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Sad to say, but there won’t be any releases for the next few days as I’m currently working on TUS Prologue in Full Power mode, lol, because it’s the only one that has yet to have one complete translated chapter. And, due to many lengthy sentences, so it’s gonna take me some time to analyze each and every of the said sentences. Current progress is around 41.67% done (roughly 5000+++ words written so far), I should be able to release it by the end of this week. So, look forward to it!! ><



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13 Responses

  1. Adieu says:

    Thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to it

  2. Highest emperor says:

    Thanks for the hard work

  3. Zharov Stepan says:

    thanks for the info ! looking forward to it

  4. Saws Das says:

    Thanks for your hard work … d-doest it mean prologue have 10000 + words ?

  5. Zharov Stepan says:

    i know its flood , but here

  6. stranger says:

    i hope its became nice replacement for Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja . since author of Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja delete the web novel …..

  7. kuro says:


    • Shin says:

      no, i don’t think so. I messed up, I thought the pages after Prologue labelled with ‘Side’ is just side story, but it’s not. they’re actually the continuation of Prologue with change of perspective (point of view). so the prologue is not just around 10k words, it should be around 15k words or more. I will need some more time for that. Currently am rushing as fast as I could.

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