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Bonus Story

Bonus Story – The Search for the Lost Kitten

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild! What can we do for you today…… ehhhhhHHHHHH!!

With Lara and Marise, I went to the guild and placed some magic stones we obtained from the <<Treasure Labyrinth>> on the reception desk to find the receptionist’s eyes widened in surprise.

“The stones are not in the best condition, and I know it’s not much, but can we exchange them for money?”

“With this many magic stones, there’s no way you can’t exchange them! I’ll call the Guild Master! Please wait a moment!”

The receptionist hurriedly walked to the back.

“Why was she so surprised about just a few magic stones?”

I asked Marise and Lara next to me.

“There were three hundred magic stones… and all of them were about the size of the palm of your hand, so of course she’s surprised!”

“Yeah, that’s right. That’s why I said we should exchange them a little at a time…”

Marise and Lara spoke to me in a reproachful tone, which was surprising.

── Since then, we’ve been diving into the <<Treasure Labyrinth>> regularly and bringing the items we obtained there to exchange for money at the guild. However, we have only gone as far as the upper floors of the labyrinth.

The magic stones we brought this time did not contain much magic power, but in this world, which has declined over the past thousand years, they were still important.

“Once again, you’ve brought something outrageous.”

After a while, the Guild Master, Angelica, came out from the back and looked at me with a bewitching gaze.

“Can you wait a bit? It’s not easy to exchange so many magic stones for money. I think it’s going to be a huge sum of money.”

“We’re not in a hurry, so it’s okay. Please call us through the academy when it’s ready.”


Looking at Angelica’s seductive figure, I felt like I was getting caught up in that strange situation again.

I thought of leaving the guild at once, but then ──

“You are searching for a lost kitten…? That’s a problem. At the moment, the guild isn’t accepting that kind of request.”

At the table next to us, I saw another receptionist attending to a client.

Their expression seemed troubled.

“Oh? Are you worried about the lost kitten?”

Perhaps noticing this, Angelica smiled at me as she spoke.

“What’s that…? Doesn’t the guild handle a wide range of tasks from monster hunting to finding lost children?”

“Well, yes. But quests like finding lost kittens have low rewards and can be quite troublesome, so they’re not popular among adventurers. Right now, the guild is busy with quests related to monster subjugation, so they can’t afford to take on those kinds of requests.”

Hmm, even in this era, it seems that no one wants to do mundane jobs.

Looking over to the next table, the client seemed to be quite troubled. It must have been a kitten they had raised with great care.

The client gave detailed characteristics of the cat in order to somehow get the guild to accept the request.


Lara looked worried as she glanced at the client, then turned her face towards me. Perhaps she was thinking of helping to search for the lost kitten.

But still… I couldn’t help but be bothered by the words Angelica had spoken earlier. She had mentioned that finding the kitten could be troublesome, but ──

“This kind of request could be completed in a second, though.”

As I spoke, I cast a magic and summoned the lost kitten right in front of the client.

The sudden reunion with the kitten surprised the client, who raised both hands in joy.

“E-Eh? What just happened?”

“Kurt… what did you do again?”

Lara and Marise looked at me in shock.

“It’s nothing, really.”

In that instant, I used detection magic to find all the cats within the Royal Capital, while still in the guild. Then, I found the cat that matched the description and used teleportation magic to bring it here.

“It’s amazing!”

“Really! All the cats in the Royal Capital, you say… Just how extraordinary is your magic?”

However, the reason why I was able to find it so quickly was because the client had described the characteristics of the cat in detail. That was how much the client loved their cat. Therefore, it was resolved so quickly.

── Meow~.


“Oh? It seems to have taken a liking to Kurt.”

Before I knew it, the cat had let go of the client’s hand and was rubbing its head against my leg.

Lara squatted down and patted the cat’s head.

“To think it’s taken a liking to me…”

A thousand years ago, even animals wouldn’t come near me because they feared my magic power, let alone monsters.

I scratch my head at this unfamiliar feeling.

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