TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 5 Part 5


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Chapter 5 Part 5

“H-Hey… It’s right down there ──”

I said, as I reached out to take the towel.

“Kurt ── ! Please don’t look, it’s shameless!”


Perhaps out of panic, Marise hugged me from the front.

── !?

“Ugh… I’m so embarrassed… I’m about to go crazy here.”

Marise’s whispers reached my ears.

With Lara hugging me from behind, Marise hugging me from the front, and my body being wrapped in incredible softness.

I cannot see Marise’s face, but the image of her naked body has burned into my mind and made me stiffer.

── What the hell is this situation!?

Being sandwiched by two girls was something I could never have imagined in my previous life.


“W-What is it?”

said Lara with a lonely voice.

“You seem to be preoccupied with Marise for a while now.”

It cannot be helped.

After all, this was the first time I had ever seen a girl naked.


Lara pulled herself away from me and instead grabbed my hand to turn me around.

“Kurt, look at me too. It pains me that Kurt keeps looking at Marise-chan.”

Lara’s naked body was right in front of me.

The two ‘mounds’ on her breasts. A slightly thicc body. However, the waist and ankles were thin and looked like a work of art.

“My breasts… are bigger.”

“What ── !”

Lara pressed my hand against her left breast.

My hand sank into her breast.

It was many times softer than what I had just felt on my back.

“I had read in books that boys like girls with big breasts better.”

“H-Hey… Lara. I understand, so let go of my hand…”

“I don’t want to. T-The truth is, this is very embarrassing, you know? But I thought that it would be nice if it were Kurt… So I’ll put up with it for Kurt, even if I’m feeling embarrassed.”

*Grope, Grope*

Lara further pressed my hand against her breast.

I tried to remove my hand immediately but could not move my body. It was as if I was under a powerful restraining spell.

“Kurt. L-Look at me too!”

This time, Marise takes my other hand.

And like Lara, she slowly pressed my hand against her right breast.

“W-What are you doing, Marise?”

“I-I don’t know either. But when… Lara and Kurt were like that, I felt kind of lonely… Like Lara said, does Kurt prefer girls with big breasts?”

“T-That’s not ──”

True ──, but I could not make out the words.

Marise’s small breasts still have a certain feminine softness to them.

“A-Anyway, that’s it! I’m getting out of the bathroom!”

Perhaps it was because I tried to shake them off with all my might.



I heard them both yell.

I had used the wrong amount of force, and my hands had ── groped their breasts.

“Kurt, you’re so bold. I can’t believe you fondled them so hard…”

“I wasn’t planning on doing that…”

“I’m feeling embarrassed too. But it’s okay if it’s Kurt. Because I don’t want Lara to hog Kurt all to herself.”

I could not let go of my hands altogether, as if they had been drawn to the two of them.

Each time I moved my hands, their breasts freely changed their form.

It was a strange sensation.

It was as if I was being manipulated, my fingers started to latch on the protruding ‘mounds’ of their breasts.


Lara’s seductive voice.

“K-Kurt! I-It kind of tickles there. But somehow, it also feels good…”

Lara’s eyes seem to show that she’s being bewitched by this.

Her hair was disheveled, and she looked different from her usual cheerful and energetic self.

Since it has come to this.

*Chomp Chomp*

“Nnnn, aahh ahhhh! Kurt, Kurt! Fondle it more!”

As I played with Lara’s breasts, her chin gradually rose.

“Kurt! Please do the same for me! As what you did for Lara!”

Marise’s tone was almost pleading.


Since she has insisted that much, let’s do it for her.

While fondling their breasts, I sometimes caressed the protruding ‘mounds’ of their breasts.


“Mmph ── there ── Aaah!”

I felt that their grip on my arms was getting stronger.

The two of them let out seductive breaths, and the breaths gradually became faster.

── Are they okay?

Their heavy breathing had me worried for a moment, but they did not look like they were in pain.

On the contrary, they seemed to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content.

“Kurt, more! I’m almost there!”

“Haa, haa. Kurt, me too. I’m also feeling something is coming!”

Every time I moved my hand, their bodies twitched.

Both of them seemed to be enduring the approaching climatic pleasure. 

Lara stares blankly at the ceiling, while Marise is bending slightly forward with her mouth agape.

“Should we stop now?”

Seeing the two of them looking so adorable, I could not help but tease them.

As I asked them that,

“No! Don’t stop! T-Touch me more. I won’t lose to Marise-chan.”

“I won’t lose to Lara either! I’ll do my best until the end, so please touch me harder! ── Aaaahhhhhh!”

Since they have insisted, and I’m a man too. Let’s take responsibility until the very end.

As if it were the last spurt, I resumed my fondling of their breasts.

I felt their breasts getting softer, perhaps because I had fondled them too hard.

“Aaaahhhhh! Mmphh ──”

“Aah, just a little more ── aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

Intermittent seductive voices emanated from them.

Their voices and movements gradually became more intense. And their figure was so glamorous that it was hard to imagine them from their usual appearance.



Short voices.

Lara straightened her back, and Marise, who had been looking down the entire time, raised her chin, and that was when ──

““Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ── !!””

The two shrieked.

And at the same time, their body spasms.

“H-Hey, you two…”

I called out to them.

They did not answer me, but separated themselves from me and laid their backs slowly against the bathroom wall. And they sat slumped next to each other on the floor.

“Are you okay? Your face is all red…”

“Haa, haa… I’m tired.”

“Me too. I didn’t realize that washing another person’s body was such hard work… haa, haa.”

Are they not going to cover their body at this point?

They seem to be struggling to catch their breaths and savoring the lingering sensations in their bodies.

“Kurt, how was it?”

“Are you feeling better?”

“Y-Yea. T-Thank you. It worked.”

I nodded in response to their questions.

In fact, I felt like many parts of my body had loosened up and relaxed.

It feels good to be washed by others, but… I’m still not used to being touched by girls.

After that ── I couldn’t get out of the bathroom until the two of them returned to normal.

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