TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 10 Part 4


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Chapter 10 Part 4

“…He’s too fast. That bastard son of a Baron family. What the hell is he!?”

── Minutes before Demeter and Barnes were attacked by the ghosts.

Gilvan was shouting in the middle of the cave.

The Kiers family’s heir, Gilvan, and the Wolfgang family’s heir, Guiel, were going full speed down the detour with fewer undead, intending to get their hands on the holy sword.

However, Yuuki and Odette moved faster than expected.

They were ahead of the two of them, and in no time at all, they quickly moved on.

“Damn it… I didn’t have enough information. I can’t believe there was someone like that in the Baron family.”

“They slipped through the skeletons and ghosts… I could never do that. It’s really hard to believe it…”

“They won’t last with such recklessness.”

“…I know, right?”

“Before long, the undead will catch up and stop them. If we play it safe, we will win.”


“What’s the matter, Guiel?”

“Why did Gilvan-sama not approve of my plan to incapacitate Yuuki Grossalia with magic?”

“The one your father proposed?”

“Yes. If Yuuki Grossalia and I were disqualified, it would become a one-to-one fight between Gilvan-sama and Odette Sorey. I’m sure Gilvan-sama would have won the match.”

“How could we do such a terrible thing?”

Gilvan tapped Guiel on the shoulder.

“My goal is to become Her Royal Highness’s knight and to raise the name of the Kiers family. There is no point in making you disposable and thus bringing displeasure to Her Royal Highness.”

“…The Kiers family. Such nobility…”

“I was educated that way. One must be virtuous if one looks down on others.”

“The Wolfgang family… doesn’t have such a way of thinking.”

Guiel sighed.

“We are ‘Necromancers’ ── a family lineage that specializes in the magic of manipulating the dead…”

“That’s why you are useful to me. So there’s no need to feel inferior about it, you know?”


“Come on, Guiel.”

Gilvan turned to Guiel and said.

“Use your magic! Lead me to victory!”

“I understand. I will activate my ‘Ancient Magic’.”

“Our victory was decided the moment the exam was held in this place.”

“Yes. Marquis Kiers-sama has been working behind the scenes to find out where the exam will be held in advance.”

“I’ll be on the lookout. So do it.”

“… Yes.”

Guiel stopped and began chanting a spell.

Gilvan chuckled as he watched.

This is a victory in information warfare.

A battle is fought from its preparation stage.

The Kiers family followed this teaching and did everything in their power to make Gilvan the knight escort.

Bribing servants to gather information was one of them.

Before Princess Iris explained the examination to them, Gilvan already knew of the location.

He also knew that the place was brimming with low-level undead and that the Wolfgang family of Necromancers had a boy his own age ──

“I have been… taught by an acquaintance of my father the appropriate ‘Ancient Magic’ for this place. It’s the highest-level magic that can be used in this huge dungeon, the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium’…”

“Good. Then use that power to control the undead!”

“……Yes, sir.”

Guiel begins to draw a crest in the air.

There are many who use the undead.

‘Vampire’, ‘Lich’ ── and mages are among them.

High-ranking mages can control hundreds of undead as if they were their own hands and feet.

That is why the Kiers family turned to the Wolfgang family, who had inherited the magic of the ‘Necromancer’. In particular, their eldest son, Guiel, although young, is quite talented.

It is as simple as directing the surrounding undead to the rivals who were going on a different route.

“Guiel is a dependable guy. When I eventually become a minister or prime minister, I’ll make him my close aide.”

Gilvan nodded in satisfaction.

Guiel had finished chanting and was about to activate the ‘Ancient Magic’.

“Hear my voice, O dead! Accept my wish and defeat my enemies!!”

*Woosh*, there was a sound.

The skeletons and ghosts that had been wandering around Gilvan and Guiel ran toward the other route.

“It’s a success. You did it, Guiel!”


“With this, Yuuki Grossalia and Odette Sorey are now in a pinch. It’s our win. Now, let’s head for the finishing line. Guiel…!?”

Gilvan’s speech was cut short.

Guiel, who was in front of him, suddenly grabbed him by the neck.

“…Gah!? What’s… the matter, Guiel…”

‘Who was it that has awakened me?’

A voice was heard.

A chilling voice that did not belong to Guiel.

‘……Who opened the door to the world of the living?’

“W-Wha… What… are… you……?”

‘I’m the seventh priest of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’… The ■■ Great ■■… Roglelle ────’

The moment those words rang out, blackish magic power overflowed from Guiel’s body.

The skeletons began to quiver, their bones clattering.

The ghosts fly through the air and try to escape all at once.

Some small animals slammed against the wall and were crushed.

(……Sanctuary… Church)

Gilvan’s eyes widened in horror.

The ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’ ── is a taboo for those who practice magic.

Anyone familiar with history knows that there was a man who perished at the end of his research in this ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium’. And that spirit roams the lower levels of the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium’ ──

(……No way… don’t tell me… did Guiel’s magic summon this guy here…?)

The person in front of him looks at Gilvan with an inhuman expression on his face.

The spirits of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’ are not just mere ghosts.

They are called the higher kind of ghosts ── Wraiths and Specters.

If a low-level mage tries to use them, their mind will be taken over.

‘…Where is ■■■ it? Where is the ‘Ancient Artifact’ ■■■? For the ■■ Great me.’


A tremendous chill is coming from Guiel’s fingers.

The moment he felt it, Gilvan lost consciousness.

‘…With what we have found in our lifetime, we have created ■■ a new world ■■. With ■ this hand…’

The ghost, who called himself a priest, murmured in a whisper.

He then walked towards the depths of the cave, still possessing Guiel.

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