Chapter 2 – The Former Demon King, Confirming His Past Life’s Skills


Chapter 2 – The Former Demon King, Confirming His Past Life’s Skills

Yuuki Grossalia, the second son of the Baron family.

That’s my name now.

3 years has passed since I got my memories back and I’m finally getting used to the memories of my past life together with my current one.

I was the ‘The Immortal Mage’ Dean Nosferatu, and now I’m the second son of the Baron family, Yuuki Grossalia.

I’m able to accept either memory calmly.

“But then again… what was that voice from that time?”

I remembered what happened before I reincarnated.

Getting stabbed by Lyle was a part of my plan. So I was wondering about what happened after I was killed.

I gave some of my blood to a familiar bat in advance so that it could adapt to my magic.

I was supposed to transfer my soul into that bat after I got stabbed by Lyle.

……But it failed miserably.

It was my first time using that magic and it was also the first time I died.

There’s nothing I could do after the magic failed.

I heard that voice after my soul transfer magic failed.

“……do you want to reincarnate?” said by that voice, and then I lost my consciousness.

Next thing I know, I was reborn as a human being.

Who reincarnated me? God? But is there really such a thing?

I’ve lived for 200 years in my past life and I’ve never encounter such a being. If there really was a God, there’d be no need for me to be reincarnated.

I have no idea.

At the moment, there is no way to find out about that.

”…how much time has passed since then?”

I sat down on a chair in my room.

The room has a desk, a chair, and a bed. On my desk, there’s a book about the etiquette of an aristocrat. Hanging on the wall is a wooden sword that I use to practice swordplay with my father.

When I stand in front of the mirror, I could see the reflected image of myself.

Black hair, black eyes. The looks… well not bad, I guess. I don’t look very strong, but that’s normal for a 13-year-old me.

My height is a bit short compared to the others from the same age group.

This is me now, the second son of the Grossalia Baron family, Yuuki Grossalia.

This is the estate of the Grossalia Baron family. It’s a long distance from the royal capital as it is located at the countryside.

The Grossalia Baron family has three children.

Xellos onii-sama, his legitimate son, my little sister Lumia. And me, Yuuki.

I have the blood of an illegitimate wife. A bastard child.

My father was Baron Georg Grossalia. His first wife, Lady Telemia, died shortly after giving birth to Lumia. Neither I nor Lumia can remember her face. The only other people in this mansion are the servants.

……Ah, there is one exception.

I’m a bastard child anyway, the son of an illegitimate wife, therefore I have no right to inherit the Baron family.

So, I’m going to have to decide what I should do soon.

Should I leave the house and enroll into a school somewhere, or should I become an adventurer?

“…Before that, I should learn more about humans”

Dean Nosferatu tried to blend into the human world but failed completely.

Before he took up residence in the old castle, he was ostracized as a monster, and after he took up residence in the old castle, he helped the villagers of the ‘Feela Village’ as their guardian deity.

That’s what happened.

I wasn’t a human in my past life.

And I’m not really a human now either.

Even after I’ve reincarnated, the skills from my past life are still intact. The blood too, still is a ‘magical blood’ that contains a large amount of magic power.

Perhaps after I get past the growth period, I probably won’t age as well.

Eventually, I’m sure I’ll deviate from the human world.

So in this life, I will try to master the art of ‘pretending to be human’.

In my childhood, I studied what it means to be a human.

When I stop growing and no longer age, I will use the results of my research so far to somehow blend in with the humans.

”Let’s use magic for that purpose. To get to know the humans and blend in with them”

‘Kii Kii’

Before I knew it, I heard a beast’s voice coming from outside the window.

It’s a bat.

“Did you come from the mountains?”


The bat doesn’t run away even after I opened the window and called out to it.

For a long time, the bats always got attracted to me.

That’s how I got the nickname ‘Vampire King’.

“Good timing. Would you be willing to accompany me on my magic experiments?”


“Hold on a minute”

I scratched my fingertips with a dagger.

I hold out my bloody finger in front of the bat.

“This is my blood. It’s called as ‘magical blood’ and it contains a large amount of magic power. Drink this and you will become my underling and gain wisdom and power. What will you do?”


The bat stuck out its tongue and licked the blood on my finger.

The scar on my finger will soon disappear.

Because of its ability to purify, so it’s also perfect for sterilization.

‘…Nice to meet you, master’

The bat said.

No one but me can understand the speech of the bat, other people can only hear ‘Kii Kii’ sound.

“I’m grateful for receiving this power. It is amazing. Thanks to master’s blood, we are able to talk like this. It’s very convenient, so please accept my regards”

It’s a success. Even after I’ve reincarnated, my ‘Magical Blood’ is still effective.

Just as in my past life, I can make them my servant by giving them my blood.

However, they will not become my servant without giving me their consent, I also do not have complete control over my servants. It is just something like ‘I will give you some magic power, but in return, please help me out’.

Despite that, people were still wary of me in my past life. Even though I don’t suck blood, that’s something only a vampire would do.

“I’ve also just awakened to the power. I’ll be counting on you”

I stroked the bat’s head.

“It’s a bit of a sudden, but do you know of a place where I could experiment with magic?”

‘Would you like to go to the mountain behind the mansion which is also the place I’m living in?’

I nodded at the bat resting on my shoulder.

‘But you need to be careful because there are monsters out there’

“What kind of monster is it?”

‘There’s dark bear, guinea owl, and large rabbit’

“If it’s just that, there won’t be any problem”

‘You’re amazing, master! If I see a monster, I’d just run away!’

“I’ll be there at night. You’ll have to guide me then”

‘I’ll be waiting for you’

With that said, the bat flew away.

I was able to confirm that I could use my past life’s skills.

Let’s go to the mountain behind the mansion at night for a full-scale experiment.


Just as I am thinking about that, there’s a knock on the door.

“Yuuki nii-sama. This is Lumia. Are you there?”

It is the voice of my little sister Lumia.

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