TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 10 Part 1


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Chapter 10 Part 1

Chapter 10 – The Former Demon King, Undergoes The Knight Escort Selection Examination

“Don’t worry. The only place that is warped is the entrance. From here on out, it’s just a normal space. We’ll move once you have calmed down.”

said the hooded mage.

Odette Sorey and the other two are seated on the ground.

But they all seem to be getting calmer.

“I’ll explain it to you now. As you were told, there is an undead outbreak in the cave we are heading to. There are only low-level ghosts and skeletons. Ghosts will not possess you if you have a strong mind. As for the skeletons, only weak ones appear on this floor. If you still think you are in danger, run towards the passageway. There are amulets in the passageway, so monsters almost never come out.”

said the mage as she took off the hood covering her face.

What appeared was a woman with green hair.

She looked to be in her late teens or early twenties.

“Let me introduce myself again. I am Demeter, a C-rank mage from the ‘Magic Guild’. Even if you are the children of nobles, in this ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium’, that status means nothing. History has proven that ‘Ancient Magic’ can be very dangerous, depending on how it is used. You will be reminded of that here.”

“In short, don’t let your guard down.”

Barnes-san cuts in.

He looked at us and closed one eye while laughing. Maybe he was trying to make us feel relaxed.

“You will get used to the distortion at the entrance. Even I had gotten used to it.”

“That’s enough frivolous talk, General. Everyone should have calmed down by now. Let’s go.”

The mage, Demeter, pulls her robe together and starts walking.

Barnes-san shrugs his shoulders and smiles at us.

And so we resumed our journey towards the upper levels of the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium’.

“This is the ‘Holy Sword Cave’, and it’s the place where you will be tested.”

After we had descended the spiral passage for about ten minutes, the mage, Demeter, stopped.

“I’ll say it again. If you feel that you can’t do it, give up quickly. This area is also where the ‘Magic Guild’s apprentices come for orientation, but it is an ancient ruin with monsters here. There will be one person… who dies every few years. So let me warn you.”

“Are you trying to scare… the heir to a Marquis family?”

“If you’re so confident, try walking through the first level by yourself. Gilvan.”

said Demeter quietly.

“Even in the passageway, monsters can appear on rare occasions. If you fall into the pit in the center during a battle, you will fall to your death. In some places, there are also pitfalls to the lower levels. Even if you fall in, you cannot be rescued during the examination. Do you understand that?”

“… Ughh.”

“If you understand, then shut up and listen to my explanation.”

Gilvan Kiers was seething but backed down as if he understood that he stood little chance of winning the argument with the mage.

“Your purpose is to reach the holy sword at the end of the cave. As I said before, only low-level undead will appear. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether to fight or flee. The first to reach the end of the cave will be the victor of the examination. You’re free to use magic. That’s all. Any questions?”

“… Sabotage is not allowed, is that right?”

Count family’s Guiel raised his hand.

The C-rank mage, Demeter, snorted.

“Of course… but we can’t see everything from here either.”

“… That’s…”

“If you get hurt, we will heal you. If you give up, we will rescue you. This place is different from the surface. Remember that.”

“Who will confirm that we reached the end?”

Odette Sorey was the next to raise her hand.

The mage, Demeter, nodded.

“I will send my own familiar into the cave to confirm your location. You may also use your own familiar, but even if they reach the end of the cave, it will not be considered a clear. You must reach the holy sword yourself.”

“I understand.”

“What about you? Do you not have any questions?”

The mage, Demeter, looked at me.

“Then I have a question. The holy sword is an important ‘Ancient Artifact’, so why is it sealed up in such a place? If it is a holy sword, it should be in the royal palace, and if it is hidden, it should be in a deeper place, don’t you think?”

“Huh!? What are you talking about?”

“… I think you should read the air.”

I guess I should not have asked that.

I just wanted to know since I am here.

“Because the holy sword here is useless.”

But the mage, Demeter, answered my question.

“There are such ‘Ancient Artifacts’. You can look them up if you are interested when you become an official guild member.”

“Thank you very much.”

“That’s interesting. It’s as if you’re looking way beyond the examination.”

“… Eh?”

“The others are thinking about clearing the examination, but you, Yuuki Grossalia, don’t seem to be interested in clearing the examination. Am I wrong?”

“That’s not it. I’m here for my career and for the Grossalia family.”

“Is that so? I’m sorry. Forget it.”

After having said that, the mage, Demeter, looked at all of us.

“I’m going to give you five minutes to come up with a plan. You can think of a strategy on your own, or if you have friends, you can have a discussion. Show here that you have the wisdom and skill to be a knight escort of Her Royal Highness. That’s all.”

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