TUS Vol. 2 Prologue


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It was lunch break at the magic academy.

I had bought lunch from a stall outside and was sitting on a bench devouring a roast beef sandwich.

As I was thinking that the food from the stall was delicious, my classmate Maria came to sit right beside me.

This blonde girl with twin-tail hair is an elf exchange student.

She has a cute face, a little over 140 centimeters, and has piercing eyes. But she seems to be a pretty outstanding student and is one of the top first-year students like me.

Well, she is aggressive towards those around her, so she seems to be isolated in the class.

“Hey, human? I wonder if you’ve ever heard of the Grand Jade Medal?”

She brushed one of her twin-tail hair up with her right hand, stretching out her small chest.

“Grand Jade Medal? What is that?”

“It’s a medal of honor given to only a few mage students per year at this magic academy for their exceptional achievements”

“Oh, I see”

Then Maria stood up firmly right in front of me with her feet set apart.

“You! Join me!”


She continued to speak to me in an unwavering tone.

“You have potential. And I’m not saying it’s for free. If you join me… I will certainly take you with me”

“Take me where?”

“The honor of being a mage student ── the jade realm. Well, from now on, you as a member of the class representatives and with me as the leader, you will be useful to me”

To tell the truth, normally, I would be wondering what the heck this girl is talking about.

But I happened to know what she was referring to. Because the other day ──

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