TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 8 Part 3


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Chapter 8 Part 3

◆ ◆

“I’ve been thinking of it as child’s play… but now I’m running out of patience.”


I had just crushed the twelfth insect today, and I am really starting to get angry for good.

“What’s the matter, Kurt?”

Marise looked at me dubiously.

I guess she did not notice it. Well, it cannot be helped. As for me, I can clearly see the surveillance magic devices that were flying around us.

At first glance, these magic devices look like any normal insect.

However, footage can be transmitted to a distant place through the magic device.

That means someone is using it to keep an eye on us.

But for what purpose?

Are the teachers using it so that students do not fall into danger during the exhibition game?

No. If that were the case, there would be an explanation before the exhibition game even began, but no such explanation was given, and considering the level of civilization of this world, it’s just unthinkable.

”The surveillance magic device is beyond the current civilization’s capabilities…”

In that case.

“Everyone listen up.”

“What’s the matter, Kurt?”

“Even though we’ve been collecting the items at a very good pace…”

Upon hearing that, everyone stopped.

Incidentally… we had stepped into the second floor after obtaining the supreme treasure on the first floor.

Unfortunately, the supreme treasure was a disappointing item for me. It was <<The Fool’s Staff>>. But Marise seemed excited and said, “A-Amazing!! It’s an SSS-rank item!”.

“We’ve got to pull ourselves together here. Stay alert.”

Hearing this, they looked surprised.

“…Kurt. We’ve got <<The Fool’s Staff>> now. It’s already an easy victory.”

“That’s right. I know I shouldn’t let my guard down either, but this is indeed already……”

said Lara and Marise, but I continued in a serious tone of voice.

“Listen to me. Someone has been watching us since a while ago.”


The two responded together.

“Kurt, that means…”

“I mean it as it is. Those surveillance magic devices had been flying around us for a while now. It should be all right now because I destroy it every time I discover one… but probably this was set up by the people from the Imperial Capital.”

“T-That’s… against the rules, isn’t it!?”

Marise is right.

Originally, it was against the rules to intervene from the outside during the exhibition game. For example, receiving help from the teachers. If a teacher intervened, they would lose by disqualification.

If we show them one of the broken surveillance magic devices and point out the rule violation, we might be able to win.

But that would be boring.

That being said… It seems that even in this era, the Imperial Capital is a cowardly one.

And with only one piece of evidence, you never know what kind of excuses they might come up with.


“We are going to take control of the people who are watching us now.”

As I declared this, a surveillance device that looked like an insect flew in at just the right moment.

Lara and Marise didn’t seem to notice it.

“Volt Bird!”

I cast a spell at the flying surveillance tool.

In an instant, the magic formula of the spell that made the electric shock took the form of a bird and headed toward the surveillance tool.

A direct hit would only destroy them.

So… I’m going to get creative this time.

Originally, the surveillance magic device and the relay point are connected by magic power.

The principle is that the magic power becomes a cable that transmits the footage.

In that case.

Through that magic power, it is also possible to send spells to the relay point.

“Kurt. You used magic again… Could it be that there‘s another surveillance magic device again?”

Marise is questioning me, but I will have to explain later.

Because even I have to concentrate a bit more from here on out.

My plan succeeds, and the Volt Bird travels to the relay point through the surveillance magic device.

Doing so, I was also able to observe what is happening on the other side in my mind.

‘What just happened! T-The monitor suddenly…!’

‘What’s going on? Is it malfunctioning!?’

The other side is flustered by the rampaging Volt Bird in the room.

This magic spell called Volt Bird has a certain degree of autonomy and keeps going toward the target.

Some of them are… hmm? There were also teachers from the Imperial Capital. Including the faces that I saw before entering the <<Treasure labyrinth>>… There’s no doubt about that now.

But still… They were quite careless.

It would have been common sense a thousand years ago to reflect spells or magic back to the other side through surveillance magic devices.

That was why one or two jamming spells would be used to prevent that from happening.

‘Hahahahaha! What a surprise! I thought it was only theoretically possible to cast magic through the device but to think that someone could actually make it happen! And that such a monster would appear not from the Empire, but from the Royal Capital!’

Among them.

There was an old man in a robe.


“What’s the matter, Kurt? You seem to have been deep in thought since a while ago.”

I heard Lara’s voice, but rather, I was surprised to see the man in the footage. 

Oh..? He seems to be deploying barrier magic.

Hence, only one of them is able to survive the Volt Bird’s attack.

“Seems like there’s someone who’s a little better than the rest in this world, too.”

“Kurt. What are you mumbling about? Please explain it to us, too!”

At any rate, the situation has been confirmed.

“The people from the Imperial Capital are cheating.”

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