TUS Vol. 2 Chapter 2 Part 5


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Chapter 2 Part 5


And the next day ──

・Regarding Ephthal Alcott’s Misconduct

The blackboard was filled with various accusations and charges under the title of ‘Ephthal Alcott’s Misconduct’.

In summary ──

・Repeatedly disrupting classes

・Retaliated against being warned for disrupting classes by suddenly attacking the education officer from behind during a mock battle between the student and the education officer, causing injury

It was a headache-inducing read.

As Anastasia, Maria, and I stood speechless, the education officer laughed triumphantly and said,

“Hahaha! Therefore, Ephthal, you are ordered to be suspended.”

“Um, er… that’s too harsh! It’s baseless!”

Despite Anastasia’s protest, the education officer showed no remorse.

“This guy defied me. Isn’t that a fact?”

Yeah, this person is beyond hopeless. I cannot understand why someone this stupid is an education officer. Well, Merlin did say he was someone to be wary of.

“In other words, during the mock battle between student Maria and me, he attacked me from behind and injured me.”

“As Anastasia said, there’s no such fact!”

“Facts don’t matter. If I say it’s black, even if it’s white, it’s black. I don’t need students who defy me. And you girls…?”

The education officer looked at Anastasia and Maria alternately and smiled vulgarly.

“Those who showed an attitude of protecting this guy are also guilty. Well, if you come to my room tonight in your underwear and pour me a drink, I might forgive you.”

“Hey, are you serious about that!?”

“What’s with the way you guys have been talking to me since earlier? You’ve been so defiant towards me. I’m definitely going to make you serve me in your underwear! At least, choose some sexy underwear to please me.”


“Well, I might make you do other things besides serving me drinks. Hahaha!”

This person is truly horrible. The fact that he can do such things without any sense of guilt means that it has been allowed to happen until now. In other words, the style of using one’s position to assert authority has been effective up until now.

Thus, if he can intimidate and subjugate his victims through violence, injustice, and fear, then it is a done deal. Probably, this is how he has created only young boys and girls who simply obey his orders, completely bound by fear and intimidation. Naturally, there should be more than just one or two victims.

I see. This is something that cannot be simply ignored. As someone who had taken on apprentices, I was also partially an educator.

At that moment, Maria stood up and tried to attack the education officer with bulging veins in her temple ── I grabbed her arm.

“Stop it, Maria.”

“…Ephthal? What’s wrong with… your atmosphere?”

Ignoring Maria’s curious gaze, I spoke like I was spitting out the words on the spot.

“From here on out, I’ll handle it.”

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