told people at the mansion.”

“Wonderful!! You’ve taken care of it so that we won’t have to worry!!”

“I think Father worries too much.”

“That can’t be helped! It is natural for a father to worry about his lovely daughter!! That’s why I always only think of Elria!”

Elria’s father was smiling broadly as they exchanged such conversation.

Reid had heard that the family was second only to the royal family, so he had imagined a sterner father figure, but Elria’s father seemed more like a pleasant and broad-minded person.

However, by the looks of things, it seems likely that they will at least listen to what Reid has to say, and more than anything, if it is a request from their daughter, Elria.

Just as he was being optimistic about that ――

“Also, I brought my fiancé.”

“Okay!! Rejected!!”

She was cut off immediately by a pleasant smile and vigor.

“I declare once again that I have no intention of letting Elria take a husband while I, Galleon Caldwen, am still breathing!!”

“But I’ve already brought him here.”

“What!? You have already brought him here!?”

“Yes, his name is Reid, and he is currently in the magic vehicle.”

As she says this, Elria points to Reid.

Since he could not just stay in the magic vehicle, Reid got out of the magic vehicle with resolution… Seeing that, Elria’s father, Galleon, smiled with a grin.

“So, you are Reid-kun!!”

“Y-Yes… That’s right…”

“I see!! Go home!!”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”

“Is that so! Then come on into the mansion!!”

“Thank you for being understanding.”

“Personally, I would never give my daughter to a man of unknown origin! But since I am not the head of the house, I cannot make decisions for the house of Caldwen!!”

“…You are not the head of the family?”

“Yes. The head of the house of Caldwen has been a woman for generations.”

Perhaps sensing my bewilderment, Elria added.

Come to think of it, it was well known that the ‘Sage’ was a woman, so it would be natural for a woman to serve as the head of the family if they were to carry on the name.

In other words ――

“―― What’s all the fuss about?”

With a dignified voice, a woman walks slowly toward them.

She has the same silver hair as Elria.

However, her sharp eyes and stern demeanor are unlike Elria’s.

“Galleon, explain the details to me.”

“I heard that Elria has brought her fiancé!!”

“Is that so? Then, please stay back because you are being too noisy.”

After giving a cold response to her husband, she turns her attention towards Reid.

“I am Alicia Caldwen, head of the Caldwen family.”

“…I am sorry for the late introduction. My name is Reid Frieden.”

Alicia’s attitude did not change as Reid kneeled and bowed his head reverently.

She continues to look at Reid coldly as if she is assessing him.

“…I have never heard of your family name.”

“I come from a mountain village in the Arlieth region, and I am from a commoner family that has never received a title before. So, it is only natural that the head of the Caldwen family has not heard of it.”

“…For a commoner from the countryside, you seem to carry yourself well.”

“As a person who came to greet you, I have tried to exercise the minimum level of civility.”

At the very least, he bowed his head while trying not to be rude.

Then, as he waited for her next words, Alicia sighed quietly.


“Yes, Mother.”

“He’s so much more level-headed than you, isn’t he?”

“Yes, isn’t he amazing?”

“Elria, I’ve made a sarcastic remark about you. I’m truly concerned about my daughter’s future.”

“I see.”

At the sight of Elria clapping her hands, Alicia heaved another sigh.

“So… you chose this young man as your fiancé?”

“Yes, because I finally found him.”

“……Is that so.”

After such a short reply, Alicia extended her hand to Reid, who lowered his head.

“Please look up, and be at ease.”

“Oh… that would be great. Because I’m not used to it anyway.”

“I can see that in your mannerisms. But at least I could tell that you were trying to be respectful of my position through your words and actions. That’s the importance of etiquette.”

Alicia nodded softly after telling him so.

“It would be a disgrace to our family name if we turned away someone who has paid respect to Caldwen. First, let us welcome you as our guest.”

Without losing her stern demeanor, Alicia turns on her heel and heads for the mansion.

In other words, she seems to have at least recognized Reid as a ‘guest’.

That means they will at least listen to what Reid has to say ――

“……Hey, Elria.”

“What’s the matter, Reid?”

“Am I going to tell someone like that, ‘I’m getting engaged to your daughter to take advantage of her family status’?”

“It depends on how you say it.”

“Do I have to do that…?”

“Good luck, Reid.”

“You, too…”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

Elria clenches her fists to show her enthusiasm.

Reid is sure that that enthusiasm of hers will probably never bear fruit.

With that in mind, he began walking towards the large mansion.

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