TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 8 Part 4


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Chapter 8 Part 4

This is getting boring.

Now that I know their location, let’s just use Teleportation Magic to get there.

“What do you mean by that?”

“The Imperial Capital is cheating? What makes you think so, Kurt?”

asked Lara and Marise.

“There they are! The royal capital’s mages with their defective magic power!”

“Let’s get them!”

The representatives of the Imperial Capital came running toward us and tried to cast their magic.

“These cunning fellows.”

Lara and Marise were caught off guard and failed to react to the sudden attack.

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame. Be a spear, pierce the enemy, and burn them!”

The representative of the Empire began to chant.

But ── they are too slow.

I raised my hand and cast a Dispel.

“Huh…? Why isn’t it activated?”

The representatives of the Imperial Capital looked puzzled when their magic did not activate.

”Eh… why would the people from the Empire attack us? Is this the kind of cheating that Kurt was talking about…?”

“Y-You guys! This is against the rules!”

Finally understanding the situation, Lara and Marise retorted.

In response, they began to show a wicked grin on their face.

“Shut up! The only thing you need to do is to keep your mouth shut!”

Or so they say.

I see.

I do not see any teachers around.

“So they knew what we were doing with their surveillance magic devices… and even directly interfered with us, which is forbidden in the exhibition game.”

Perhaps this is not the first time. They probably did this in every exhibition game until now.

So this was the reason for the royal capital’s unnatural record of nine consecutive defeats.

“I’ve been crushing a lot of surveillance magic devices. So as soon as they saw that the situation was getting worse, they either came to get rid of us. Or maybe they came to steal the items we collected…”

As expected of the Empire. What a vulgar act.

Even after a thousand years, nothing has changed at all.

Perhaps the teachers of the royal capital are being held back from this place.

“Stop spacing out! It might have failed just now, but not this time!”

“I’ll show you… our true power!”


Magic formulas began to revolve around them.

Someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes directly.

“Red Lotus Fire, descends from the heaven and strikes down these foolish ones ──”

At first glance, they seem to be casting a spell called Meteor Burn.

But to my eyes, it was obvious that someone else is deploying the magic formula instead.

“Meteor Burn!”

A large flaming meteor appeared above our heads and was about to fall on us.

However ──.

“It’s still too slow.”

I raised my palm up and intervened with the magic formula.

…It is just as expected. Although it is a little more powerful, it was so easy to reconfigure the magic formula.

The meteorite that was about to fall on us suddenly reversed direction and fell towards the other party.


“W-Why is the spell we cast heading toward us…!”

As they were screaming, the meteor struck the Imperial Capital party. They were then lifted into the air by the impact and came falling back towards the ground.

“Hmm. It seems that the barrier was also deployed by someone else.”

It was originally powerful enough to kill anyone, but because of the barrier magic, most of the meteor’s killing power was absorbed.

That being said, the representatives of the Imperial Capital are not likely to recover any time soon due to the impact of the hard fall.

“Is this… over?”

“Lara. Don’t let your guard down! They may still come up with something!”

Marise had not released her tension yet and was in a position where she could deploy a magic formula at any time.

“You’re right, Marise. It’s not over yet.”

Well… then.

It is time to take out the real culprit.

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