TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 6 Part 1


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Chapter 6 Part 1

Chapter 6 – The Former Demon King, Takes Part In The Magic Examination

“This is ridiculous! Why should I be called back to the ‘Magic Guild’?”

The tutor, Kachel, slammed the parchment onto the floor.

This is the Baron’s library.

The tutor, Kachel, breathed heavily as he looked at the letter from the ‘Magic Guild’ which had just arrived.

What’s been written on the letter was ──

‘D-rank Mage, Kachel Mieghem

There was a serious error in the information you submitted about the ‘potential examination sites’ this time.

As a result, those who went for a preliminary inspection were harmed.

Under normal circumstances, you would be called back immediately for an explanation, but in consideration of the future of the examinee, Xellos Grossalia, the examination will proceed as planned.

You are to work as usual until the end of the examination and then return to the ‘Magic Guild’’

“You’re kidding me! What about those who went for a preliminary inspection at the exam site!? I don’t give a damn about the underlings!! I only chose a place where Xellos Grossalia would stand out!! How is that a mistake!?”

I knew there were monsters in the mountains behind the mansion.

But it is also a place where the illegitimate child, Yuuki, can easily go hunting.

I was going to show them how good Xellos is by putting him in the same place.

And yet, those who went for a preliminary inspection were attacked by monsters ──

“As long as Xellos Grossalia could pass the exam…”

This is my only hope.

Those who enter the educational institution of the ‘Magic Guild’ are allowed to choose their own mentor.

If Xellos chooses me as his mentor, then I will probably be able to maintain a reasonable position in the guild, too.

But what if Xellos fails the exam…?

“If that happens…I, too, will have to make a decision”

Kachel held his head in his hands.

(Why is this happening to me!?)

(Why do I have to bet my life here!? Why…!?)


Kachel stomped on the parchment scattered on the floor. Again, and again.

Princess Iris will come here as scheduled.

Thus, the examination will take place as planned. Perhaps, I will be treated as I have always had been so that the young man of the future can take his examination as usual.

“…In that case, I will just continue to be the ‘Tutor Kachel’”

Xellos Grossalia has an enemy. The sense of danger against the illegitimate child, Yuuki, has been sufficiently instilled in him.

He must have come to believe that the only way to oppose Yuuki is to follow me.

If I can use his feelings to my advantage, Xellos will be able to do as I have always wanted ──

“Sensei, have you got a moment?”

Suddenly, there was a knock.

It was Xellos Grossalia.

“I need to talk to you. May I come in?”

“…Please come in. Xellos-sama”

After picking up the scattered parchment, Kachel answered.

The door opened, and a pale face Xellos came in.

“…Sensei. I think I heard a loud noise”

“It’s just a slip of the hand. More importantly, what’s the matter?”


Xellos looked up at his private tutor and muttered.

“Will I really be able to pass the exam?”

“What are you talking about now!?”

The tutor, Kachel, grabbed Xellos by the shoulders.

“Please don’t do such a bearish thing! Her Royal Highness is already in the territory, you know!?”


“You are the legitimate son of the Baron Grossalia family. You have to show as much ability as you can in front of Her Royal Highness. Such a timid attitude will only give that illegitimate child an opportunity to take advantage of you!”

“Do you mean…Yuuki?”

“Yes. How many times have I told you!? The illegitimate child is a pest in a noble household. In order to get rid of him, we have to work together to oppose our common enemy!!”

Kachel gritted his teeth.

“It was the same in my family. The Mieghem family was thrown into chaos because of an illegitimate child who excelled in magic. I am saying this for the sake of Xellos-sama because I don’t want Xellos-sama to suffer the same fate!”

“…But, Yuuki is…my…younger brother ──”

“Enough! How many times have I told you!? The things that he’s been doing behind your back”, Kachel scowled at Xellos.

What Kachel had told Xellos came to his mind.

── Yuuki Grossalia is trying to get rid of you.

── He has been spreading rumors about you to the servants, behind your back. That’s what I found, and that’s also why the servants stayed away when we were together.

── Even your little sister, Rumia, is very fond of Yuuki. That’s also another scheme of his.

── I’ve heard of this and those rumors, too. But you shouldn’t tell the Baron. We don’t know what a desperate man will do.

── If you show your outstanding ability, you can blow everything away. Don’t worry…I, Kachel, the tutor, is the only one on your side ──

“I have given Xellos-sama the aforementioned item. It is an item that can form a link between Xellos-sama and me. With that, it will eliminate your anxiety. Isn’t that right?”


Xellos looked at the black amulet on his right arm.

He always wore this when Kachel told him rumors about Yuuki.

When he touches it, his anxiety goes away. It is now something that Xellos cannot live without.

“What is the result of your neglect of Yuuki-dono? Don’t you remember that your father openly praised Yuuki-dono?”

“But…that doesn’t mean Yuuki has talent”

“In that case, how do you explain Her Royal Highness’s instructions to summon ‘all the family members’ in the Baron family!?”

“Eek”, Xellos lets out a small shriek.

The reason for that is Kachel shouting and hitting the desk with his fist.

The private tutor, Kachel, does not tolerate dissent. At first, Xellos was afraid of Kachel, too.

But he has gotten used to it now.

His ability in ‘Ancient Magic’ has improved. Thus, he is now able to take the examination of the ‘Magic Guild’.

That means that the tutor, Kachel, is right.

“Why can’t you understand!? In the first place, Her Royal Highness wouldn’t know about Yuuki-dono, would she? And yet, Her Royal Highness sent a letter requesting to summon all the family members in the Baron family. I’m sure you know what that means, don’t you, Xellos-sama!?”

“…Yuuki spread rumors about me…in order to get rid of me…?”

“I’m glad you understand”

“Yuuki said…he would be traveling during my examination. It was also to spread rumors about me to other towns…? To spread my name and make me look bad…”

“You see the danger you’re in now, don’t you?”


“I’m the only one on your side. Only me, Xellos-sama” 

Kachel sighed.

Then he tapped Xellos’s shoulder and said.

“You have talent, Xellos-sama. Please believe in yourself and use the greatest magic you have. High-ranking magic that even Her Royal Highness has to acknowledge”

“Yes, Sensei”

Xellos nodded ── though he still looked pale.

Kachel flipped up the hem of his robe and said.

“You must win for the Baron’s sake. And above all else, as a proud student of mine. I’m looking forward to your success. The legitimate son of the Baron family, Xellos Grossalia-sama”

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