Chapter 5 – Invitation to the Magic Academy


Chapter 5

Invitation to the Magic Academy

“May I have a moment please…?”

As I was patting Cyril cheek while waiting for him to wake up, a guy called to me.


Cyril’s cronies looked at that guy and greeted him.

“I just watched the fight earlier. You…… what are you?”

Harold-san gaze was fixed straight on mine.

This man called Harold.

At first glance he appears to be just a nice guy, but he looks a lot stronger than Cyril.

I must be vigilant.

Was such a thought too visible?

”Ahh, I’m sorry. Seems like I have may have made you feel caution of me. My name is Harold. I’m the father of Cyril who’s currently unconscious over there”

Cyril’s father…?

He might be thinking, “How dare you beat my child? Now it’s my turn to fight you!”, the usual kind of occurrence.

That would be– very fun!

My heart gets pumped up as I’m thinking about that.

“Don’t give me such a piercing look. Are you thinking that it’s going to be my turn now?”

“Isn’t that going to happen? I heard that Cyril’s dad is a vigilante”

I try to use honorifics as he is older than me.

A vigilante is a person who protects this village.

Sometimes he fights with the monsters and sometimes he would settle the disputes in the village.

Therefore, he is probably a little stronger than other people.

“Hahaha. Honestly, from what I saw earlier, I don’t feel like I can defeat you. You did defeat my son, you know”


”But…but…with all due respect, this Cyril boy only knows how to be boastful…”

“He may be weak compared to you, but my son is pretty good too, isn’t he? He has the perfect magic and I’m sure he will surpass me in the future”


“It seems like you are in doubt, I don’t think there are many people in your age of group who can beat my son, but you took him down in an instant, so I don’t think I’m going to be able to win”

Harold-san shrugged.

You think Cyril is strong?

How much has this world fallen into decline?

“Your movement speed doesn’t seem normal for a human… could it be that you had some kind of special training?”

“It’s magic”


“Yeah. I used magic to increase my movement speed”

“Ehhhh… there’s such a magic?”

Harold-san cocked his head.

”It’s a body strengthening magic. It’s not such an uncommon magic, so maybe Harold-san has seen it too?”

“I’ve heard that in a very long time ago, there’s a dreamlike magic for sword user like me… you don’t think that it actually exist, do you?”

As I thought… it seems that body strengthening magic isn’t common either

Come to think of it, even in the fight with Cyril, there was no indication that he was applying any kind of body strengthening magic.

Or rather, he didn’t seem to know.

Even though it’s a must in a battle between mages.

I’ve been racking my brains.

”If it’s you, you might be able to do it even if you enroll in the Rosanlila Magic Academy”

“The Rosanlila Magic Academy?”

Now it’s my turn to tilt my head.

“Yeah. It’s the world’s best magic academy in the capital. At there, promising children of mages from all over the world are gathered and educated day and night. Those who graduate from there would join the Knight Order or leave behind legends as an adventurer… by producing glorious achievements. Something like that”

Oh my.

It seems to be a wonderful place.

It’s unlikely that there’s another ‘children’ that is stronger than me but at least it might not be as boring as this village is.

“So, what do you think of it? I’m sure you can do it. It would be a shame to bury your talent here. Therefore, why don’t you think about enrolling in the Rosanlila Magic Academy…?”

A Magic Academy huh…

Somehow it feels interesting.

I thought of becoming an adventurer and travel around the world in the future but seems like it’s not too late to do so even after graduating from the magic academy.

I’m still concerned about the current state of magic, which is in decline compared to the past life.

I might learn something if I know what kind of education is being taught in this era.

It might be only this village has the wrong kind of common sense for magic.

The correct knowledge of magic may be passed on in the royal capital.

It’s just that Harold, who moved here from another town is also like this, so this seems unlikely.

”How can I enroll into the magic academy? I want to get enrolled now!”

“Don’t panic. You have to be fifteen years old to enter the Magic Academy. You’re about as old as Cyril by the looks of it, aren’t you?”

“Fifteen years old….”

Three more years.

I felt like it’s a long time.

“Besides, the entrance exam over there is difficult. There’s no guarantee that you’ll pass. That’s why you have to train hard until you’re fifteen years old”

Harold said admonishingly to me as I dropped my shoulders.

I wasn’t sure what to do now but I have some goals for now.

Enter the Magic Academy.

And we get to the mystery of the decline of this world.

Just thinking about it made my heart gets pumped up more.

After that, I convinced my parents.

Harold-san also helped me in persuading my parents.

As a result, I was allowed to enroll into the Magic Academy on the condition that I would return home during the long holidays.

No, since I do not know whether I would be accepted or not.

And I have no intention of failing it.

So, I decided to spend another three years working on my magic and body.

As my body grew, it became easier to move and at this rate, it was only a matter of time before I could catch up with the power I have had during my prime… or rather, surpass it.

And three years later.

I have finally turned fifteen years old, and the entrance exam for the magic academy starts tomorrow.

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