Chapter 3 – The Former Demon King, And His Human Family


Chapter 3 – The Former Demon King, And His Human Family

”Lumia has come to see nii-sama. Can you open the door, Yuuki nii-sama?”

From behind the door came the voice of my little sister Lumia.

Seems like she has sneaked into this building again.

There are two buildings on the grounds of Baron Grossalia’s house.

One is the main building where otou-sama, Xellos nii-sama, and my little sister Lumia live.

The other one is the one I live in.

The detached building is a small 2-storey building, and the only people here are me and my maid, Martha.

It’s connected to the main building by a corridor, but I’ve been told not to show my face there.

“Nii-sama told you not to come here, didn’t he? Lumia”

”I think it’s only natural for the little sister to come and see her nii-sama. Onii-sama”

The door opened and a blonde girl appeared.

She’s a petite girl with big, cherry-blue eyes.

This is my little sister Lumia. She will be 10 years old this year.

“It’s time for dinner, so I’ve come to call nii-sama on Martha’s behalf”

Lumia said that while fidgeting and fiddling with her fingers.

“I wish to talk to nii-sama on the way to the dining hall”

“About my present situation?”

“Yes, that’s right”

“I woke up this morning and had my breakfast. I read a book to get into the school for the public, and then when otou-sama tried to teach me swordsmanship, Xellos nii-sama took it from me. After lunch, I wielded a wooden sword all by myself. And that brings us to now”

“I think nii-sama should be more considerate of a girl’s feelings”

“Why are you angry?”

“I’m not angry”

”Well, anyway, let’s go halfway together. Lumia”

I took Lumia’s hand.

“Yes. Nii-sama!”

Lumia immediately broke into a smile.

Jeez, I really don’t understand human.

The Baron’s building is old.

The Grossalia family, which had been severed long ago, was taken over by otou-sama, who took credit for the war.

They can’t even rebuild it because the territory isn’t that rich, so they end up using it as it is.

The territory is at the north of the royal capital, and it’s very cold during the winter.

The specialties at here are fruits and furs. So far, there’s no hostile people appearing here.

The inhabitants are otou-sama, nii-sama, me, Lumia, and a few servants.

There’s also another person, a magic instructor.

“There’s a lot of cold air entering through the cracks of the detached building. Nii-sama”

“I wonder if it can be solved with magic”

“It would be nice to have an item like that”

“There might be one in the ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’ where nii-sama is going”

Me and Lumia’s brother, Xellos Grossalia, are aiming to become trainees in a magic guild in the royal capital.

The ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’ is a huge organization that combines both magic educational institution and research institution into one.

It seems that if you become a guild trainee, you can learn a powerful ‘Ancient Magic’.

The guild includes upper class nobles such as the Duke and the Marquis, as well as royalty. For this reason, it is said to be a status for the nobles to have their children join the magic guild.

Therefore, the Baron family also hired a private tutor and is trying to get nii-sama into the magic guild.

I’m interested in it too but…… honestly, I don’t want to get involved.

When I think of ‘Ancient Magic’, I would be reminded of the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

But still…how many years have passed since my past life…?

I don’t think it has been 10 or 20 years only.

Since my reincarnation, the country names, royal family or noble names that I had learnt, there were none of them that I knew of. I guess that’s approximately how long it’s been.

For some reason, they didn’t tell me anything about the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

Really, I wonder what happened to the world after that.

“Yuuki nii-sama, are you listening to me?”

“My bad. I wasn’t listening. What’s wrong?”

“It’s the usual revision. I’m going to read you what I had learnt today, so please listen to me”

Lumia begins to hum a line from the poem.

It’s a poem that was around back in my era, and it’s about learning the pronunciation needed for magic.

“……so, how was it? Nii-sama”

“The first name that came up, the pronunciation was weird. And the last phrase was too fast. I can faintly remember it, you are cheating, aren’t you?”

“……Uuuu. I wasn’t even exposed by otou-sama……”

“Lumia often gets stuck in pronunciation”

“Is that so?”

“Slow down. It’s good to be aware of the movement of your tongue”

“Is it ’Roi-ii’?”

“Take your time and take a long breath”

“I’ll give it a try, nii-sama”

This reminds me of my past life.

Back then, I used to teach the children in the village with their studies.

The room where I died wasn’t a throne room or anything, it was just a classroom. At that place, I was the teacher of the village for about 120 years.

Come to think of it, before I knew it, the literacy rate in the ‘Feela Village’ had reached 100%, and the traveler from the royal capital was surprised by that too.

After I reincarnated, I was taught in my studies by a butler and a maid.

The only son of the Baron who has a private tutor is Xellos nii-sama, the son of the heir.

As for me, I’m already feeling glad I could learn the knowledge of this era, so I didn’t complain at all……

……Lumia cried out to me, ‘I can’t keep up with my studies’.

‘Inadvertently’, while I was supporting her, it became a habit.

I told Lumia to keep it a secret, and no one has said anything about it yet, so I don’t think they’ve found out for now.

“What do you think of ‘—-those who control the flame’  ‘oh, those who control the great light’—-?”

“Your pronunciation is getting better. You can ask otou-sama to listen to it in the next class. I think we’re going to proceed to the activation of the magic already”

“……Lumia wants nii-sama to see it too”

“I told you to keep it a secret”

“Then, next one. Nii-sama. Next one is…”

“We’re out of time. Lumia”

Before we knew it, we were already on the first floor of the detached building.

Straight ahead would be the dining hall.

Turn left and the passageway leading to the main building can be seen.

“I’m going to the separated dining hall. Lumia will go to the dining hall in the main building”

I let go of Lumia’s hand.

“Go on. Otou-sama and Xellos nii-sama are waiting for you”

”Lumia would like to have a meal with nii-sama”

Lumia puffed out her cheeks.

“Would you like to go to the dining hall in the main building, nii-sama?”

“I can’t eat there. You know that”

“Otou-sama said he doesn’t care if you want to do so!”

Is that what otou-sama said to Lumia.

That’s sly.

.   .   .

Otou-sama knows I can’t go to the main building with that man around.

“Let’s be together. Nii-sama will be going to a school somewhere around this year, right?”

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet”

”Nii-sama is excellent, so you should be able to get into any school!”

Lumia squeezed my hand with her small hand.

“Nii-sama’s teaching method is easier to understand than anybody else’s. If it’s nii-sama, I think you can even receive a certified full proficiency in magic from the ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’!”

“You’ve overestimated me too much”

“That’s not true!”

Lumia looks at me with a gleam in her eye.

“Lumia is serious. I don’t need a private tutor if I have nii-sama!”

“You’re being too loud”

“…let’s have dinner together, Yuuki nii-sama”


”I’m sure nii-sama will be a great man, beyond the reach of Lumia. So, now I want to be with you as much as possible. Please……”

“It’s selfish for me to say this but there’s a problem. Lumia ojou-sama”

There was a voice coming from the main building.

When Lumia and I looked at the direction of the passage, there stood a gray-haired man.

Behind him was a blond boy. That’s my brother, Xellos.

“One should know their position, that is important for those who are involved in magic. First lady’s child, Lumia ojou-sama and the concubine’s child, Yuuki-sama are not allowed to sit together at the dining table”

The gray-haired man looked at me as he said that.

The man’s name is Kachel Mieghem.

He’s the private tutor hired by otou-sama to get Xellos nii-sama into the ‘Rindobell Magic Guild’.

“I’ll say it again and again if I have to. As for the illegitimate child, you should feel lucky just to be in this mansion”

The private tutor Kachel said.

I don’t like his tone, but there’s nothing wrong with what he said.

I’m the child otou-sama had with a local woman when he was in the war.

That’s why I’m called as illegitimate child, the child of a concubine.

I’m just lucky to have been taken in by this mansion.

I think otou-sama is a pretty good guy for a nobleman.

In the middle of a war, an ordinary nobleman would just leave the child that he had after inadvertently fallen in love with a local woman.

Even more so, if the woman only sent a single will saying, “Please take care of this child”.

But my father tracked me down and took me to this mansion.

Perhaps being a countryside noble, the whole family was open-minded and accepted me normally.

Things changed 3 years ago when the tutor, Kachel, arrived.

.   .   .   .   .

“Yuuki-sama…no, You may not know it, Yuuki-kun, but we are all born with a certain kind of social position”

“I know”

“Oh. You tell me”

“The highest rank of the race is human. Then it’s the elf and demi-human. Monsters that have intelligence are the lowest such as the lich, vampire, and many more, falling into that category”

”Then what is the classification in the house of a noble?”

“Otou-sama is the highest rank. Next is haha-ue, who is the legitimate wife. Xellos nii-sama, Lumia-sama…… and below that is me, the concubine’s child, Yuuki Grossalia”

“You’re wrong about one thing. You have no right to claim the family name of Grossalia. Use your mother’s last name”

“I’m sorry”


“I wonder what it is. Lumia ojou-sama”

“Please correct it! Yuuki nii-sama is Lumia’s brother and a member of the Grossalia family!!”

“Is that so? Xellos-sama”

Don’t ask nii-sama. You’re an adult.

”I’ve taught you what it’s like to be a legitimate son of a nobleman, haven’t I? Have you forgotten it?”

“…Illegitimate child is no different than commoners”

Xellos nii-sama turned his gaze away from me and Lumia.

”As a noble, I’m not allowed to sit at the dining table with a commoner. I, as the one above, have to be aware of my nobility”

“What does your older brother say? Lumia-sama”


“Go to the dining hall. Lumia”

I pushed Lumia’s back.

”I’m not too keen on eating at the main building either. I’ll eat with my maid, Martha, in the annex”

“………I understand. Yuuki nii-sama”

Lumia nodded with teary eyes.

The status system.

As usual, human like that kind of thing.

“May I ask you a question? Kachel-sensei”

I turned to the private tutor Kachel and said that.

”How many years has it been since the ‘Sanctuary Church’ once discovered ancient magic and artifacts in the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization’?”

“Don’t say the name ‘Sanctuary Church’ lightly. That’s a taboo!”

Private tutor Kachel exclaimed.

“However, I’ll answer your question. It has been 220 years since the discovery of the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization’. It is a mercy to answer your question. Otherwise, you will probably be asking anybody this kind of rude question”

With that said, Kachel walked away.

“……the ‘Sanctuary Church’ is a taboo?”

That kind of organization?

The organization that found the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization’ and obtained a large amount of relics?

Really, that’s how long it has been…….

In my past life, I died 20 years after the ‘Sanctuary Church’ discovered the ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization’.

In other words, currently it has been 200 years since I died.

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