THSK Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Part 5


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Chapter 1 Part 5


Three people from the Kingdom of Leshfeld, excluding Flegel, who is not present here, have decided to come together with me to the Vulcan Empire. All three of them seem to be somewhat prepared, and I cannot help but doubt if it is really happening… It was a story that seemed too good to be true.

No, just being able to return to this period itself feels like a dream. Opportunities for a fresh start are not something you come across often. Especially a fresh start in life, which is something ordinary people can never experience.

―― Under normal circumstances, we should not have been able to see each other again.

With a serious expression, Mia started speaking after contemplating everything up to this point.

“So, I understand everyone’s situation, but what about Flegel?”

After everything else was settled, Mia brought up that topic.

“Of course, I want to invite him. Since everyone here is going to the Empire together, it wouldn’t feel right to exclude Flegel and not tell him about this.”

“I see. You’re right.”

However, being a noble, he has some obligations and ties.

He is the fourth son of the Viscount Margneuer family. He will not inherit the title, but he is still a noble. Taking him to the Empire is much more challenging than bringing the friends here who do not hold a noble status.

“Aldia, what do you think about persuading Flegel? I believe it will be difficult.”

said Ambros. His words carried weight, causing everyone’s expression to darken.

“Indeed, Flegel being a noble makes it difficult to bring him to another country.”


“Nevertheless, I am convinced that he will come.”

Flegel had mentioned in the past that he had not decided on what to do after graduating from the military academy.

―― There is hope.

“I absolutely want Flegel to come to the Empire.”

“I understand your feelings, but Ambros is right. Just being a noble makes it a challenging situation. What do you think about that?”

“You’re right. Normally, that’s what one would think…”

“Is that not the case?”

“Steano is right, and I don’t disagree. However, in Flegel’s case, he has many brothers who can inherit the family’s title. Moreover, the possibility of Flegel clinging to his noble status is quite low.”

Indeed, Flegel would never cling to life in the Kingdom.

I could not present clear evidence for it at this moment, but I knew what was particularly important to him.

If time were to progress as it is, Flegel would undoubtedly have a tragic future.

“Why are you so sure about that?”

Petra approaches me aggressively, but I calmly respond.

“Flegel must have something more important to him than his social status.”

“Something more important than his social status?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

What is the factor that deals significant damage to Flegel’s heart?

It is being separated from his beloved.

Due to the deteriorating relations with the Empire, Flegel’s engagement eventually fell through. He truly loved his fiancée, but she was a noble of the Empire. That was why the engagement was dissolved. And he sank into despair.

The answer derived from that situation is quite simple.

The most important thing to Flegel is the connection with his beloved fiancée. His heart will undoubtedly waver if we can fulfill the condition of reestablishing that bond.

―― If he goes to the Empire, he might be able to rebuild his connection with his fiancée.

That would be a significant advantage for him. Even if he has to discard his noble status, it is something he would want to obtain.

“I have confidence in persuading him. He will definitely come.”

“Pheeew~! You’re so reliable, Al!”

Upon hearing Mia’s teasing voice, Petra’s expression changes abruptly.

“Hey, the graduation ceremony is about to start…”

With Petra’s reminder, we snap back to reality.

Looking at the clock tower inside the academy, it was almost time for the graduation ceremony.

“You’re right…”

―― Is it already that time?

“Let’s go to the venue for now.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with Ambros’s opinion.

“If we’re late, even the teachers will scold us~. By the way, Steano, weren’t you called to the student counseling office yesterday again? Haha, that’s so funny!”

“Hey, Mia, weren’t you also grilled by the teacher for forgetting to submit your final assignment? Don’t just single me out.”

“Hey, you two! We can talk about that later. Hurry up!”

Today is the graduation ceremony at Filnots Military Academy.

Afterwards, there will still be intense developments awaiting us.

As for persuading Flegel, let’s deal with that after settling other matters. For now, let’s focus on the immediate tasks. Because right after the graduation ceremony, we will be thrown into chaos when the second prince of the Kingdom of Leshfeld, Yuri Leto Leshfeld, breaks off his engagement with Princess Valtrune ――

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