Chapter 6 – The Former Demon King, Is Hacking Magic


Chapter 6 – The Former Demon King, Is Hacking Magic

(T/N: Changed ‘Feela Village’ to ‘Fila Village’)

On my way to the library in the main building, I saw Kachel-sensei.

Kachel looked at me with a humph then turned and walked away.

“I’ve been expecting you. Yuuki-sama”

In front of the library, the butler Neil were waiting for me.

Neil has served the family for a long time, and it seems like he had fought together with otou-sama on the battlefield using their swords.

He wears a silver-rimmed glasses and half of his hair is white in color, but still he’s good-looking like a warrior.

“I’ve been expecting you. Yuuki-sama. This way”

“Wasn’t Kachel-sensei here just now?”

“What the private tutor does is not of my concern”

With a blunt reply, butler Neil opened the library door.

As I entered the library, I saw a built-in bookshelf.

There are only a few books on it.

Because books are valuable, and the Grossalia Baron family aren’t that wealthy.

“What kind of books are you looking for, Yuuki-sama?”

“A book about the history of this country…oh, this is it”

“You can read it!?”

“Somehow, I guess”

“Although the spine of the book only has the ‘Kingdom’s History’ on it but it was written in the old writing style… and you can read it? That’s amazing. Yuuki-sama”

“Can I borrow a chair?”

If it’s a history book, I’m sure there would be a record of the ‘Sanctuary Church’ in it too.

Maybe I’ll also find news of the ‘Fila Village’ and learn what happened to Lyle and Alice.

I got on a chair and reached for the shelf door.

Then I grabbed the handle and pulled it—


“…it won’t open”

It doesn’t move when pushed or pulled.

That’s weird.

I got the permission from otou-sama and I’m sure the butler Neil knows about that too.

“Um, it seems like I can’t open it”

“I have unlocked the bookshelf”

“But, it won’t even open?”

“I left the bookshelf unlocked. That’s all I can say”

Butler Neil looked away.

I followed his gaze and saw a small metal plate stuck to the bottom of the shelf.

The reason why the door won’t open must be because it’s in the way.

I got off my chair and brought my face closer to the metal plate.

The surface of the metal plate is smooth, and there are letters engraved on it. It won’t come off even if I scratched it with fingers.

This is a magic tool used to lock a door.

“Well then, this is all I can do. Please call me when you’ve finished reading”

Butler Neil left the library.

It’s no use to complain about Neil.

That man is loyal to the Baron.

He must be thinking that if he defies Kachel-sensei then he will put the Baron family in a bad position.

Humans are truly troublesome. Especially the nobles.

Even if I read the book, there’s no demerit to Kachel-sensei.

But even so, why does he have to go through all the trouble and use a magic tool just to hinder me? I really don’t understand human at all.

I guess there’s no helping it. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to cancel off magic.

“‘Magical Blood’ Erosion”

I made a scratch on my finger with a dagger.

The blood-stained fingers are pressed directly on the magic tool.

I was born with rich in magic blood. The blood that flowed out of me is also connected to me through magic.

The blood is like a part of me and my limbs.

Therefore, I can interfere with magic by letting my blood seep into it.

In my past life, when Lyle’s daughter Alice was contracted with the ‘Death Disease’, I gave her my blood.

While my blood was flowing through Alice, she was connected to me through magic for some time.

That’s why I was able to use the power of the Purification to eliminate the pathogens of the ‘Death Disease’ inside her.

This time, it is the same principle as when I purify Alice.

Hack the magic by infusing my blood into the magic tool.

It’s very easy.

I can analyze the magic and destroy it, or I can stop the flow of magic by altering its resources.

“—Intruding the magic exterior. Continue the erosion of the magic”

Internal magic — Analysis completed.

Checking the binding magic on the shelf door. Start jamming the magic supply.

Stopping the magic flow — Successful.

The lock has been removed.


The metal plate that was attached to the shelf came off.

“I’ll return this later”

‘That’s amazing. Yuuki-sama!’

A voice came from outside the window.

I looked closely and saw a black bat hanging from a tree in the garden.

“You’re here. Dick”

‘I’m here to make a report to you. Regarding the mountains behind the mansion, there’s no abnormalities so far’

“I’m sorry. I can’t deal with it right now. It’s going to be reading time”

‘This is good enough. I’ve just seen some amazing things, a magic cancelled off by another magic, this is the first time I have seen it’

“It’s a boring trick. Dick”

Even if I could use such a technique, I still couldn’t win against the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

‘Yuuki-sama. There’re people coming’

“Got it”

I opened the bookshelf and took out a book.

It’s impossible to close the door with the sealing tool attached to it, so let’s just let it be.

”Excuse me, Yuuki-sama. I’ve brought you some tea”

”It’s good to have some tea. But I don’t want to dirty the book”

”I see….”

Butler Neil is looking at the bookshelf.

……t, this is bad. Why was the magic tool turned upside down?

I was in a hurry in putting it back. I wonder if Neil are suspicious of it.

“So, the private tutor makes mistakes too huh”

“You are not aware of what the private tutor did, do you?”

“This is just a soliloquy. However, I thought that Kachel-sensei seemed to be in a hurry, too”

“Why is that?”

”I’m just talking to myself…… but back then when I was on the battlefield, I’ve received the same seal as the talisman that’s stuck to the shelf there. It took three mages to remove it. Since no one can break a seal like that, so I wonder if Kachel-sensei has made some mistakes”

”Neil-san, do you mean that Kachel-sensei was harassing me?”

“It was a slip of the tongue”

The butler Neil coughed and cleared his throats.

“There’s no way Baron-sama would hire someone to do such a trivial thing, isn’t it?”

”Kachel-sensei is a member of the ‘Magic Guild’. Supposedly, he would not harass a child, right?”

 “……The action of the private tutor is no concern of mine”

*Rattle Rattle Rattle Rattle!*

……There was the sound of someone running off hurriedly.

“Well then, I’ll continue reading. Neil-san, you may return to work”

“Thanks for your kind offer. Yuuki-sama”

Neil walked out of the library.

So, I started reading for real.

—One hour later—


I closed the book.

Let’s conclude. The ‘Sanctuary Church’ was destroyed.

Truly. I’m at a loss for words.

The ‘Ancient Artifacts’ they excavated were scattered. In other words, it’s gone.

“What were you doing, human”

It’s not even funny.

I really wonder what they’re doing. Both the ‘Sanctuary Church’ and the humans.

In my past life, when I was alive, the ‘Sanctuary Church’ was a powerful combat group.

The ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization’ that they found was called a sanctuary, and with the ‘Ancient Magic’ and the ‘Ancient Artifacts’ that they found there, they had sent talented person to the centre of many countries.

Bishops, Priests, and Holy Knights.

In every country and province, they were involved in the politics.

As though they had enough influence to go against the King of a country too.

But… after my death as the Dean Nosferatu in my past life, they were perished.

After causing a great deal of inconvenience to the human world.

“……you were causing more trouble to the humans than the ‘Immortal Mage’…… ‘Sanctuary Church’”

According to the history book, after I died in my past life, there was a war between humans.

Originally, it was a skirmish, but the Sanctuary Church intervened.

They seduced both countries, saying that it would be an easy victory if they had the ‘Ancient Artifacts’ and the ‘Ancient Magic’.

At that time, the ‘Sanctuary Church’ was divided into 2 forces, each of which sided with the two countries.

With the ‘Sanctuary Church’ on their side, the two countries became confident, believing that they could win.

Rejecting reconciliation and the armistice, they embarked on the war with the full force of their country.

However, when they actually fought, the ‘Ancient Artifacts’ were useless.

The causes of it were unknown.

They didn’t know if it couldn’t be activated or couldn’t be used.

The two countries that started the war with the ‘Sanctuary Church’ in mind were not able to withdraw at that point of time and in the end the war of the quagmire began. So much so that each country falls apart.

People’s grudges were then directed at the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

And the ‘Sanctuary Church’ was destroyed with all the forces against it.

Most of the ‘Ancient Artifacts’ they had on them were gone missing.

The end.

“I thought that people in this era will replicate the ‘Ancient Artifacts’ to live a comfortable life”

Items that bring out hot water when you turn on the faucet, or blankets that keep you warm when you go to bed.

In the end, that didn’t happen.

The ‘Sanctuary Church’ was perished while excavating the Holy Sword? It seems ridiculous.

I didn’t learn anything about the ‘Fila Village’.

The history book ended with the destruction of the ‘Sanctuary Church’ and the creation of the peaceful ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’ afterwards.

The ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’ is organized to properly educate those who use magic and to ensure that the ‘Ancient Magic’ is managed by responsible hands so that people do not make the same mistakes as the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

“So these are all that I know of”

The only way to know more than this is to go to the royal capital.

Because there’s a big library in the royal capital, and there are history researchers too.

Let’s go there someday to find out the news of the ‘Fila Village’.

Because I want to know what happened to Lyle and the others.

I put the book back on the shelf.

Then I rang the bell on the desk to have the butler Neil come here.

After Neil locked the library, I thanked him and returned to the detached building.

Back in my room, I was thinking about what I am going to do.

There are two paths I can take.

One of the paths is to get out of the house and enroll into a general school.

I will never inherit Grossalia family. The only way out is to become an adventurer, or to be accepted into a general school in the royal capital.

The other path is to leave the house and look for the site of the ‘Fila Village’.

The war started right after I died. If I can find Alice’s descendants, I might be able to get some information.

“…or do both?”

On second thought, I didn’t have to take one path only.

I can look for information on the ‘Fila Village’ while enrolling into a general school, right? That’s it.

The course has been decided.

I’ll talk to otou-sama about it later.

As I was thinking about it—

“Congratulations! Xellos-sama!!”

I looked out of the window and saw otou-sama, Xellos nii-sama, and Kachel-sensei in the garden.

A carriage is parked outside the gate. Red box-shaped carriage. It’s the mail coach.

I see. So today was the day for the mail coach to come.

The mail coach are the country’s most important means of communication, carrying letters and packages from town to town.

The letter appears to have reached Xellos nii-sama.

Leaving aside Kachel-sensei who are laughing loudly, both otou-sama and Xellos nii-sama are smiling broadly too.

”Ohh, Yuuki. You come here as well. A very honorable news has reached Xellos”

“…Y, yeah. I wish Yuuki could listen to it too”

Otou-sama beckons me and Xellos nii-sama had a slightly subtle expression on his face.

I went around to the front door and walked out.

“Hey there, Yuuki-dono. You should be proud that you have a wonderful brother! My student, Xellos-sama, has received wonderful news from the ‘Magic Guild’!”

Kachel-sensei was in the best mood I’ve ever seen him in.

He holds Xellos nii-sama’s hand and looked at me with a smile on his face.

”Yuuki knows about the ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’ too, right?”

In the place of the two of them, otou-sama explained.

Otou-sama is happy about it too. So that means,

”Could it be that nii-sama have become a trainee of the ‘Magic Guild’?”

“It’s not like that, Yuuki”

Nii-sama hold out his chest proudly.

“The 8th Princess, Her Royal Highness Iris Restia, has decided to see my ability!”

With a broad smile on his face, Xellos nii-sama exclaimed.

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