Chapter 3 – The Magic That Was Called As A Defective Magic


Chapter 3

The Magic That Was Called As A Defective Magic

There were different kinds of magic and they’re all colored.

You can observe the waves of magic power that can be seen when a magic was casted.

Besides the golden color, there were other magic colors as well such as red, blue, etc., but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, red magic was good for attack-type magic, but difficult to use other type of magic.

This magic color was something you were born with, and it’s impossible to be changed while alive.

The golden magic that I’m born with was difficult to use, but if mastered, it can be extended to the next level.

Even in my past life 1000 years ago, I had the golden magic.

I intended to master magic in this life as well, so I was relieved to be born with the golden color magic.

And yet……

“Why is the golden color which can be considered to be the jackpot was called as a defective magic?”

How far has this world fallen?

Well, we’ll follow up on that later.

Even if it’s called as a defective magic, it’s still the jackpot golden color.

Another day.

I was about to go to the forest again and hunt monsters to kill time.

”Hey, hey, there’s a person with the defective magic power walking around!”

As I was walking through the village, I was thrown with such abuses.

I turn my head over that direction.

“Cyril. He’s headed for the woods.”

“Wow! Such a daredevil!”

”If a person with the defective magic power go into the forest, he would be killed by the Wolves in the blink of an eye! Unless you have a perfect magic power like me!”

A trio of boys.

The most bossy boy about my age was standing in the middle there.

Well he said his name was Cyril, right?

He must have been the boy who had been recently moved to this village.

“Seems like you want something from me, huh?”

Fine, that’s part of the boredom.

I’m also curious about what he said earlier.

I walked over to Cyril and the others.

“I don’t want anything from you! I’ve heard that you’re a defective mage, so I’m worried about you!”

Although Cyril said so, he did not pretend to be worried at all.

”I don’t care if I’m a defective mage. What’s your… perfect magic?”

“You don’t even know about perfect magic? Haa~, that’s why you have defective magic”

Cyril deliberately sighed.

–Oh, my head’s starting to hurt.

I wanted to get out of here right now, but I had to be patient to get the information out of Cyril by questioning him.

“So, tell me. What’s this whole ‘perfect magic’ thing?”

”Humph, that’s fine! If I let go of my magic in a place like this, the adults will be angry with me, so let’s go to the forest!”

“Magic? Can Cyril use magic?”

Again, in this world 1000 years later, the ability to use magic seems to be valuable.

Well, it may be a standard in the village.

“Oh! Don’t you dare look at my magic and fall flat on your back”

“I’m looking forward to it”

That was a heartfelt truth.

–It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone else casting magic.

It might give me a little bit of insight on just how much magic techniques are in this world.

“Come on, follow me!”

I followed behind Cyril, who was so bossy.

“My dad was a former adventurer! So, I moved to this village when the vigilante was lacking in numbers. Be thankful for that!”

Cyril pushed his way through the forest with his chest held out.


In the midst of all this, I stopped my tracks.

“Are you sure you want to go that way?”

“What is it?”

“I sensed a huge monster”

This was a fact.

Having lived here for twelve years, I know that the people in this village might even struggle against a Wolf.

If that’s the case, the monster a little further down the road would be too much for the child Cyril to handle.

“What are you talking about?”

“You can use detection magic too, can’t you? You know what I mean. There’s a monster down the road”

”Detection…magic…? What’s that?”

…my head hurts even more now.

This guy was hopeless.

1000 years ago, children around here can use any magic, and they don’t even know what kind of magic they can’t use….

Well, let him do what he wants.

Maybe there’s some sort of plan.

“I know you’re scared! Do you want to run away from here?”

“No way”

I chocked back the headache and continued walking in the direction Cyril was going.

And after we walked for a while.


A huge cow-like monster – White Bison – has appeared.

It’s as big as a house, and it’s a very powerful monster compared to a wolf.

…well, it’s no big deal for me.

“Wh…, wh… wh… wh… wh… white bison? Weren’t wolves the only monster appearing in this forest!”

“What’s the matter? It’s just the right opponent for you, isn’t it?”

“White bison? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Or is it that you can’t really use magic?”

“–! Don’t you dare talk to me who has the perfect magic like that!”

He shouted, and Cyril held up his palm.

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame. Become a spear and scorch the enemy!”

After Cyril uttered something that I failed to fathom, a weak flaming spear was heading towards the White Bison.


“What, it’s not working at all?”

The White Bison still seems to be lively after taking a direct hit from the Flame Spear.

Cyril seemed to be surprised by that, but more than that, I was appalled by his magic color.

“L…, l… l… let’s escape! This is way out of our league!”

When Cyril and the others saw this, they foolishly turned their backs and tried to make a run for it.

Oh, if you do that…



Seeing that, the White Bison let out an excited roar.

And not in Cyril’s direction, but in my direction as a matter of fact.

“We’re going to get trampled, aren’t we?”

It was possible that Cyril was just pretending to get away.

Or rather, it would be too dumb not to.

Such a person has been bossing me around.

But I’ve found a monster other than the Wolf.

It would be too much of a waste to give Cyril and the others the perfect prey here.

”I’ll show you my so-called defective magic power”

And I started casting my ice attribute magic.

When the White Bison tries to stomp on me.

The magic I’ve been working on was in effect.

It’s a slightly stronger magic called Freeze Nova.

And the white bison — it was frozen in the ice.

”Whoa!” Somebody help me!”

“Don’t whine so much. It’s fine now”


It was Cyril who was squatting down with his head, but finally he noticed the white bison that was frozen in the ice there.

He slowly stood up.

“Wh…, wh…wh…wh…wh…what the hell is going on?”

“Is this the first time you’ve seen ice magic?”

“Could it be that you…?”

”Oh… yeah. It would be imperfect if it remains like this”

As I snapped my fingers, the white bison broke apart with a crunching sound, as did the ice.

‘Wh…, white bison is falling apart in pieces? Oh—”

”Cy…, Cyril-sama!”

His cronies support Cyril, who was falling to the ground at the sight of this.

Apparently, he has passed out.

I let out a sigh and remembered the magic color leaking from the fire spear that Cyril had used earlier.

It’s white magic.

To me, it’s the worst kind of magic I’ve ever seen.

It’s easy for beginners to handle, but they quickly reach their limits.

This was the magic power that was said to be ‘not suitable for becoming a powerful mage’.

“Golden is defective, but white is perfect….”

Either way, I need to know more about the magic of this world.

That was how I felt.

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