TUS Vol. 2 Chapter 2 Part 6


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Chapter 2 Part 6


── In the faculty dorm at night. I knocked on the door of the education officer’s room.

“Is Maria there, or is it Anastasia?”

The doorknob clicked.

“Hehe, I can be a nice guy if you listen to me, you know? You’re wearing the sexy underwear I told you to, right ── GUKYAA!

As soon as the door opened, the education officer was punched in the nose. It felt like his nose bone broke… Damn, that was gross. My fist is covered in blood.

“Er… as a rule of the jock system, when pointing out a senior’s mistake, do it secretly later so as not to embarrass them, right?”

I kicked the education officer’s stomach as he rolled on the floor.

“GUGYOHA!”, with a strange sound, he vomited blood and stomach acid on the spot.

“Well, as you requested, I came here secretly without pointing it out on the spot so as not to embarrass you, didn’t I?”

“Y-You… brat…!”

Oh? It seems that he did not learn anything in the training room. He is starting to cast attack magic.

“Level 4: Crushing Wind Formation, Dead Pressure!”

“That’s a very sloppy use of magic power.”

When I snapped my fingers, the education officer’s magic power dispersed.

The education officer, whose spell had been forcibly dispelled midway through, tilted his head in disbelief and opened his eyes wide.

“Huh? What? Who are you, really? Why doesn’t my magic work ── Level 4: Crushing Wind Formation, Dead Pressure!”

An attack out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation… another surprise attack. When I snapped my fingers, the education officer’s magic power, once again, dispersed.

“Unfortunately, but your magic doesn’t work on me.”

The education officer then gasped, “That’s a lie!”

“Such a thing, such a thing…! To dispel magic just by snapping your fingers… such a thing is impossible, even for Headmaster Merlin!”

“Unfortunately, I’m beyond Merlin.”

“That’s impossible…?”

“It’s like training a poorly behaved dog. Merlin told me that it’s okay to beat you up if you play rough.”

“What are you talking about..?”

“Until now, you’ve been skillfully covering up criminal acts against students, haven’t you? Oh, and it seems like the magic academy is an extraterritorial institution. They have the authority to use force and administer punishment, apparently.”

“W-Wh-What… does it matter? Even so, there’s no way a mere student has the power to enforce punishment ──”

And so, I stepped on the thigh of the crawling education officer.


“Merlin and I have some circumstances. She asked me to train the dog, you know? That means I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t kill you.”

I stepped on the other thigh.


“I’ll tell you the reason for this punishment. I confirmed several charges myself. First is the abuse of students in mock battles. Second, you used level 4 magic in the mock battles, which is considered a dangerous act, and attempted to inflict serious injury.”


I stepped on his back immediately.


“Next is the attempted indecent assault on female students…”

I kicked his head like a soccer ball.


“Only two days, and this is what you’ve done. You must have been hiding it well until now… Good grief, why someone like you is an education officer is beyond my understanding. Well, anyway, you’ll get a nice scolding from Merlin later.”

I stepped on his head and pressed hard against the ground.


“Oh, by the way, when you speak with that dirty mouth of yours, make sure to start with ‘May I speak?’ and end with ‘That’s all’.”


“It’s supposed to be ‘May I speak?’, isn’t it!?”

I kicked him in the side, and he made a funny noise.

“From now on, you only have one job for the next month during the training camp. Just sit at the teacher’s desk in the classroom. I can’t trust you, so I’ll create lesson plans for Anastasia and Maria.”

“…M-Ma… May I speak?”

“What is it?”

“I understand your orders… That’s all.”

“Good,” I nodded.

Finally, it seemed that this guy clearly understood his situation. Once you teach this kind of person about hierarchy and fear, they become completely obedient… In a way, they’re easy to handle.

“Don’t waste my time on training a dog, okay?”

As I tried to leave the room, I turned back as if I had forgotten something.

“From now on, you don’t need to say, ‘May I speak?’ or ‘That’s all’ anymore.”

“Eh…? Why… is that so?”

Then I grinned and said,

“Obviously, it’s because it’s frankly troublesome and makes the conversation longer.”

The education officer drooped his head and muttered weakly, “I understand,” in response to my words.

I thought the matter was settled and began heading back to my room, but I ran into a bothersome guy.

“Oh…? It’s you. Can we talk for a bit?”

“…It’s late, and I must return to my room. If you have something to say, we can talk tomorrow… Now, if you will excuse me.”

As I tried to leave without further discussion, Sasha chuckled.

“My midnight is your daytime, and this body isn’t suited for the logic of the human world… Oh well.”

As I tried to pass by Sasha and return to my room, he grabbed my arm.

“Wait a minute. I didn’t notice it before, but…”

“What is it?”

“Why is a ferocious tiger hiding among the fledglings?”

“…I’m having trouble understanding the intent behind your words?”

“How about it? Want to come to the training room with me? There hasn’t been anyone to spar with me seriously for four hundred years… you seem quite interesting.”

Sasha’s golden eyes shone, and cold sweat ran down my back. I then decided to shift my focus on myself and move away from the situation as quickly as possible. He probably sensed my presence and approached me.

“I really can’t figure out your intentions?”

Then Sasha tilted his head.

“Are you really a fledgling, after all…? Hahaha, sorry, sorry. It’s not like there’s a tiger lurking around here. My eyesight has been getting worse lately.”

“Well then, excuse me.”

“By the way, young one? I think you have some kind of split personality, but you’re the child prodigy Merlin was talking about, right? I was invited to this training camp because I heard I could see something interesting.”

What an annoying person. Anyway, it is not mentally healthy to deal with someone like this.

“So, shall we have a match, young one?”

I am in trouble now. What should I do? It is too much for Sasha to handle me as Ephthal.


When I stayed silent, Sasha laughed and continued down the hallway.

“That said, it’s already midnight. Growing children need their sleep… It’s not good to be disturbed. I’ll back off for today, but this training camp seems like it will be quite enjoyable. I’ll personally teach you some moves when the time is right.”

“Please go easy on me when that happens.”

With that, I retreated to my room. When I finally got back to my room, my shirt was soaked through and through.

“I really can’t stand that person, after all…”

I slumped down, feeling dejected.

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