THSK Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Part 6


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Chapter 1 Part 6


The graduation ceremony at Filnots Military Academy proceeded smoothly. We graduated from the academy in a solemn atmosphere without any major issues. Holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a graduation certificate in the other, we gathered in front of the familiar academy building, facing each other.

“It’s finally over…”


After discussing our plans to meet up later, we decided to disperse.

“Within three days! If you don’t contact us even after the deadline, I’ll come barging into the inn where you’re staying!”

“I got it. I’ll definitely get in touch.”

I replied briefly to Petra, and we all turned our backs to each other.

“Well then, see you on another day.”

“I’ll be waiting for your message.”

“I’m looking forward to our next gathering~! See you~!”

Steano, Petra, Ambros, and Mia, graduates of the military academy, each set off on their respective journeys home.

“Well then, Al-senpai. We’ll be going, too.”

“…Um, congratulations on your graduation. Please continue to… um, do your best.”


The current students, Addy and Tredia, who still had cleanup tasks after the graduation ceremony, returned to the venue. Watching the graduates gradually leave the academy, I sighed deeply.

―― Well then, let’s go.

Today’s main event is not the graduation ceremony, but the turmoil caused by the annulment of the engagement of Princess Valtrune.

In the past, I had witnessed a similar scene where Princess Valtrune and Prince Yuri broke off their engagement. And after the prince left, I remember calling out to her. That was probably the first time where she and I had a proper conversation. And this time, I am intentionally heading toward that incident.

In this current life, I have decided to side with the Vulcan Empire. So, at the moment when the Kingdom and the Empire part ways, I plan to meet Princess Valtrune and pledge my loyalty to her. It feels like I will be taking advantage of her broken heart, and I feel sorry for that. However, in my previous life, I regretted refusing her invitation. That is why this time, I want to be on her side.

After waiting for a while, I could hear the footsteps of two people treading on the ground. As expected, they stopped a short distance away from where I was hiding.

“Valtrune. I hereby annul our engagement, effective immediately!”

An unsettling atmosphere permeated the backyard of the military academy.

In a place where no one would stop by, a major incident that would greatly shake the relationship between the two countries was quietly unfolding. Hidden in the nearby bushes, I silently watched the scene.

After this, Princess Valtrune and Prince Yuri would engage in a fierce exchange of words, escalating into a big fight. Will the intense chaos, with insults flying back and forth, begin now…? While thinking such things, I patiently observed the outcome, but ――

“I see… I understand. Let’s annul the engagement, then.”

She accepted his words without showing any signs of anger, calmly responding in a composed manner. Her icy blue eyes became visible every time her pure white hair swayed in the wind.

―― The development… has changed?

I was quite shaken inside because the flow of the annulment seemed different from what I had seen before.

―― What does this mean? It was not supposed to proceed so quietly.

The prince also seemed taken aback by her calm demeanor.

“Hey, you… Do you even understand what I’m saying? It’s the annulment of our engagement, you know? I won’t let you say you don’t know what that means.”

“I am aware. What would you like me to do about it?”

“What ―― !”

The prince’s face flushed red, his anger bubbling up. On the other hand, Princess Valtrune stared at him with a completely cold gaze.

Normally, both of them would have started arguing without composure… That was how it was supposed to be. It was not supposed to be a situation where only Prince Yuri was swayed by emotions.

At the end of a big fight, there was also a scene where Princess Valtrune was slapped across the cheek… No, wait.

―― She was slapped across the cheek!

I completely forgot about it. It was a well-known story within Filnots Military Academy that Prince Yuri behaved arrogantly. And I had witnessed that scene in my previous life. On that day, I lacked the courage to step forward, so I could only watch his arrogant behavior from the shadows. It was because, subconsciously, I was afraid of authority.

The image of her left behind, collapsed on the ground with swollen eyes, vividly flashed through my mind. While thinking I should stop it, there is a part of me that wonders if leaving here would be a bad move. Should I take action or not? If I do not act, it will be the same as my previous life.

“To help her…? Or to not help her?”

As I remained indecisive, the conversation over there continued to progress rapidly. I should make a choice before it reaches a point of no return. Yet, I find it difficult to move.

“It seems you won’t understand your position until you experience some pain!”

In a vile tone, Prince Yuri menacingly berated Princess Valtrune. However, she remained completely unfazed.

“You must be joking. We should be in equal positions.”

“You…! How dare you!”

―― There’s no time to think!

‘I need to rush out and save her right now.’

I made up my mind and was about to step out of the bushes. I stepped on a twig, feeling my heartbeat increase slightly, but I pushed forward without paying attention to it. However, I suddenly felt a faint sense of unease, as if something had passed right in front of me, and I stopped moving just before fully exposing myself.

…It was just a moment, only a brief moment.

It started when I sent a glance to Princess Valtrune and Prince Yuri. In the instant he raised his hand ―― I could see the slight relaxation of her mouth. Even from my distant viewpoint, it was clear that the corners of her mouth were raised.

“―――― !”

―― Why did she… smile just now?

Furthermore, it seemed like her gaze was directed not toward the prince but towards me… It felt as if she could see me, as if she had noticed my presence, which was strange. A cold sensation ran down my spine. It could not be possible. However, she addressed Prince Yuri in a cold voice.

“Hehe, is that so? Acting so rough in the presence of outsiders.”

“―――― !”

Princess Valtrune halted Prince Yuri’s movement with a single sentence. At the same time, with that single sentence, I understood everything. She knew that I was hiding and observing this situation.

“What is the meaning of this!?”

“It means exactly what it sounds like. Do you want to stop with your nonsense? Or…”

“Damn it!”

The prince’s face turned blue upon her words, looking around nervously without lowering his hand. But in the end, it seemed that Prince Yuri did not notice my presence. That is natural since I am perfectly hidden. For an ordinary person, it would be nearly impossible to spot me.

“Hmph, just bluffing, aren’t you? Are you really that afraid of being hit?”

Princess Valtrune responded to his defiant words with a mocking laugh.

“If you think so, then maybe you’re right. Please, feel free to do as you like.”

“―― How insolent!”

Her expression remained unchanged. No matter how much the prince made a show of raising his arm or trying to provoke her, she did not make any move to avoid it. Her composed attitude and unwavering composure broke the prince’s resolve.

“I-It can’t be… You’re not bluffing…?”

Then, taking into account the possibility of being observed by someone, he clenched his fist tightly and kicked a stone on the ground with great force. Even as a prince of a country, it seemed that he still cared about appearances and maintained a certain level of rationality.

The prince openly contorted his expression, clearly showing his desire to release his pent-up emotions with nowhere to direct them. His frustration remained unabated. However, any possibility of the situation escalating into further turmoil had completely vanished.

“Damn it! Valtrune…! Don’t think that this will end here. I will make you pay eventually!”

His words of intimidation fell on deaf ears as she elegantly smiled.

“If you can, go ahead and do your best.”

“―― Tch! Remember this!”

Leaving behind a parting shot like a petty villain, Prince Yuri quickly departed the scene.

Why is it so? Princess Valtrune’s actions were quite different from before the regression. Not only did she emerge unscathed from this encounter, but she also easily repelled Prince Yuri.

There is no doubt that the longstanding conflict between the Kingdom and the Empire deepened along the predetermined path. However, it is an undeniable fact that significant changes occurred during that process.

―― Is she truly the Princess Valtrune I know?

Watching her composed behavior, doubts started to arise within me.

“Now… that interloper is gone.”

As Prince Yuri left, silence engulfed the surroundings. Wearing a radiant expression, she casually turned her feet in my direction, as if it were only natural.

“You’re here, aren’t you?”

Stunned, I remained frozen in place as Princess Valtrune slowly walked toward me.

―― So, she has indeed discovered that I was secretly watching her.

“You don’t have to stay hidden anymore. Prince Yuri has left.”

She called out to me in a voice audible only to my ears. Her words indicated that she was aware of my presence. Ultimately, there was no point in hiding.

“…How did you know that I was hiding?”

“Why do you think so?”


“I’m sorry. I was being mean.”

Princess Valtrune smiled cheerfully.

Indeed, the princess standing before me felt somewhat different from the one I had seen in my previous life.

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