TRM Vol. 2 Chapter 1


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Chapter 1

“Excuse me.”

I knocked on the door with a sign that read ‘Headmaster’s Office’ and entered.

“I was waiting for you.”

A girl sitting on a chair in the back of the room turned around in her chair to face me.

“Is this the first time we’ve talked like this?”


I replied, staring straight into her emerald eyes.

Diana Nianca.

She is the headmaster of the Rosanlila Magic Academy.

While I cannot ascertain her exact age, her appearance suggests that she is roughly in our age range.

With hair that glistens as though adorned with precious jewels and a complexion as pure and captivating as freshly fallen snow, she possesses an irresistible allure that has the power to ensnare hearts.

Diana smiled somewhat mysteriously and continued,

“I called you here for the recent exhibition game.”

Hmm, that is exactly what I thought.

As Diana brought up the subject, I remembered what had happened.

I have been reincarnated in a world one thousand years later, seeking ‘someone stronger than me’. It was a miscalculation that there is no one stronger than me, but it is still interesting.

A thousand years later, I enrolled in the Rosanlila Magic Academy and had a reasonably enjoyable time with the friends I’ve met, Lara and Marise. I had no friends in my previous life, so it was an unimaginable lifestyle a thousand years ago.

One day, we were scheduled to have an exhibition game with the Disaria Magic Academy in the Imperial Capital. However, things took a turn.

The Imperial Capital cheated. They even brought out Arnold, one of the <<Four Great Sages>>, and tried to eliminate us. But there was no way I would let that happen.

I defeated Arnold, and the rest was left to the headmaster to deal with.

“Is there something you want to say?”

“The actions of the Disaria Magic Academy in the Imperial Capital are unforgivable. Not only because of their cheating, but also because they tried to kill my precious students. I strongly protested, but…”

“So you are saying Disaria Magic Academy denied the cheating?”

Diana looked surprised for a moment, then gritted her teeth with frustration.

It was just as I thought. The notion of the Empire’s filthiness has persisted throughout millennia, standing as a long-established fact. Hence, upon learning of their attempts to feign ignorance regarding the recent cheating in the exhibition game, my lack of astonishment was quite evident.

“What were they trying to say?”

‘We didn’t do anything like that. Do you have any evidence?’

They always come up with such nonsense.

“Of course, we refuted their argument with, ‘Not only the students who participated, but also two teachers were at the scene and witnessed the entire thing. How do you explain that?’.”

She must be talking about Erika-sensei and Desmond.

‘But that’s all made up. The Rosanlila Magic Academy is trying to frame us…’, Disaria Magic Academy sneered. That’s precisely why the negotiation is not progressing well, and they might just get away with it.”

Diana crossed her legs and spoke with a disgusted tone.

“Kurt, do you have any evidence that can shut their mouth for good?”

Evidence, huh…? If that is what she wants.

“Headmaster, if you want evidence, I have it.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, please take a good look.”

Using projection magic, I displayed an image on the white wall.

“Is this… the footage of the exhibition game? What’s the principle behind this?”

Diana widened her eyes as she watched the displayed footage from when the Empire’s representatives challenged them… up until the battle with the <<Four Great Sages>>.

“This is a projection magic called Movie Storage. I recorded the footage of the exhibition game just in case.”

It was right when Arnold admitted to the Empire’s cheating.

‘This isn’t the first time. You must have done it many times before, haven’t you?’


How foolish. He didn’t even know that the footage was being saved during the battle.

I stopped the projection magic after the battle with Arnold was over.

“If we show this footage, the negotiation should go more smoothly.”

“Impressive. Ever since the entrance exam, I’ve been observing you closely, and you truly stand out. Your ability to wield this kind of magic in the midst of battle is truly remarkable.”

Diana gave a short applause with satisfaction.

This is nothing. I had saved the footage ever since the exhibition game began, just in case.

“However… we don’t know if this can be the deciding factor. Even if we show this, the Disaria Magic Academy will surely come up with a rebuttal.”

Moreover, projection magic is not common in this era. Therefore, Disaria Magic Academy could say something like, ‘This kind of magic is fake. They’re fabricating something that never happened!’. It may sound unreasonable, but as shameless as I know they are, nothing would surprise me.

Should I show them the broken surveillance magic device? Or maybe I should drag out the representatives from the Imperial Capital and interrogate them?

As I was expanding the thoughts in my head, Diana smirked and said,

“As I suspected, Kurt is exactly what I expected you to be. I’m glad I consulted with you.”

…I have a bad feeling about this.

“Kurt, this is my request. In two weeks, there will be negotiation with the Imperial Capital in the Neutral City of Shifrea. It’s related to the recent exhibition game, of course.”


“I want you to come with me and participate in the negotiation, Kurt.”

As expected. I kind of guessed it from Diana’s expression.

── Oh, well.

I sighed.

“I understand. But I’m not that confident in negotiation. If you’re still okay with that.”

If the Empire hasn’t changed in a thousand years, just imagining talking to them makes me feel uneasy. However, I can’t let them do whatever they want. It wouldn’t hurt to improve my image with the academy’s headmaster, so I’ll go along with it this time.

“Good. It’s personal, but I’m interested in you. Hehe… I’m looking forward to it. I wonder what interesting things I’ll see.”

Diana smiled.

She seems forceful and honest with herself. But I don’t hate women like her. It is more helpful to have someone speak honestly rather than being overly cautious.

“Is that all you wanted to talk about?”

“Yeah, I’ve kept you too long. I’ll contact you once I’ve more details.”

It seems that I can take my leave now. However, I have been burdened with a hassle. Well, I will have to think about how to deal with the Disaria Magic Academy in the Imperial Capital when I get back to my room.

But before that…

“L-Lara, don’t push me! Kurt will notice!”

“Ehhh… but it’s hard to hear!”

It was such a small voice that I might have missed it if I did not use detection magic. I knew there were two people in the hallway outside the door from the beginning of the conversation. For some reason, a mischievous idea came to me, which is unusual for me.

I approached the door with concealment magic to hide my presence and footsteps, then opened it quickly.


The short screams of the two people overlapped. And there, in the hallway, were Lara and Marise, who fell on their butts.

“…What are you doing, Lara and Marise?”


Lara rubs her butt in pain.

She has a lively and cheerful appearance, yet there seems to be a cuteness emanating from within. With her legs spread apart, her white underwear is fully exposed. Her pure white and minimal fabric underwear leaves little to the imagination and can easily reveal sensitive parts with just a slight movement.

It’s a bit uncomfortable to keep staring at it.

“That’s why Lara… I told you not to come too close…!”

Marise scolded Lara.

Marise has long silver hair that gives off a dignified impression, emphasizing her beauty. Her skirt was loosened, exposing her ample thighs, which appeared soft yet firm. Her skin seems finely toned and soft-looking.

“Hehe, we have been caught!”

Lara adjusted her skirt and stood up. Then, without hesitation ──

“Kurt, please! Take us with you to that Neutral City!”

“W-Wait, Lara! The conversation is moving too fast!”

“B-But, at this rate, we’ll be left behind!”

Lara and Marise argue with each other.

I had a feeling they would bring up something like this.

Lara then turns to me.

“I’m sorry for eavesdropping! But I followed you because I heard Kurt was summoned by the headmaster. I had a feeling that it was going to be about something important. Then I heard about the negotiation with the Imperial Capital…”

She says apologetically.

I let out another sigh. Lara’s intuition is truly remarkable.

“I’m also a representative in the exhibition game, so I’ll do my best to be useful!”

“I’d like to say the same! Besides… I feel like I can become stronger if I’m with you even for a minute longer.”

Both of them bowed their heads and pleaded with me.

It is unnecessary to have both of them with me to negotiate with Disaria Magic Academy. Plus, even with the two of them, it is not a guarantee we will have the upper hand. However ── Lara and Marise are my friends.


“Very well. If Kurt says so, then it’s okay. The more, the merrier, I guess. Although it would’ve been fun for just the two of us to travel together.”

The headmaster nodded when I turned to her.

“Understood. Let’s go together, Lara and Marise.”

As I say that, both of them brighten up with joy.

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