Chapter 42 – We Came Across Traps



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Chapter 42 – We Came Across Traps

“I wonder why…I feel kind of lightheaded here…”

As soon as we reached the lower layer, Lara exclaimed.

She looks kind of pale.

“Hmm, is that so? The reason you’re feeling that way might be due to the magic elements being thicker here than the upper layer”

“Does it not affect you, Kurt?”

“I know how thick the magic elements are, but that won’t be enough to make me feel sick”

For them who have only reached the third layer in the <Treasure Labyrinth>, the magic elements here can be rather strong.

But in my case, in a thousand years ago, I have also experienced the magic elements that could cause a person without any barrier in place to lose consciousness if they were to inhale it.

Compared to that, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.

“As I thought…this Payago cave seems to be a pretty good in quality dungeon”

We are gradually getting closer to the demon-type monster which was sensed by detection magic.

It feels like not many people has really stepped into this layer before.

There might even be some good items here.

Though, it doesn’t seem to be very promising after searching through the dungeon with detection magic.

As we continue to move on while defeating the monsters…

“Ah, Lara. Please stop for a second”


I took hold of Lara’s shoulders and stopped her.

“Since the both of you have only been to the third layer in the <Treasure Labyrinth>, so it can’t be helped that you don’t know about it as there was no such thing there”

“Kurt. What are you saying suddenly?”

“This is also something to be aware of when capturing a dungeon. Take a good look”

After saying that, I picked up a nearby pebble, and threw it to the ground which doesn’t seem to have anything on it.

As soon as I did that….

“Whoa, there’s a hole!”

“Is that a trap?”

A large pitfall appeared on the ground immediately after the pebble hit it.

“That’s right, it’s a trap, and it’s common in dungeons with thick magic elements”

Basically, dungeons are filled with magic elements.

Those magic elements would re-construct the dungeon and create traps to deceive the adventurers.

According to one theory, a dungeon is said to have its own will and would prevent people from entering it. And that’s how the traps and monsters came to be.

As I was explaining it to them,

“I’ve never heard of that!”

“You may be right. Well, I’m not sure about that either. But I’d like to find out about it someday”

I will do whatever it takes in search of a strong guy.

To do so, it’s only natural that I would want to analyze the dungeon thoroughly.

“This pit…if Kurt hadn’t mentioned it, I’d be stuck in there”

“The pit runs pretty deep. If Kurt hadn’t told us…it would have been horrifying”

They were looking into the pit.

Incidentally, the pitfall trap can be relatively gentle.

Even if one does fall into it, as long as one can withstand the impact of the fall, then they will be fine.

“One also needs to be aware of traps when capturing the dungeons. Good thing this was just a pitfall. There’s also a trap that spray poison gas all over the place once you stepped into that layer”

“That would wipe us out!”

“W-we will have to be careful…”

They looked horrified.

Certainly, the major premise is not to be caught in a trap.

But if you do get caught in one, recovery will be important, too.

For example…the trap that spray poison gas can be dealt with either a dispel magic or a healing magic.

I’ll also have to teach them that from now on.

“Well then, pull yourself together and let’s move on”

“We have to be careful of the traps”

“This time, I will also do my best in detecting the traps”

As they were both re-motivated and ready to move on.

“Wait a minute”


I get them to stop.

It seems that detecting traps is still difficult for them after all.

I walked ahead of them and deployed the magic formula for Rockfall.

I could have used the trap disarming magic too, but this was to show them the threat of a trap.

A large amount of stones fell on the ground ahead.

Then…one by one, hole began to appear on the ground where the stones had hit.


“That’s a lot!”

At the sight of the pits being created one after another, they exclaimed in surprise.

“…Looks like this whole area is full of pitfall traps”

I stopped casting the Rockfall magic.

“Kurt noticed…?”

“Yeah. I know where the traps are in this entire layer”

As soon as we stepped into this layer, the traps were caught in the detection magic one after another.

The ground in front of us was full of pits, and it seemed like it would be hard to just walk through it.

But it is not impossible to get through it.

“Wow…there are skeletons under these pits”

“Are they the adventurers who have stepped into this layer?”

Lara looked into the pit, and Marise had a pale face.

“Yeah. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this dungeon hasn’t been trodden all the way. Even if they managed to get here, they would still get caught in the traps and become a dead person”

The pits are fairly deep.

One or two bones could have been broken even if they had withstood the impact of the fall.

Once that happens, it will be extremely difficult to crawl up from there without using magic.

“I said I’d do my best in detecting the traps, but I couldn’t even find one…”

“Don’t worry about it at the moment. After all, they are known as traps for a reason, being unnoticeable and such. So it is inevitable that it’d be hard to get caught in detection magic”

Lara’s unfortunate magic power is particularly good at attacking, but it’s not good at this kind of detection magic.

But she seems to understand the fear of traps, and that alone is enough.

We moved on while trying not to fall into the pits.

“…At any rate, I’m going to need a mage who’s good at disarming traps”

Lara and Marise’s magic colors are suitable for combat, but not as a support-type.

I’m not sure about this world, but the people who uses magic to detect and disarm traps are normally called as ‘Thief’.

The green magic corresponds to it….

I haven’t seen anyone with it since I came to this world.

I’d love to recruit them if I ever find one.

“Well, leaving that aside…we’re getting close to it”

“Getting close to what?”

“The very reason we came here for…a strong monster”

Upon hearing that, their faces got tightened up.

“W-where is it?”

“The small room over there, and it’s aware of us. It might do something at the moment we enter the room…so be on your guard”

The monster is pretty good at concealing its presence, but as expected, I can tell once I get this close to it.

While being cautious, we entered the small room.

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