THSK Vol. 1 Chapter 2 Part 6


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Chapter 2 Part 6

Imperial Princess Valtrune von Felsdorf.

Once, Princess Valtrune herself stood on the front line and threw herself into the battle against the Kingdom of Reshfeld’s army.

Throughout the war, she fought valiantly and ultimately met her end as a princess of the Valugan Empire. I am the one who knows this best, as I personally witnessed her tragic end.

Now, in her second life, she doesn’t seem to want to go from one battlefield to another. Her reason for this is very noble.

Princess Valtrune placed her hands on her chest and opened her eyes wide.

“I want to lead the Empire from now on. No matter how painful it gets or how discouraging it may be, I am determined to walk this path!”

She doesn’t just aspire to remain an imperial princess; she aims to ascend even higher――to become the empress.

If her wish comes true, it will undoubtedly bring about significant changes in the future. However, it won’t be an easy journey.

“Your Imperial Highness, do you truly wish to become the empress?”

“Yes. To achieve that goal, I must sever my lingering ties with Prince Yuri. Procrastinating our engagement would only harm the Empire.”

Once before, the Empire rushed to a conclusion too hastily. As a result, they declared war before they were publicly attacked.

While they likely reached that decision to preserve the Empire’s dignity, initiating conflicts may lead other countries to view them unfavorably.

Due to that past experience, she believes that taking a more defensive stance this time is necessary.

“We need to show the world that the Kingdom’s invasion comes first. This will be especially important in our conflict with the Kingdom.”

They intend to provoke the Kingdom into starting the war. After that, they will act without arousing resentment from neighboring countries that were once enemies.

“Was the idea of the act of aggression conceived by Prince Yuri…?”

“Yes, after the annulment of our engagement, he demanded that we surrender the Dyrst region, which is part of the Empire. However, we have no intention of giving up such precious territory.”

“In that case… we have no choice but to fight to the end.”

“Yes, we need to make our opposition clear. Once they make their move, I intend to defeat them decisively.”

However, waiting for the other side to act means allowing a preemptive attack, which could potentially put the Empire at a disadvantage.

“That’s why I will develop the strategies necessary for a successful counterattack against the Kingdom.”

“I understand. I will do my utmost to align with Your Imperial Highness’s wishes.”

The challenge lies in restraining the impulsive Empire while Princess Valtrune gains control over the entire Empire.

If she publicly acknowledges the annulment of the engagement with Prince Yuri, her standing within the Empire will undoubtedly deteriorate. She must overcome this setback and align it with her path to becoming the empress.

The journey to becoming the empress of the Empire is undeniably challenging. Despite this knowledge, she persists in pursuing this position.

In that case, even if this path is fraught with obstacles, I am determined to repay her debt with gratitude.

Princess Valtrune then turned her gaze toward me and smiled broadly.

“I’m counting on you, Aldia.”

“Yes, let’s walk this path together.”

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