TIEM Vol. 1 Chapter 8 Part 1


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Chapter 8 Part 1

Chapter 8 – The Practical Examination

After the three-hour written examination, the practical examination comes next.

“Ugh. As expected of Arthuria Magic Academy. The written examination was extremely difficult.”

“Hmm? Was it?”

Ted is sitting next to me with a deathly look on his face.

It seems that he did not do well on the written examination.

Well, I do not have to take Ted’s words seriously, especially since he does not have a good head on his shoulders.

Probably, the examinees gathered in this hall must have gotten a perfect score in all subjects, as a matter of course.

“Now, those of you with examination numbers of 1 to 40, please follow me.”

My examinee’s number is 27. Ted’s is 28.

The next examination is supposed to measure our practical magic skills, but I wonder what it would be.

“Master! Let’s go!”

Ted hurries me to the examination hall.

Our next stop was the huge school ground at the back of the academy.

Hmm. Presumably the area was built primarily to test out magic. I could see several ‘Targets’ already set up.

“Listen, examinees. This examination will be conducted using the magic tools provided here. Each of you will pick up the magic tool that matches the color of your eyes.”

Underneath the tent were various magic tools, each imitating the shape of a different weapon, such as a sword, a gun, and a pair of gloves.

Each of us takes the prepared magic tools in numerical order as instructed by the examiner.

That said, there were no magic tools available for amber-eyed magicians, as a matter of course. So, I had no choice but to pick up a red magic tool. It has the shape of a one-handed sword, which seems the best for now.

Although amber-eyed magicians are capable of mastering magic of all attributes depending on their training, there are also some incompatibilities for each individual.

In my case, I am not good at recovery magic, as that is a special attribute to the gray eyes, but on the contrary, I am good at fire, water, and wind attribute magic.

Well, even though I am not good at it, I can use gray eyes’ magic to the extent that I have completed the <<Reincarnation Magic>>, which was unprecedented even in my previous world.

“Hey, look at that inferior eyes over there.”

“Hahahaha. He just picks a random one because there’s no suitable magic tool for him!”

The curious stares from the other examinees are all on me.

Good grief. I did not pick one at random, though. 

It seems that amber-eyed magicians are looked at with prejudiced eyes even in this examination hall.

“Now, I will go through the explanation. This examination is to test the power of your magic.”

I see. So, this is an examination of one’s power of magic.

Well, it is a safe test to measure the examinees’ ability.

Since the magic tools are given in advance for this examination, it is impossible to distinguish oneself from others in magic syntax.

In other words, they will be required to have a certain amount of magic power they were born with and the skill to efficiently cast magic with them.

“The ‘Targets’ made for the examination are sturdy and will never break, so please don’t hesitate to cast your best magic.”

Since it is unbreakable, some tampering must have been done on the ‘Targets’.

Interesting. This examination will be the perfect touchstone for measuring the magicians’ abilities.

“Well then, those who are ready will go first.”

“Me, me! I will go first!”

Ted was the first to raise his hand in response to the examiner’s words. He looks determined. Perhaps Ted is trying to make up for his failure in the written examination with this challenge.

“All right. Then, let’s start with examinee number 28.”

“Yes! I’m the first!”

Will he be all right?

Even though I took care of him for a while, his level as a magician is still pretty immature.

According to Lilith, Arthurian Magic Academy is a school that attracts the best of the elites from all over the country. 

If this continues, would he not be humiliated in front of so many examinees?

Standing in his designated position, Ted holds up a gauntlet-shaped magic tool.

“Now, let’s begin.”


Ted thrusts his fist wide and releases a fireball.

Wow~. T-This is terrible.

Ted’s fireball was so terrible that anyone could tell it was low quality.

Well, this is kind of expected.

Ted, who is low-level to begin with, is using a magic tool he is unfamiliar with to cast his magic. So perhaps it is inevitable that the magic that he casts is of low quality.


Ted’s magic disappeared as it was absorbed by the target.

I see. That target seems to be made of dark matter, an ore that absorbs magic.

Well, since the target is made of dark matter, it will not break easily, even when it is hit by somewhat more powerful magic.

In the previous world that I knew, dark matter was difficult to supply stably, but in the present day, they have probably overcome that drawback.


There was a commotion for a moment.

See? That is what I am talking about. Ted’s magic was so terrible that everyone must have been dumbfounded.

“That’s amazing!! Why would someone talented like him take the general entrance examination?”

Hm? What did the examiner… just say? Did I misheard him? Which part of that magic looks amazing?

“I can’t believe it. The Langobalt family is a frontier noble living in the countryside, right?”

“Wow… This is bad… I have lost my confidence after seeing such amazing magic…”

The reactions of the other examinees do not seem to be joking either.

I-I can’t believe it. Is the current magic in this world really at a level where that kind of magic can be praised as ‘amazing’?

“What a monster. It seems we witnessed the birth of a genius magician once in a hundred years.”


said the veteran examiner, who appeared to be in charge, as he exhaled the cigarette smoke.

Ted is a genius!? Moreover, the genius in one hundred years?

It was then that I realized, albeit belatedly, that I was in a ridiculously low-level space.

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