Chapter 1 – Memories Of The Past Life

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Dean Nosferatu.

It’s the ‘Immortal Mage’ who has lived for 200 years, and the ‘Vampire King’ who uses blood as a medium for his magic.

And it was the name of the ‘Lone Demon King who dwells in the deep mountains’.

No one knows when the mage was born.

All we know is that he lives in an ancient castle on the frontier of the country and continues his research in an unknown way.

As the name of the immortality suggests, he doesn’t grow old even after lived for 200 years.

It is also said that he has monsters as his underlings that secretly scouts the world.

The enigmatic ‘Immortal Mage’ Dean.

That’s what they called me, and I was finally coming to the end of my life.

“I’m surprised you even made it this far. Lyle Carmine”

I said to the one who came in from the door.

This is my, Dean Nosferatu’s home. It’s the innermost room.

It was a large stone room with a carpet on the floor.

“………so here you are. The Demon King……Dean Nosferatu”

The person who came in was a young man.

He appears to be in his late twenties and clutching a sword with both hands.

He was wearing a cloth suit and leather armor. His hair is scraggly, and his stubble is growing out.

Perhaps he has not slept for a long time. His eyes were sunken and there were dark circles around them.

He is too shabby to be called the Hero.

The only respectable thing is the holy sword he holds.

But there’s no doubt that he came here with a resolve.

I’ll have to do something about that.

“The ‘Sanctuary Church’ dog. You’re trembling. Aren’t you a Hero?”


“You don’t even know how to hold a sword properly and you also seem to be nervous. Even so, you really think you can kill this ‘Lone Demon King’ Dean Nosferatu?”


“Come, Lyle Carmine, the Hero! This Dean Nosferatu will do his best to deal with you!”


“What’s wrong? Are you a coward? And yet you a Hero!!”

“…………fu, fu, fufufufufufufu!”


“Damn ittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lyle slammed the holy sword on the floor and shouted.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn ittttttt!!!!!! What is this farce!!”

“It’s a farce”

“Damn it, my lord!! Why do I have to kill you!!”

“Don’t cry, you idiot. Hurry up and pick up your sword. Stick to the narrative, Lyle”

“……my lord”

“I thought we have decided to do this? In order to convince the ‘Sanctuary Church’ that you, the village chief, kill Dean Nosferatu with the name of ‘Immortal Mage’ ‘Vampire King’ ‘Lone Demon King’”

“What the hell is with the ‘Vampire King’? You’ve never ever sucked blood!”


I’ve never called myself ‘Vampire’ in the first place.

But I’m certainly not a human being.

I don’t know when I was born.

Before I knew it, I was already wandering the world in this form.

The reason I’m not getting older is because I have a strong ability to absorb the magic drifting around the world. I couldn’t do anything about it because it was an innate ability. My blood has magic power hundreds of times greater than that of humans.

It’s something that circulates around inside my body and keeps me from aging or from getting ill.

The reason they called me a ‘Vampire’ was because I used my own blood as a research material for magic.

My blood has a mass amount of magic power, and it was the perfect catalyst for magic.

I came to this land about 150 years ago.

Before that, I had been on the run for 50 years. Honestly, I don’t want to remember it.

I consider finding this old castle on the frontier to be the greatest blessing I’ve ever had in my life.

From then on, it was peaceful.

There were easygoing people living under the mountain where the old castle was located, and they accepted me normally.

Before I knew it, I became the guardian deity of the village and quietly continued my research on magic.

I thought that such a life would go on forever….

But a plague changed everything.

“You’ve done nothing wrong, my lord!”

Lyle clenched his fists and burst into tears.

“You are the guardian deity of our village, our ageless parents, our family, our lord, our teachers! You didn’t even do anything wrong. Why do you have to die!”

“Don’t cry and stop yelling. You’re a village chief and the parent of a child”

“This would not have happened if it hadn’t been for the ‘death disease’ epidemic! You only protected our village, but those people from the ‘Sanctuary Church’………!!”


Lyle has always been a crybaby.

The ‘death disease’ is a disease that began to spread a year ago.

When infected, black crest would appear on both arms, causing high fever and even death. It seems that thousands of people had died in the royal capital of this country.

The ‘Sanctuary Church’, a powerful religious group in this country seems to be having a hard time dealing with it.

They preached that if you repent of your sins then you will be cured and told the patients to purify their body with holy water and provided them with food.

Even so, the number of deaths did not decrease, and it is said that there was not enough land to bury the dead in the royal capital.

Despite that, the ‘Sanctuary Church’ wasn’t criticized.

They did their best, so neither the people nor I have anything to complain about.

The problem is that there were no deaths in our village.

In the ‘Fila Village’ where Lyle is, I did a thorough infection control.

First of all, as soon as I heard the rumor of the ‘death disease’, I quarantined those suspected to be infected in this castle.

I knew from the past experience that epidemics are often airborne.

Even if it was a slight fever, I kept them away from the others, and I took care of them until their fever went down.

I can’t be infected by the human disease, so it was a great way to take care of them.

The villagers wore filters made of ‘Ranimaru’s grass’ that could purify the air.

Of course, I also made sure to wash my hands thoroughly.

As a result, there were only five infected people in the village and zero deaths.

Only Alice, Lyle’s daughter, who had the most severe symptoms, had to be treated with my blood, and her condition was improving.

She is fine now and had went back to the village.

However, on the contrary, the village was aimed by the ‘Sanctuary Church’ as there were no deaths.

The priests of the ‘Sanctuary Church’ summoned the village chief, Lyle and questioned him.

“How come there were no deaths in your village?”, he asked.

They knew me.

And I, the monster, was just right for them to lay the blame on.

They said,

The ‘Immortal Mage’, Dean Nosferatu, may have spread the ‘death disease’.

They believe that the reason why no one died in the ‘Fila Village’ was because the ‘Immortal Mage’ used his evil magic to turn the villagers into his underlings.

The ‘Sanctuary Church’ ordered the villagers in ‘Fila Village’,

‘If you are not the servants of evil magic, kill Dean Nosferatu with this holy sword. This will prove that ‘Fila Village’ is innocent’, he said.

With the approval of the royal family.

They handed over a deed that if I’m killed, the ‘Fila Village’ will become innocent.

To made sure of that, they sent their ‘Holy Knights’ to the village.

So that when Lyle fails to kill me, they would punish the villagers.

As a result, the village chief, Lyle came to kill me.

“Why me——why me! I have to kill my precious lord!! You are the most important family we have!!”

“Hey, Lyle”

“What should I say to my daughter Alice……she won’t even listen to me when she tells me that she’s going to be your wife……”

“That girl is still young…. When she grows up, you’ll have to find a human partner for her”

“Please, my lord. Just run away……. As for the ‘Sanctuary Church’, we’ll try to cover it up. Beyond the old castle is mountain. Those guys from the ‘Sanctuary Church’ can’t chase you that far. If they decided to come after you, we’ll fight to stop them, so!”

“Do you even know what kind of organization the ‘Sanctuary Church’ is?”


See? All quiet now.

The ‘Sanctuary Church’ is a powerful group that monopolizes the powerful ‘Ancient Magic’ and ‘Ancient Artifacts’.

Lyle should know what will happen when you make enemies of them.

“If you let me go, you’ll be in a position where you’ll be hunted. The surrounding villages and towns will also become the enemies of ‘Fila Village’”


“That’s enough. Give up and kill me. Lyle Carmine”

Time is running out.

Footsteps are approaching. There are probably a lot of Holy Knights.

Because this is a small castle. I guess that’s the limit of how much time the people in the village can buy.


The door of the room opened and the holy knights of the ‘Sanctuary Church’ rushed in.

“The ‘Lone Demon King’, Dean Nosferatu!” “We, the Holy Knights, will hammer you down!”


In response to the Holy Knight’s voice, Lyle held up the holy sword.

——Now’s the time.

“Foolish holy knights, do you think that you can defeat this Dean Nosferatu! For starters, I’m going to give this villager a bloodbath!!”

I jumped up to the air.

Lyle looked at me with his eyes wide open.

And I fell on top of Lyle.

—Just as my heart hit the tip of the sword—

And then—

“——this hurt more than I expected”

Lyle’s holy sword pierced my chest.

Well done.

“……’My Lord’ ……you”

“……don’t cry, you idiot”

Well, it wasn’t a bad life.

I never had children, but I did have a family of sorts.

Though I failed in the end.

After failing to live in hiding, being spotted by a huge organization, and being cornered helplessly….

But it’s okay. That’s enough.

“……after making me go through so much trouble. Don’t waste it. This is good. You get it right?”

“…………u, uaa”

Lyle nodded silently at my final instruction. Good.

I pushed Lyle on the shoulder and backed away from him.

“…………as expected of a Hero”

I said.

At that moment, blood gushed out of my mouth.

It hurts. Really.

After all, I wasn’t immortal just because I don’t grow old.

I will bleed if I’m stabbed with a sword, and if I’m fatally wounded……I will die.

My consciousness fades away……as my vision……becomes blurry.

I can’t get a good look at the blood-soaked Lyle and his holy sword.

……Lyle. You still have something to do. Don’t be in a daze.

Get ready. Take a breath and shout. Now.

”……well, the evil mage Dean Nosferatu has been defeated by the village chief Lyle Carmine of the ‘Fila Village’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Good job, Lyle.

I’ll leave the rest to you.

That’s all for my role.

I will do what I need to do next……

(…….deploying magic. Freeing the soul from the body….)

I activated the magic that I had prepared.

I knew this was going to happen, so I had a plan in place for what to do next.

There’s a bat……by the window.

For now, I’m separating my soul from this body and transfer it into a familiar bat.

By doing so, I will continue to live on in it.


Damn. I’m losing consciousness faster than I thought…….

The magic of transferring soul……is good……use…….

……it failed?

There’s no helping it……huh.

I’ve failed a lot. I really did.

I should have known more about humans. Before this happens.

That way, I wouldn’t have to involve the peace of Lyle and the others.

If there’s a next time, I’m going to study human properly, and live like them—

“—Do you want to reincarnate?”

There was a voice.

“You——have met the requirements for the reincarnation”

“——Thus, reincarnation is possible”

“Will you reincarnate——into this world again?”

(……if possible)

I replied unconsciously.

“I’ve confirmed your consent”

The voice slowly fades away.

No, it’s my consciousness that’s fading away.

‘I will reincarnate you as a human being’

And at the end of that voice, I lost consciousness——

“……see you”

I don’t know if I uttered those last words myself, or if it was just a thought.

It seemed like Lyle just nodded at it.

Even now, I still don’t know.

That’s what I remembered on my 10 years old birthday.

It’s been 3 years since I regained the memories of my past life. I’m 13 years old now.

I was reborn as the second son of a Baron family and continue to live on as it is.

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