As you may have noticed, the previous website has been suspended, lol!

It’s hosted on a free server that has quite generous amount of server resources allocated for usage.

But… I didn’t expect to reach 50% of the server resources usage limit on the very 1st day after the website went live… hehe…. It was the same on 2nd day, another 50% usage limit reached. I had a hunch that the website might get suspended temporarily anytime once the usage limit reached 100% so I decided to perform a website backup daily just in case… and luckily I did lol.

Well, I woke up and saw that they had sent me an email to notify me the website has used 100% of the server resources and therefore got suspended for 24 hours to reset the limit again… =)

Now I had rented a new Paid domain/server that has much higher server resources limit and more powerful server hardware than the free one. So, the website should load much faster than the before too. Though I’m not sure if the bandwidth would be enough or not for long term usage hahaha! xD

Anyway, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you very much for visiting my page!

Hope you enjoy reading it!



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4 Responses

  1. Souta Kun says:

    glad that you solved that problem !

    • Shin says:

      no problem !
      but based on the current usage statistics, it seems like I might need to upgrade the hosting plan again in near future lol!
      somehow the bandwidth usage is still quite high after performing optimizations to the website, not sure what went wrong hahaha

      • Ishvaaku says:

        Just a suggestion, use jetpack plugin, that will hugely reduce the bandwidth load (with images CDN and stuff). Also, would you mind adding a subscribe to this blog form so i can get email notification for the new post?

        • Shin says:

          noted, thanks for the recommendations ! =)
          for the subscription form, it will probably be after I move the blog to another hosting (which should be soon) that has 100x more bandwidth limit than the current one.

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