TIEM Vol. 1 Chapter 5 Part 2


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Chapter 5 Part 2


An hour later.

I could heal Ted’s injuries, but I wanted to see the current skill level of the medical magicians in this era.

That is why I decided to climb up a tree and sneak a look from outside the window to check on the situation with the rich kid of nobility (younger brother) in the infirmary.

“It will take six months to heal fully”

“Is… that so”

“Young master. I understand that you want to play, but you must be patient”

It will take six months to heal completely, huh?

That is quite a long time.

No matter how much the injury was aggravated due to Bass’s recovery magic, I didn’t think it was that serious.

It seems that in this era, the level of medical magicians has also fallen.


After confirming that the old doctor had left the room, I snuck into the infirmary through the window.

“Eh…? Is that you, Abel…?”

“Yeah. How’s your injury?”

“Hehe. Of course. An injury like this doesn’t even count as a scratch!”

The rich kid of nobility (younger brother) acted stoutly, but he could not hide his exhaustion.


After a while, Ted fell asleep.

Hmm. He sure does have an unattractive sleeping face.

As usual, there is not a shred of intelligence on his face.

“I won’t wait for six months, you know?”

I created several magic syntaxes in the air.

<<Deconstruction Technique – Low-Level Recovery Magic, Small Heal>>

<<Reconstruction Technique, Healing Magic. Parallel Activation, Recovery Magic>>

<<Body Strengthening Magic, Change Application, Healing Power Enhanced>> 

All right. That should do it.

I removed Bass’s lousy magic and applied the bone joining magic.

After that, I boosted the healing power, so with this, it should heal fairly quickly.

“Sorry, Ted. But I’m impatient”

Of course, I don’t care about the injury of the rich kid of nobility (younger brother).

It’s just that losing my daily workout partner would be a blow to me as well.

There is still value in this guy.

Let’s hope he heals quickly and continues to work hard for me.


“Hmmm? Who might you be?”

A day has passed since the duel occurred.

Early in the morning of that day, I opened the front door and saw a young man I didn’t recognize.

“Could it be? You are… Bass?”

I asked him while still half-convinced.

I didn’t recognize him because of his new hairstyle, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that his clothes and facial features are similar to those of the rich kid of nobility (older brother).

Somehow, his hair had been cut so mercilessly that it looked quite tragic.

“Insolent fellow! How many times have I told you to call me master!? Ouch!”

Behind him, a lion-like mane ── or rather, a stern-looking man with a beard hit Bass on the head.

He has the same burnt amber blond hair as Ted.

The color of his eyes is blue, so he has the <<Blue Eyes>> which are good at water attribute magic.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Evans Langobalt. Abel-sama”

He said his name in a low, intimidating voice.

Evans then immediately dropped to his knees.

“Abel-sama. I’m very sorry for what happened! I beg you. Please forgive my foolish son!”

Hmmm? What is this person saying all of a sudden?

Forgiveness or not, I wasn’t angry from the beginning.

“Father! Why are you apologizing to this commoner with inferior eyes! He is the younger brother of one of our maids, isn’t he!?”

“You fool! What are you saying!?”

*Whack* A dull sound was heard.

A clenched fist is firmly stuck on Bass’s head.

Hmm. It’s a good punch with a lot of his body weight put into it.

Perhaps Ted’s physical abilities are something he inherited from his father.

“Listen. Bass. I think that this is a good time to tell you this! We didn’t hire Lilith-sama! She hired us!”

“……Come again?”

Bass seemed stunned by Evans’s words.

I see.

So that is how it is. It made sense.

I’ve always wondered.

Why a high-ranking demon like Lilith is serving under a human.

Even though the times have changed, it’s hard to imagine demons working for humans.

Then why?

Why is Lilith working as a subordinate to a noble?

Perhaps Lilith knows the noble’s secrets.

For a demon to live among humans, there are bound to be some obstacles.

I guess that using the influence of a noble to survive is one of the ways for the demons to survive in this era.

“Haha ──! Abel-sama! I beg of you! Please be lenient with the punishment!”

He said all of that while bowing his head on one knee.

Evans grabbed Brass by the head and forced him to bow. A look of humiliation can be seen on Bass’s face.

What sort of secrets does Lilith know to get a proud noble to get down on his knees?

I’ll have to ask Lilith about that next time I see her.

“You can raise your head. I was never angry in the first place”

“Abel’s sama generous words! I can’t express how grateful I am! Thank you very much!


Evans began to bow his head with increasing vigor as if he was about to sink into the ground with that all said and done.

I told him to raise his head.

This family really doesn’t listen.

*Sniff Sniff* “What the hell…? What the hell… is going on!?” 

Forced to kneel on the ground without knowing the reason, being on the verge of crying, Bass’s desolate shaved head is pointed towards me.

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