RHXS Vol. 1 Bonus Story


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Bonus Story

Bonus Story – The Hero and Sage are Receiving Special Training

Eating is an important activity for living creatures. It not only regulates the body’s condition and creates a strong physique to stabilize magic power generation, but also greatly relieves physical fatigue and mental stability.

However, one should never lightly order a ‘secret menu’ just because it sounds interesting. If you do something like that ――

“―― What should we do with this?”

Millis gazed at the food on the table with a slightly pale expression.

“…Lady Millis, are we really going to eat this?”

“Wiesel-chan… we shouldn’t waste food…!!”

“That’s true, but what should we do if the food that was served is not what we expect?”

Wiesel furrowed his brow and adjusted his glasses before looking at the food again.

What is on the table is food that looks red.

It is just red. Everything is red.

The color was so eye-watering that it hurt to look at, and the fragrance was not just tickling, but rather had a stimulating odor that pierced the nasal cavity and reached the eyeballs.

“Oh, it looks really spicy.”

“Mm… I think it probably uses capsaicin fruit.”

“Capsaicin…? Isn’t that the fruit that’s said to make even dragons fall with just one bite!?”

“Is that really something we can eat…!?”

“Before cooking, it’s lethal in just one bite, but after cooking, it becomes edible. It’s actually good for promoting the flow of magic power by sweating out impurities in the body.”

After saying that ―― Elria scooped up the contents of the dish with a spoon. She then chewed it several times.

“Mm… It’s spicy but delicious.”

“It’s like a spicy stew. I could handle it being a little spicier.”

“These two ate it without hesitation…!!”

“They even have the composure to express their thoughts on the taste!!”

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration. You guys would understand if you tried it.”

Reid calmly offered the dish to the two of them.

When the dish was brought closer, Millis and Wiesel both grimaced at the same time, but upon seeing that the two of them were munching away, they must have judged it to be safe.

“W-Well, it’s not like it’s bad for our health, right…?”

“Yeah… spicy foods are also good for recovering from fatigue and promoting overall health.”

And just as the two of them made up their minds and put the spoon in their mouths ――


Their screams resonated throughout the dining hall.

“I-It h-hurts…!! Everything hurts just from breathing…!!”

“It feels like we swallowed burning stones that are scorching our esophagus and stomach…!!”

Millis was shedding tears as she stuck out her tongue, while Wiesel was beginning to sweat profusely from his forehead with a pained expression.

Reid and Elria tilted their heads together as they watched the two of them.

“It’s not really that spicy, is it?”

“Yeah. It’s tastier than the stomach of a poisonous dragon or the meat of a one-horn bear.”

“Oh… I remember that one-horn bear meat being so smelly that I couldn’t eat it. I also tried eating the larvae of the royal moth, but the taste was awful, and my tongue was paralyzed for a whole day.”

“I know what you mean. No matter how nutritious it is, I never want to eat them again…”

“You guys have such strange comparisons to make…!!”

“Why did you guys even think about eating those things…!?”

And so, while reminiscing about their bitter past experiences, Reid and Elria finished their meal, feeling grateful for modern food.

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