RHXS Vol. 1 Epilogue


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Later, the details of the incident were released by the academy.

An unknown large magical beast had intruded during the examination. Even after conducting a follow-up investigation, the identity of the magical beast could not be determined.

The day before, background checks on the staff deployed on that day were conducted, and testimonies from third parties were obtained regarding any suspicious behavior, their whereabouts, and actions. It was confirmed that no one on the academy’s side had been involved in the case.

The academy will continue investigating the possibility of a third party committing the crime, strengthening security and establishing a specialized task force.

Although some students were anxious after the information was made public, they were somewhat reassured by the clear presentation of the subsequent measures.

However, Reid and Elria had other questions.

A magical beast that should have existed and gone extinct a thousand years ago was revived in the present day. It was just like the ―― ‘Hero’ and ‘Sage’ from a thousand years ago who were reincarnated in the present day.

It was unclear whether this matter was related to them. However… they could not believe that it was unrelated to them, who had all been reincarnated together in the present day.

While harboring such suspicions, they returned to their daily lives as academy students once again ――

“―― Hey, wait… I told you, Elria, you can’t do that…!!”

Reid held his head while looking at the bed.

There is Elria, sleeping happily.

“I told you not to fall back to sleep again, didn’t I!?”

“Mmnn… It’s bright…”

“Well, it’s morning already!!”

“But… I’m still sleepy…”

Elria buried her face in the pillow as if trying to escape the sun’s rays. Because of that, her sleepwear had rolled up, revealing her pure white thighs and underwear, but Reid did not even have the composure to worry about such things.

“I know! I know you’re sleepy! You gave up your exam break to do research and everything!!”

“Yeah… so, let’s sleep together, Reid… okay?”

“No, we can’t do that! We have classes starting today, remember!?”

“Mmnn… I don’t want to get up…”

Even with all that, Elria shook her head and buried her face. However, the start of the class is fast approaching with each passing moment. Usually, he would have put her in the bath to awaken her, but today he could not do that.

“Hey, it’s no joke this time! If you end up being late, not only will I get an earful from Alicia-san, but she might even call off our engagement, you know!?”

“Mm… carry me…”

“Can’t we settle for a piggyback ride there!?”

“……Nooo. I want to be carried.”

Elria shook her head with a dissatisfied expression. She is really acting like a spoiled child.

Reluctantly, Reid picked up her body to wake her up. And then, he carried Elria, who was still lethargic, to the dressing room.

“Mm… Thank you…”

“Yeah…! Hurry up and change!!”

“Okay… I got it…”

With half-closed eyes, Elria nodded and ――

―― She started taking off her clothes on the spot.

As soon as Reid saw her bare skin, he reflexively turned his head away.

“Eh…? I can’t find my underwear…”

“It’s probably there, so look carefully!”

“Where is my uniform…?”

“I prepared it on top of the basket!!”

“Mm… I got it…”

After answering with a sleepy voice, the sound of rustling clothes could be heard.

“Eh…? This blouse… the buttons don’t match…”

“That’s definitely a mistake, so slowly button it up from the bottom!!”

“But it doesn’t match…”

When Reid opened his eyes, Elria pouted with her blouse buttons mismatched.

“See… they don’t match…! Okay, I give up…!”

“Don’t give up! If you try a little harder, it will be perfectly in place!!”

“…If you say so, will you do it, Reid?”

With her cheeks still puffed out, Elria closed in on Reid.

“I can’t do it… so I want you to do it, Reid.”

With a blank expression, Elria spread her arms and puffed out her chest.

Looking at Elria’s ridiculous appearance and the clock alternately ――

“Alright, I got it. Just wait, and I’ll do it, okay!?”

“Reid, you’re good at buttoning… It’s a craftsman’s skill…”

“Thanks for that!!”

“Yep… you’re amazing, really amazing.”

As Elria muttered those words, she stroked Reid’s head.

After getting Elria ready and dragging her half-asleep form out of the room, it was only a few minutes before the first bell rang.

The moment they entered the classroom, carrying the sleepy Elria on his back,

“Oh… you two have arrived!!”

At those words, their classmates gathered around.

“Reid-sama! Is it true that you subjugated a large dragon during the conditional examination!?”

“And on top of that, it was an unknown magical beast!?”

“And you did it all alone while protecting the others!?”

Reid responded with bewilderment to the classmates who asked these questions one after another.

“…Where did you hear that from?”

“Faregh-sama told us! When we discussed what happened to the large magical beast we saw during the examination, he told us that Reid-sama had subjugated it!!”

“We heard that you punched the large magical beast and sent it flying into the sky!”

“Did you also use the tenth tier magic like Elria-sama did!?”

“By any chance, did you blow up that whole area? Or did you do it with Elria-sama!?”

Hearing those words, Reid turned his gaze to Faregh, who was sitting far away amid the commotion in the classroom. But as soon as Faregh noticed Reid’s gaze, he turned his face away, looking unamused.

With a wry smile on his face, Reid apologized to his fellow classmates and headed towards his usual seat.

“You two are quite late today.”

“Oh dear, Elria-sama looks sleepier than ever today!”

“Yeah… I thought it was really bad…”

With her eyes closed, Reid patted Elria’s head, who was clinging to his arm. Her eyes then slowly opened.

“Eh…? This isn’t my bed…?”

“Your memories are all mixed up between before and after waking up…”

“Reid is… really close…?”

“It’s not me. It’s just you being close to me.”

As Reid explained, Elria’s eyes opened wide. And then… while trembling and her pale cheeks turning red ――

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.”

As those words slipped out of his mouth, Reid realized his blunder.

He looked at Elria and saw that her cheeks had reddened and trembled even more than before.

“It’s not like it hasn’t happened before…!?”

“Yeah… I used to just put you down on your seat.”

“W-What do I… usually do…?”

“Well, you usually snuggle up and go back to sleep when I thought you got up early, and you stroke my head while half asleep, or come out of the dressing room in your underwear ――”


Unable to listen any further, Elria covered her face with both hands.

Then, perhaps to vent her uncontainable embarrassment, Elria started lightly hitting Reid’s back while looking down.

Watching the two’s actions, Wiesel and Millis nodded repeatedly.

“Well… they’re definitely flirting a lot with each other, even in the places we don’t know.”

“Rather, it would be the right thing to do to be lovey-dovey when they are alone. The biggest problem is that they have become too accustomed to the point that they’re flirting unconsciously, even with others around them.”

“…Did we really do something to that extent?”

“W-We didn’t do anything outside…”

“If that’s not flirting, then how do you usually interact with each other…?”

“Well, I think they are maintaining decorum. It’s good that their relationship as a married couple is going well.”

“”Engaged, not married!!””

“Stop synchronizing your tone in weird ways…”

As the two denied in unison, Wiesel adjusted his glasses and changed his expression.

“Anyway… at dinner yesterday, you said there was something you wanted to talk to us about.”

“Oh, right, you did say that. What was it about?”

It was something Reid and Elria had discussed and decided upon together.

Who they were, and what they had been in the past.

They had decided to reveal this truth to someone they could trust.

It had only been just over a month since they had met, but they had a good grasp of each other’s character. Besides… they wanted to see the reactions of someone with less influence, as speaking to someone with power from the Caldwen family or the academy could lead to trouble. After all, it is a story that would make anyone burst out laughing. Any sane person would just find it ridiculous if they heard it.

“First of all, I was called the ‘Hero’.”

“And I was an elf called the ‘Sage’.”

That was why Reid and Elria spoke about their current selves while laughing.

Even if it is an absurd story, and even if there are many mysteries surrounding the events that happened to them, there is no need to worry or be pessimistic about them. After all, they are the strongest beings who have been called the ‘Hero’ and ‘Sage’.

No matter what happens, there will be no problems as long as they are together. However, there were scenes that even they could not have imagined a thousand years ago. But surely, somewhere in their hearts, they had been waiting for such a scene to happen ――

“”We were reincarnated a thousand years later ―― And now, due to various circumstances, we have become engaged.””

The scene of the ‘Hero’ and ‘Sage’, who were once enemies, laughing together side by side.

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