TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 7 Part 5


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Chapter 7 Part 5

“This will be the last. I hope both of you can take the magic power.”

“Ah, mmm! ── Mmm! Kurt, hurry it up! Give it to me now!”

“Now!? Please wait a minute. If you do it now, I might really lose myself…”

I would not wait. Now is the best time.


“Aaah! It’s coming ── something amazing is coming!”

The moment they clench their jaws, I released a large amount of magic power into their bodies.

“Mmmm ────── It’s hot! W-What is this!? It’s amazing!”

“I feel something in my stomach! Aah, aaah ────── !”

Both of their toes are curled up tight.

Their backs arched, and their mouths were hanging open.

““Aaaaahhh ───────── !””

Their voices echoed through the room.

Eventually, they slowly straightened their backs, leaving them limp and weak.

“…Are you both okay?”

Their cries just now were indeed loud, so I became concerned and called out to them.       

They are now lying down and taking their breath.

Their clothes were stripped off, and to be honest… their underwear was quite revealing, but they did not seem to mind. Their cheeks are flushed, and beads of sweat are visible on their neck and forehead. It made them both look glamorous and mature.

“Yeah… I’m fine. But it’s amazing. Kurt has so much magic power… I didn’t know what was going to happen to receive that much magic power… but it was good.”

“Me too. After getting used to the feeling of the magic power, it seems so easy to control it. We are in your care. Please do it for us again.”


They are excellent students.

“T-That’s the spirit. You two should send magic power to each other even when I’m not around. That experience will come in handy in the future. If both of you can feel the flow of magic power, it will be possible to do things like Unison Raid.”

A situation in which one person’s magic power is not enough to form an advanced magic formula. They can then compensate for such problems by casting the spell together. By doing so, they would be capable of using magic at a level that is impossible for a single person to do alone.

It would be a great feat if they could handle magic power to such an extent.

But to cast the spell together, they have to trust each other. It is not easy, so I wonder how it will turn out.

“Let’s go for a second round, shall we?”

They are still struggling to catch their breath, but still ── 

““I-I will be in your care…!””

“Lara must have exhausted herself and fallen asleep.”

Lara, who has completed her intensive training, now lies on the sofa, sleeping and dressed in her uniform.

Even though she is in a man’s room, she did not look at all alarmed but looked rather happy.

“Seriously… Lara is sloppy. I can’t believe she would tire herself out at this level.”

“Marise is being harsh.”


“It was very intense.”

As I said this, Marise blushed a bright red right up to her earlobes, as if she remembered what had just happened.

Her reactions are as interesting as Lara’s, which makes me want to tease her.


Marise regained her composure and put her face closer to mine.

“Where did you get that strength, Kurt?”

“Uh-uhm. That’s a bit sudden.”

“Kurt is very strong. I want to become strong like you. I’ll do anything for it. So Kurt, will you tell me the secret of your strength… just for me?”

Hmm… She probably would not believe me if I told her, “I’ve been reincarnated from a thousand years ago.”

“Because I worked hard.”

“I can be as strong as Kurt just by working hard?”

It was true that I had made efforts in my previous life, but Marise seemed confused.

“Can I ask you something, too?”

“What is it?”

“Why does Marise want to become strong so badly?”


Marise stopped moving for a moment.

I have been thinking about this since we met, but she seems to be in a great hurry.

“Marise’s strength is definitely among the best in the entire school… No, maybe even the best, if I was excluded. So why are you in such a hurry to seek strength?”

“…Must I say it?”

Marise looked up at me.

“You don’t have to say it if you don’t want to. Everyone has something like that. This is but a simple curiosity of mine. Knowing why you seek strength makes it easier for me to teach you in the future. I’d like you to tell me if possible.”


Marise stayed silent for a moment.

She seemed to be thinking about something while playing with her own hair.

But then,

“All right. I trust you.”

She spoke as if she had made up her mind.

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