TUS Vol. 1 Chapter 2 Part 1


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Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2 – A Story About The Decisive Battle For Humanity’s Strongest That Broke Out At The Entrance Ceremony

—And so it is time for the entrance ceremony.

This is the building used for the ceremony.

A red carpet was laid out in a space the size of a gymnasium, and chairs were lined up everywhere.

It is said that this place is sometimes used to invite important figures from various countries. With chandeliers and such that can take one’s breath away, the interior looks quite luxurious.

I was born as a member of the Duke’s family, but I’m not a child of the first wife, so in a sense, I’m actually more of a commoner.

Well, like the son of a reasonably wealthy merchant type of commoner.

Incidentally, in my previous life, I was the eighth son of a fallen and poor noble. I was almost sold to a debtor, too. 

Anyway…this is the kind of place where the commoner’s hard-earned money would disappear to.

And then there are the Honour Students class, the Children of Nobility class, and the rest of the classes. Looks like each class has their own seats.

The Honour Students class is at the front, the Children of Nobility class is behind them, and the commoners class is behind the latter.

The red carpet laid on the floor is only up to the Children of Nobility class. We can catch a glimpse of a blatantly class-based society here as well, huh….

I felt melancholy as I turned my gaze towards the VIP seats in the frontmost row, left of the ceremony hall.


“Ah, yes. What is it?”

“To me, it looks like Headmaster Merlin is taking quick glances at me. What does it look like to you?”

“I think so, too”

I knew it.

Hmmm…well, I forced myself to run away for no real reason….

In hindsight, I could have just made the excuse that I just happened to look similar back in the office.

Let’s take the initiative and go talk to her to clear up the misunderstanding after the entrance ceremony has ended.

No, it’s not a misunderstanding, Merlin thinks I’m a blood relative of the Emperor of the Thunder God…well, I suppose I really can use the ‘I look like him’ route.

It’s just that I actually have the same presence, and I was like this when I was younger.

Then why did I run away? I mean, in this day and age, Demons are superior to Humans in the field of magic, and it seems that if you’re the leading figure of the demon race in magic society, you’ll be a target of tremendous amounts of respect and awe.

Hmm, that’s right.

How about this as a cover-up plan?

First, I was surprised when I was suddenly spoken to by such an important person. So not knowing what to do, I ran away. 

Then, later on, I realized how rude I was and decided to talk to her to apologize.

After that, I will just say the first thing that comes to mind. ‘Whoa, it’s such an honor to resemble Merlin-sama’s Master, the Emperor of the Thunder God (in a monotone voice)’, and that’s how I’ll push through using this ‘I look like him’ route….

Yeah, it’s the perfect plan, if I do say so myself.

Ignoring my thoughts there, the entrance ceremony proceeded.

It wasn’t too long before the ceremony moved on to where the representative of the new students was supposed to give a speech, and I was called up by the headmaster.

“Now, representative of the new students—student Ephthal Alcott”


And that’s where I started feeling uncomfortable.

I mean…I knew it…this is bad. Absolutely bad, right? 

It would be bad if I stood up and replied, “Yes”, when someone called Ephthal Alcott, wouldn’t it!?

It would be bad if I, who has the same name as the Emperor of the Thunder God, stood up and replied, “Yes” in this situation where Merlin is paying attention to me, wouldn’t it?

And so, while heading towards the podium, I cautiously looked at Merlin in the VIP seat with a sideway glance—she’s not just taking quick glances anymore, but she’s now gazing at me.

Well, that’s the current situation, isn’t it?

I mean, she’s looking at me as if she’s leaning forward with all her might. She’s really into it right now and is gazing at my face like she’s devouring me.

Ahh…this is not good.

So I finished my new student representative’s speech and returned to my seat.

While I was returning to my seat, I could still feel Merlin’s fervent gaze. And just like that, Merlin continued to stare at me until the ceremony was over….

Well, guess I’ve caught Merlin’s interest, haven’t I?

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