RHXS Vol. 1 Chapter 2 Part 5


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Chapter 2 Part 5

After finishing dinner, the two of them briefly discussed their future plans. However, the only thing they really talked about was how to use the bathroom.

Basically, Elria took priority in using the bathroom, mainly with the reason of changing clothes and because Reid thought, “You’re shy around people, so you’ll be more relaxed in the bathroom where there isn’t anyone watching.”.

“Okay… I guess that’s all we need to talk about for our daily lives.”

“Yeah, thank you for today.”

After finishing their discussion about the future, Reid flopped onto the bed. They had both already bathed and changed into their sleepwear, so they could go to sleep at any time.

Elria’s memories of Reid were mostly of him in armor, and she had only seen him in his everyday attire at the Caldwen estate, so seeing him in just a shirt and pants for their room wear was quite refreshing.

As Elria gazed absentmindedly at him, she noticed Reid’s gaze was on her.

“Mm… what’s the matter, Reid?”

“Oh, it’s just something that’s been bothering me.”

Hearing that, Elria looked around to check her own appearance, looking down at her calming green-colored dress and the thin cardigan that she wore over it. However, she could not find anything strange.

Noticing Elria’s confusion, Reid pointed out.

“Why have you been holding onto the pillow since earlier?”

“…Just because?”

Holding the pillow with both hands, Elria tilted her head.

“I always hold something when I sleep.”

“Ah, so it helps you sleep better?”

“Yeah. Holding something makes me feel safe.”

On the battlefield, she always slept while hugging her staff, her constant companion, so it had become an unconscious habit to hold something while sleeping.

Even when she spent time in the mansion, she held a stuffed animal while sleeping, but she could not bring it with her this time, so she was using a pillow instead.

However, Reid, who had been watching her, handed her his own pillow.

“In that case, use mine. It’s better to use a proper pillow when sleeping.”

“…But what about you, Reid?”

“I use my arm as a pillow, so having a real pillow actually makes it harder for me to sleep. If it bothers you, I’ll go buy one on my day off, so don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Smiling, Reid interlocked his hands behind his head.

On the battlefield, he had a rough and uncouth image, but now that they were spending time together, she noticed that he had a surprisingly delicate and considerate side to him. He even suggested the idea of the bathroom after understanding her personality.

She felt a little sorry for making him worry, but she was happy to learn about Reid’s good qualities that she did not know before. If she had the chance, she would secretly brag to someone about it.

“Well, I’m going to sleep now, so I’ll leave the lights to you.”

“Okay, good night.”

After watching Elria wave her hand, Reid closed his eyes quietly. And soon… the sound of him sleeping could be heard. Probably not even a minute had passed.

Reid had slept on the battlefield many times, so his body was capable of sleeping as soon as it demanded rest.


Elria stared at Reid’s sleeping face for a while.


She then approached Reid.

Reid was already in a deep sleep, showing no signs of waking up. She leaned in closer than usual and peered at Reid’s sleeping face.


However, her face gradually grew hot, so she pulled back. Feeling guilty for doing something wrong, she slapped her cheeks as a warning.

“But… someday, I have to tell him properly.”

Since the night she talked to Alicia about their engagement, Elria had set one goal for herself. And that is to confess her feelings to Reid. To tell him that she loves him without feeling embarrassed and to look him straight in the eyes.

After Reid had become a mage and achieved the goal of ‘settling the score’ that they made in their previous life, and after finding out the cause of their reincarnation… there would be no reason for him to stay by Elria’s side.

That is why she had to tell him properly. She had to say that she wanted him to stay by her side forever.

However ――


Her face grew hot just by looking at him, so Elria shook her head. She hated herself for it, but it was just her nature.

“…Even if it’s just a little bit, it counts in making progress.”

Encouraging herself, Elria clenched her fist tightly.

While having such thoughts, she suddenly remembered something from the past.

Back when magic was not even recognized yet, and Elria was not even called a ‘Sage’.

It was when Elria first met Reid.

“You’re using something incredibly powerful, aren’t you?”

Reid said that with a smile to Elria, who was his enemy.

Even though they were in a position to kill each other as enemies, Reid had an innocent, childlike smile on his face.

Elria had poured her knowledge, wisdom, and painstaking effort into creating magic, a technological skill. However, even her own mother, let alone those around her, dismissed it as something ‘useless’.

Reid was the first person to appreciate her work and praise her for it. He understood her, even though nobody else did, and she fell in love with him unconsciously from that moment on.

That’s why Elria continued to strive for improvement after that. She wanted to be praised with the same words and smile the next time they met.

Thanks to Reid, Elria became known as a ‘Sage’.

A person much like herself but stronger and more amazing than herself. He was the hero who saved Elria from her loneliness.

That’s why ――

“―― Reid is truly amazing.”

While staring at her personal ‘Hero’, Elria smiled and praised him.

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