TPK Vol. 1 Prologue


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“Ahh~, Keim-sama…”

“Mmm ah~, it feels good.”

A hot breath lingers in his chest. A sweet and syrupy voice that tickles his eardrums like honey. Deep affection flows into his ears, as if melting the brain.

(Seriously… This is not what I had wished for…)

Feeling a soft and warm weight all over his body, the young man――Keim, lets out a sigh in his heart.

Keim is on a king-size bed large enough for more than ten people to sleep in. There are multiple women besides Keim on the bed. Clad in underwear and negligees, their eyes are tinted with lust, and their eyes reflect only Keim.

Soft breasts press against him from all sides. Long legs entwined around Keim’s body. As the bed creaked, seductive voices escaped their mouths.

The women surrounding Keim are all exceptional beauties and young girls. Their cheeks are blushing a deep red like roses, as if they have been affected by a sweet toxin, and they desire Keim.

(In reality, they are probably intoxicated by the ‘poison’…)

Caressing their smooth and silky skin, and playing with the curves of their breasts and buttocks, Keim chuckled wryly. The women here have all become captivated by Keim. They are completely dominated by the sweet toxin, exposing their instincts and craving Keim.

(I have to take responsibility. It’s my own doing… No, it’s the ‘poison’.)

“Keim-sama… Please, I beg of you, have mercy on me… More, more…!”

One woman could not resist any longer and discarded her soaked underwear. Following her lead, the other women also gradually strip naked.

“Very well…! Come at me. I’ll take all of you at once.”

Uttering those words, Keim pulls one of the beauties close and takes her lips. While feeling other women clinging to his arms and legs… Keim recalls the events leading up to this moment.

What will be told next is the tale of the birth of a king. It is a heroic tale of the strongest being, later known as the ‘Wise Ruler’, the ‘Tyrant’ and… the ‘Demon King’.

It is a tale of the battles and adventures of a man known as the ‘Poison King’.

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