TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 7 Part 4


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Chapter 7 Part 4

I put my other hand on Lara’s lower abdomen.

“Mm, ahhh!”

The moment I touched her, Lara’s body shook a little. Her breasts swing in tandem, and almost spill out of her underwear… 

I have to stay focused and try not to look at them as much as possible while sending in the magic power.

“Mm, ahhhh! T-This is amazing, Kurt!”

Lara arched her back and spoke sweetly.

“I can feel Kurt’s magic power throughout my body! Ahhh ── !”

“Good, that’s it. You have to feel the magic power.”

Before long, perhaps they were getting accustomed to the sensation of the magic power, and their breathing calmed down.

That being said, their bodies are still twitching.

However ── at this rate, they will be able to get the sense of controlling the magic power.

“Kurt… I’m kind of getting used to it.”

Marise spoke with beads of sweat on her forehead, as she breathed slowly.

Just as planned.

“Me, too. You can pour in more magic power.”

“I-I want it too, please. I feel like I can get stronger that way.”

Both of them were still twitching, but they spoke as if they were desperate for something.

Mmm… I did not expect them to be this ambitious.

“T-Then let’s do it. But be prepared, okay? My magic power is nothing ordinary.”

They nodded resolutely at my call.

Mmm. It looks like they are ready for this.

I stroke their bellies and gradually increase the amount of magic power I pour into them.



Their charming cries. 

Gradually, their legs spread open, revealing more of the underwear that hid their lower bodies.

Marise’s jacket also slipped off, exposing her brassiere just like Lara.

“Hang in there. We’re just getting started.”



Their cheeks were flushed bright red as they tried their best to respond.

This makes me feel like I am doing something weird.

But still, I have to focus. Although it is unlikely, if I make a mistake in adjusting the amount of magic power that I am pouring into their body, there is a possibility that the magic power will run amok in their body.

Tiny beads of sweat started to appear on the surface of their skin. They were dripping down from their thighs and necks. At this rate, the carpet on the floor would be soaked.


Suddenly, Lara turned to Marise, who was lying next to her.

“W-What is it? I’m concentrating right now, so don’t talk to me ──”

Without waiting for Marise to continue further.

Lara raised her upper body slightly and placed her right hand on Marise’s chest.

“Ah! What are you doing!?”

Perhaps because of her heightened sense of sensitivity, Marise screeched.

“If I don’t do this, I feel like I’m going crazy… Besides, Marise has a beautiful body. We’re both girls, but I still feel jealous.”

“Lara ── ! T-That’s…!”

Marise’s back started to arch more, almost like a shrimp.

Hmm… Perhaps unconsciously, Lara’s magic power started moving towards Marise. She is doing the same thing I did to both of them. But Lara’s handling is clumsy, and she is getting pretty rough.

“Nn, ah! Please, not there!”

said Marise in a shrill voice, but she did not even try to escape.


“I-I’m starting to feel kind of weird, too…!”

Marise puts her face closer to Lara’s ear.


She then held Lara from the side, with her hand resting on Lara’s back.

“Lara’s body is soft…”

“Marise, what are you doing all of a sudden!?”

Marise’s hand was heading for Lara’s breasts. Her right hand went inside Lara’s underwear, and her five fingers sank deep into her breasts.


Lara raises her voice and face towards the ceiling.

“Marise-chan’s magic power is coming in, too. It’s amazing! I’ve never felt anything like this before!”

Marise must be sending magic power from Lara’s breasts. The magic power moves slowly, but their magic power are now mixed together.

“The more you try to feel the magic power, the more you can understand how to control it. Let’s keep going like this.”

As it is, I gently touched Lara’s lower abdomen once again.

“Nnn! You two, don’t touch that part. It makes me feel really weird!”

Lara’s breathing became faster.

“Amazing… I feel like I’m going crazy!”

“M-Me too! I feel weird, even though Kurt isn’t touching me…”

“You didn’t think I could pour magic power into you without direct contact?”

Marise is directly touching Lara now.

Therefore, through Lara, I’m also able to transfer my magic power to Marise.

Our magic power are mixing together.

“Lara, Marise. Take a breath, then focus.”

“Fuuu! Haaa!”


Their mouths gaped wide, and their voices were louder than ever.

Marise squeezed Lara’s breasts even harder.

Sweat clung to my fingers. It was sticky…

Lara made such a sound when I stroked her navel with my fingers,

“Nn, aahhh ──! Kurt, I feel amazing!”

“Ahh, ahhh… I didn’t know it was this good!”

“I haven’t transferred all of my magic power yet.”

“Eh? Even with this much, you still aren’t transferring all of it yet!?”

“What would happen… if you transfer all your magic power…?”

Naturally, if I really transfer all my magic power, they will break down unbearably. So I need to make sure that does not happen.

I then gradually increase the amount of magic power. 

The two were wiggling their hips and desperately trying to keep up with it.

“How do you feel?”

“Aaahhh! Y-Yeah. I can feel the magic power! I can almost feel something coming!”

“Me too! Nnn-ahh, I’m going crazy!”

I could see that Marise was clinging to her and increasing the grip of her left hand around Lara’s waist.

Sweat splashed all over the place, and a stain began to form on the carpet below.

── It was about time.

“Then let’s get to it.”


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