TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 5 Part 4


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Chapter 5 Part 4

The dormitory room was quite spacious.

“As expected. Well, I’ve heard that it’s a prestigious academy… Oh? The bathroom is spacious as well.”

I like taking a bath.

A millennium ago, I often set out for unexplored secluded hot springs as a hobby.

I remember the first thing I was relieved about was that the bathing culture still existed after my reincarnation.

“All right… Let’s get some hot water going.”

I muttered and used magic to fill the bathtub with water and then heated it with fire magic.

In no time, the bathroom was filled with steam. When I dipped my hand into the water, the temperature was just right.

Feeling my heart was pounding, I took off my clothes and got into the bath.

“Haa… I feel alive again.”

Soaking myself in the bathtub of hot water, I watched the steam gather at the ceiling.


Someone seems to have entered this room.

“Wait…! I didn’t know he’s taking a bath ── I’ll come back later ──”

“Just in time. Let’s give him ── a massage ──”

“It’s shameless ── casually borrowing towels ──”

I can hear their intermittent voices.

Then ──

“Kurt, we’re coming in!”

“P-Please wait, Lara. I’m still not mentally prepared yet…”

While saying that, Lara entered the bathroom while pulling Marise’s hand.

“H-Hey there… What are you guys doing here?”

Lara and Marise have their towels wrapped around them, but they would be naked if they took them off.

I could see a glimpse of their cleavage, and that made me feel a tad excited.

“I was just talking to Marise-chan about how much Kurt has helped us. We want to do something for Kurt, too.”

“Kurt looks tired. So I was thinking of giving you a massage, but… I didn’t expect you to be taking a bath… We are a nuisance, right? We’ll leave right away!”

“N-No, you’re not a nuisance…”

I never thought they would come in with their clothes off.

Lara’s huge bosom looked as if it was about to burst out of the towel. Whenever she made the slightest movement, the two bulges would shake.

Marise also has her hair tied up and her cheeks blushing slightly in embarrassment. She looked so fascinatingly elegant that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Don’t be so shy, Marise-chan! I’m embarrassed, too…”


Marise blushed and cast her gaze downwards.

Lara, on the other hand, peered at my face.

“Why don’t you look at us, Kurt?”

She asked curiously.

Oh, Lara, please do not move your face so close to me.

A large bulge of breasts appeared right in front of me, and it was increasingly difficult to look at her.

“Kurt, let us wash your back! It’s going to feel good. I’m sure it’ll take the edge off Kurt’s fatigue.”

“I-Is that so. T-Then thank you.”

I was a little bewildered because I did not have a towel wrapped around me, but… they were offering to wash my back. It would be tactless to refuse.

I slowly got out of the bathtub and sat down on a stool in the bathroom.

“I’ll wash your back then. Marise, too! Stop being shy!”

Lara’s breath hits my back.

The thought of a naked girl right behind me made my heart pound.

“Ugh… I got it. I just don’t like the thought of owing a debt to someone. I also don’t like the one-sided… relationship of having Kurt teach me magic, after all!”

Lara grabbed the soap that was in the bathroom.

“Wah, Kurt’s back is solid!”

Lara lather up the soap and brushes my back with both hands.

“That’s because I’ve been training.”

“It’s amazing. It’s really solid. I can feel the muscles tightening up inside.”

“I-Is that so… More than that, you can brush it a little harder if you want, Lara. It’s a bit too soft till it kind of tickles a little.”

It was as if I was being brushed through my downy hairs. An indescribable feeling ran through my skin.

It’s not a bad feeling, though.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Hurry up, Marise-chan!”

“I’m… ready!”

Marise also took the soap and lathered it up with both hands.

She then washed my chest with her shaky hands without looking forward.

It is not just my back anymore, but… if they are willing to wash my entire body, I will just leave it to them.

“Eek… T-This is Kurt’s body. It’s solid… But when I touch it, it feels gentle.”

“I’m sure this will get rid of the stiff muscles! Let’s keep it up!”

…At any rate, Marise is also being too soft to the point that it makes me shiver. I almost moaned.

“Hmm, but I still don’t feel relaxed.”

So Lara said:

“How can we get you to relax? I don’t think I can satisfy Kurt.”

“Not really. I’m not tired anymore.”

“If Kurt says so… But you still look tired… Ah, that’s right!”

Lara clapped her hands as if something had struck her mind.

Right after, I heard what sounded like a towel falling to the floor.

…A towel falling?

“What the hell are you doing, Lara?”

Marise thrashed her hands around as she looked away.

“I-I’m embarrassed, too.”

I could tell from her voice that Lara was blushing.

“B-But… I want Kurt to feel satisfied… And I’m sure scrubbing Kurt with something soft will soften up his body.”


A soft feeling on my back.

This is… Lara is pressing her body against me!?

This caused a continuous feeling of her soft breasts to travel down my back.

“How is it, Kurt? Does it feel good?”


“Great. I’ll try harder then!”

Lara continued to move her body up and down, trying to wash my body with her entire body.

The feeling of slimy foam and the softness of Lara.

It was rubbed against me, and an indescribable feeling of pleasure reverberated in my brain.

“Wha-? But I think it’s getting stiffer. Why?”

Of course.

I had never experienced anything like this, even in my previous life. So I was mentally strained. It was to the point that my body became stiff.

“Lara! You’re being shameless! That’s shameless! Kurt is troubled. So stop it right now ──”

It was at that moment that Marise immediately stood up and reached out to stop Lara’s conduct.

“── !”

I was speechless.

It was probably because she moved in a hurry.

With that momentum, the towel that was wrapped around Marise’s body came off.


Marise quickly covered her body with her arms.

But in that split second, I saw it.

Marise’s beautiful naked body.

Her skin is white and vivacious, and her arms were not enough to cover it all.

“W-W-Where is the towel!?”

She looked around for the towel, but she could not seem to find it right away due to the steam.

“Where! Where is it!?”

The towel is right beneath her, but it seems like she is having a hard time noticing it.

While she is looking for the towel, her breasts and buttocks keep coming into my view.

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