TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 3 Part 3


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Chapter 3 Part 3

Well…my self-introduction took a little longer than expected, but the following ones went on without any issue.

“I’m Lara! Everyone, please let us all be friends!”

“I’m Marise. Nice to meet you all”

Among all the self-introductions, Lara and Marise were the ones who attracted the most attention.

Guess it can’t be helped.

In the exam, Lara and Marise’s magic was clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

That’s probably why they’re getting so much attention.

“Well then. Now that all 30 of you have finished introducing yourselves, there’s something that I need to tell everyone here. Let’s talk about that for today then call it a day”

Putting her hands on the lectern, Erika-sensei continued in a more serious tone.

“I suppose all of you are also aware that there’s a dungeon called 《Treasure Labyrinth》 on the grounds of this school”

A Labyrinth, huh…that sounds nostalgic.

“The 《Treasure Labyrinth》 is an underground dungeon. There are different types of monsters living there and many treasures that no one has touched yet. Even though you’re first-year students, if you have met certain conditions, then you can challenge the 《Treasure Labyrinth》 and train your skills there. This is one of the main selling points of Rosanlila Magic Academy”

said Erika-sensei proudly.

These dungeons called Labyrinths existed a thousand years ago, too.

I often went into these dungeons to collect materials for making magic tools and to kill some time.

For example, in my previous life, the 《Sorlahese Great Labyrinth》 that I’ve traversed and spent three days in there, has 1000 layers underground.

It was just a Labyrinth, but it was quite enjoyable at the time.

“It’s said that the 《Treasure Labyrinth》, which is classified as a ‘Great Labyrinth’, has up to 100 layers. Moreover, no one has ever set foot in the lowest layer. It’s a Labyrinth that’s still shrouded in mystery”

For me, a Labyrinth with just 100 layers is a rather small Labyrinth, but…well, let’s just keep my mouth shut here, and not make a scene again.

“In two month’s time, within that same 《Treasure Labyrinth》, an exhibition game will be held with the Disaria Magic Academy from the Empire’s imperial capital. Do any of you know about that?”

When Sensei asked, about half of the students in the class raised their hands.

Among them was Marise.

“Then allow me to elaborate a little on the exhibition game. To put it simply, it’s a friendly competition game with the Disaria Magic Academy. Each magic academy will have three representatives and dive into the Labyrinth as a team. Those teams will then compete with each other to see who can obtain the most materials and treasures within a time limit”

Oh? There’s an event like that? 

“Basically, it’s held for the purpose of having a good competitive spirit and strengthening the relationship between us…but for the past few years, we, the Rosanlila Magic Academy, have been losing to Disaria Magic Academy from the Imperial Capital. If we lose this year as well, it will be the first time in our history to have a 10-time losing streak”

So, they keep losing, huh? 

Anyway…the Empire’s imperial capital was destroyed by the demon, Vonbax, 1000 years ago.

But seems like, over the years, they managed to succeed in their restoration efforts.

There were many nobles that I disliked in the Empire, so even just remembering them made me feel sick.

“We want to win at all costs this year! Let’s put an end to this disgraceful losing streak! That’s why we need everyone here to help out too!”

With fervor, Sensei slammed her hands down on the lectern.

But—a question started to arise in my mind.

“Isn’t it a little strange to have so many consecutive losses? Is the standard between the Rosanlila Magic Academy and the Empire’s Disaria Magic Academy really that far off?”, I asked.

Hearing that, Sensei clenched her teeth and replied,

“No…I don’t think there’s that big of a difference in the skills itself…it’s just that, we couldn’t win due to unfortunate circumstances”

Unfortunate circumstances?

Somehow, this is kind of fishy.

It’s the cowardly Empire after all. There’s the possibility that they did something.

…No, my conventional wisdom about the Empire being cowardly is from 1000 years ago.

They may be different in this era. Besides, it’s not good to be prejudiced.

“But, I think we can win this year. After all, this year’s batch of first-year students is excellent. Everyone…let us win the upcoming exhibition game!!”

“Are the first-year students going to be selected as the representatives?”

“Most of them are in their third-year…but if there are any outstanding first-year students, they’ll be selected. And for this year, I think one of them is definitely going to be selected”

While Sensei was talking, I noticed she took a glance at me.

Oh well, I guess that’s fine.

To become a representative, I’ll have to accumulate achievements first.

And I have no intention of losing.

She said it’s for the sake of having a good relationship with the other magic academy, but a competition is still a competition.

Only a complete victory will be considered a win.

After Sensei’s talk was over, I was about to leave the classroom but then, Lara came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Kurt! May I have a moment?”

“What is it?”

“I have a favor to ask of you. Please…teach me some magic!”

said Lara as she has her clenched fist in front of her chest while giving me an intense gaze.

“What made you suddenly say that?” 

“After listening to what Sensei said just now…I’m motivated now like a fire has been lit! And besides, it was all thanks to Kurt for helping me with the exam. I don’t think I’m strong enough yet…”

“I don’t think that’s true”

“It’s true! That’s why…I want to learn from Kurt to hone my skills in magic. So—please, Kurt! No matter how hard the training is, I’ll endure it!


She’s a good child of great ambition.

I don’t hate children like her.

“Include me as well, please”

Just as I was thinking about my reply, Marise also came over and asked something similar to Lara’s.

“Marise, too?”

“Yes. I’ve yet to give up on my goal to graduate from this school as a valedictorian. So I thought it would be best to learn from you”

“So, you’re trying to imply that…you want to steal my knowledge on magic from me?”

“You can think of it that way, too”

There seems to be a fire in Marise’s eyes as well.


Great, I’m in trouble.

A thousand years ago, no one would dare tell me that.

Even if they did, they were only pretending so that they could cut off my head when I slept.

That’s why—when someone makes requests like these two, I get confused and uncertain on how to respond.

Because of that,

“I don’t think I can do it?”, I replied.

Was I too quiet? 

Lara looked up at me with an uneasy look on her face and her head tilted to one side.


“Will it be better if we display our abilities?”

Marise who was standing at the side intervened.

“Whether we deserve to have you teach us magic or not…. We fought against each other in the entrance exam, but if you can’t tell by that alone, I’ll show you my full capability. With that, I’m sure I can convince you” 

“Me too, me too! I’m not confident…but I’ll do my best!”

Apparently, this has become a misunderstanding as they thought I’m thinking it’s not worth teaching them magic.


“Why are you laughing!?”

Isn’t this interesting?

“All right, I understand. Let’s have a little test. And if the two of you pass, I’ll teach both of you magic”

“Yay!! I’ll do my best”

“What’s the matter with you, Lara? He hasn’t decided to teach us yet”

“Ehehe, you’re right”

Marise calmly interjected, but Lara’s cheeks were already forming at the end of a broad smile. 

“So…what’s the test?”

“I’m thinking of going to the 《Treasure Labyrinth》 that Sensei was talking about earlier. So I’ll take a look at your aptitudes there”

At those words, Lara and Marise’s expressions tensed up.

“Eh…in the…《Treasure Labyrinth》…? Isn’t it dangerous for us to suddenly go in there as first-year students?”

“As long as I’m around, you’re safe. And didn’t you hear? Three representatives will be selected for the exhibition game. Therefore…no, from now on, I want Lara and Marise to join me as a party for subjugating the Labyrinth”


They both exclaimed in unison.

It’s more efficient to train Lara and Marise this way, so let’s add them to the party anyway. I prefer this over being in a situation where I don’t know who I’ll be partnered with.

Besides, I’ve gotten tired of subjugating Labyrinths all by myself 1000 years ago

In that case—it might be interesting to try subjugating a Labyrinth with a party in this era.

“It kind of surprises me”

“What does that supposed to mean?”

“You don’t seem to like company, parties, or anything of the sort. I thought you’d prefer getting everything done by yourself”

What is she talking about?

It’s not like I like being alone.

I also wanted to make friends in my previous life, but that failed.

Fearing my power, the people around me all left.

“I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to party with you two…but for the time being, we’ll be working together. And therefore, nice to meet you”

“Yeah! Likewise, nice to meet you, Marise-chan!”

said Lara, offering her hand out to Marise, but—

“I-I don’t need friends! But…if I could form a party with Kurt, I could see his magic up close. I also don’t want to form a party with a liability from here on out…just for clarification, we are not friends, I’m just joining you guys because of the benefits. Please don’t misunderstand here” 

said Marise coldly, turning her back on Lara.

“I-I see…I guess we won’t just suddenly get along. At any rate, let’s make lots of fun memories from now on as we get along with each other!”

Hmm. Marise is a very ambitious child as well, huh?

With that being said, Lara is also mentally strong. It’s a valuable trait to have her maintain such a cheery tone, even when Marise acted like that to her.

“Anyway…the forming of the party will have to wait until the test is over. So come on, let’s get going!”

“Eh? Where to?”

I think that should be obvious by now.

“It’s the Labyrinth”

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