Chapter 10 – The Former Demon King, Strengthen Even The Bats


Chapter 10 – The Former Demon King, Strengthen Even The Bats


I sneaked out of the mansion and headed for the mountains behind it.

To experiment with the ‘Ancient Magic’.

I had overslept.

I fell into a deep sleep because I ate a pancake filled with plenty of syrup that was served for dinner.

This body is still just 13 years old, so it requires lots of sleep. Moreover, the pancake made from the kitchen in the main building was delicious, so it can’t be helped.

“The mountains behind the mansion will only be off-limits during the afternoon, wasn’t it?”

The day has not yet ended. At this time of the day, there are still no guards on duty.

By using the ‘Body Strengthening’ and the ‘Flight’, it will only take me 10 minutes to reach the mountains behind the mansion.

—Ten minutes later, in the mountains behind the mansion—

“Dick. Are you awake?”

‘……yes! Master!’

This is the mountaintop of the mountains behind the mansion.

I called out in a low voice, and the bat Dick flew to me.

“You heard me well just now”

‘Dick knows everything about this mountain. We’ve all been waiting for master to come!’


The sky at dawn was suddenly dyed black.

Countless bats were flying in the sky.

“Thank you. I understand the greeting. But let’s have them disperse before someone notices it”

‘Affirmative! Everyone, disperse!!’

The bats dispersed.

However, Dick and three other bats were allowed to stay.

This is to keep an eye out for people.

“‘Body Strengthening’ — Activate”

I drew the crest of the ‘Body Strengthening’ on my left hand.

It has been experimented up to this point.

Now I’m going to draw the crest on my right hand as well.

I activated the ‘Body Strengthening’ on both of my hands and started running.


The view flew by.

Too fast! What the hell is this. I’m scared!

I can’t keep up with my senses. It’s too fast. I kicked the ground with all the force I could muster and—

My body flew to the sky.

It’s on the same level as the ‘Flight’ in my past life.

“Is the uptime around 10 minutes?”

The experiment was a success.

If I draw two crests, the effect of the ‘Ancient Magic’ will be doubled.

Xellos nii-sama was chanting a spell together with the drawing of the crest in the air.

Because there’s only one mouth, so only one magic can be used at a time.

But in my case, I can cast magic just by drawing the crest with my ‘Magical Blood’.

There is no limit to the number.

“……not good, it has become fun somehow”

In this era, I’ve decided to be an ordinary person.

I’m going to make magic just a hobby but…….

“I wonder what would happen if I draw 3 crests at the same time”



So, I tried.


My body creaked.


This is dangerous. It’s one hell of a muscle pain.

When I try to move my hands and feet, I feel the pain as if my feet are cramped. Moreover, with the feeling when the numbness is cut off.

No good. My body is not in sync with the magic. This is too reckless for my 13 years old body.



After 10 minutes of intense muscle pain…the effects of the magic finally wore off.

As I thought, the ‘Ancient Magic’ is dangerous.

Since I’m just an ordinary person in this era, so let’s not get carried away.

‘Master. What’s wrong?’

The bat Dick stayed on my shoulder and looked at me anxiously.

As I look at those wings…….

“…I wonder what would happen if I draw the crest on Dick’s body”

‘Is it a magic? Then please give it a try’

“Are you sure?”

‘It seems fun!’

“Let’s give it a try then”

This is not Dean Nosferatu’s will, but Yuuki Grossalia’s.

I’m 13 years old now and is a child full of curiosity.

That’s why I inadvertently drew the crest of the ‘Body Strengthening’ on Dick’s wings. It ended up looking like a graffiti.

“How do you feel, Dick? Feeling anything weird?”

‘It’s weird’

“All right. I will erase it immediately”

‘No, there’s no need to erase it. It’s amazing, master! Dick is filled with energy now’

Dick’s figure suddenly disappeared—and when I noticed it, he has already flew up to a much higher height.



We raised our voice at the same time.

Dick’s speed as he flew over the sky was several times more than usual.

I must focus to see his movement.

“Hey! Don’t come down in that state. You’re going to run into a tree”

‘It’s okay. The sound waves ability has been strengthened too!’

Dick slipped through the trees.

The leaves on the trees fall off after he passed by.

Bats avoid obstacles with sounds that we can’t hear—according to his own testimony, but seems like it has been strengthened.

‘This is amazing! To think Master have such a great power’

‘Kyuii. Kyuii’

Before I knew it, there were three other bats coming my way.

“You want me to strengthen you guys too?”

Nod, nod.

“……just this once though”

‘Kyui! Kyuii!’

I drew the crest on the bats.

There’s no helping it.

I need to make sure that this ‘Ancient Magic’ can also be used by people other than my servants.

And the outcome was,



‘Kyu kyu, kyu—!!’

‘This is amazing, master!’

All the 4 bats are now in the ‘Body Strengthening’ state.

“The ‘Ancient Magic’ is truly incredible….”

But the mages of the guild can manipulate such power at will?

As I thought……it will be better to not get involved with them.

I’ll go to an ordinary school and be an ordinary person.

Magic is just a hobby. Going too far will become dangerous, so I won’t go any further. The end.

“Shall I head back now? Martha will be angry if I’m late for breakfast”

I’m pretty sure the leftover syrup from yesterday will be served for breakfast.

It’s delicious when dipped with rye bread.

Because the Baron family rarely serve it, therefore I can’t afford to miss it.

‘Master. I found someone’

Dick came back.

‘While searching for the others, I saw human are being chased by monster’

“I see. That is going to be a problem”

‘I know right’

“What kind of monster was it?”

‘It’s a Dark Bear’

“That’s a big pinch. But then, to have entered the mountain without any preparation, there’s no helping it”

‘Is that so?’

”It must be a reckless traveler anyway. So it’s none of my business”

‘Then why is Master running at the same speed as the strengthened Dick—and is still getting faster— It’s amazing, Master—’

There’s no choice.

This mountains behind the mansion is Xellos nii-sama’s examination site. It would be troublesome if there’s a dead body.

Either the exam will be postponed, or there will be a re-examination. If that happens, the tutor Kachel will definitely get enraged more than ever.

Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass just by thinking about it.

“Who is it? Who is the one that entered this mountain without any preparation!”

I’ll have a look at your face.

After that I will decide whether to help or not.

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