Chapter 23 – The Dormitory Of The Magic School


Chapter 23 – The Dormitory Of The Magic School

“It’s quite a splendid building”

After I had finished my business, I decided to sleep off for the day and walked back to the front of the dormitory.

The Rosanlila Magic Academy is a boarding school.

The dormitory which is located right next to the school building is looking gleaming and sophisticated.

”It’s a stylish building, isn’t it? It’s beautiful!”

“The dormitory at Rosanlila Magic Academy has received a famed architectural award too. There’s also people who joins the magic school just to live in this dormitory”

Lara’s eyes were sparkling, while Marise was explaining calmly with her arms crossed.


I really mean it when I say it’s a splendid building.

But it doesn’t seem to have a barrier?

I’m worried about it……no-no, meddling like this is a bad habit of mine.

Even if something were to happen, I don’t think there would be any problem.

“Ahh, it’s Eri-chan!”

In front of the dormitory, Eri-chan……our homeroom teacher, Erika-sensei was standing there.

“Of all the new students, you guys are the last one to come back”

“Eh! I didn’t notice it’s already this late!”

“We’ve been going to the labyrinth, going to the guild, picking out weapons… we’ve done a lot of things after all”

Erika-sensei gave us a stern look.

”So…..why is sensei here?”

“While I’m your homeroom teacher, I’m also the dorm supervisor. I’m here to give all of you the dormitory rulebook and the room numbers you’ve been assigned to”

While Erika-sensei said that, she handed out a thin booklet and a piece of paper with a room number written on it to us.

Apparently, I’m in a room on the eighth floor of Building A.

Even so……to think that Erika-sensei oversees the dormitory while also being our homeroom teacher, won’t she fall ill from overwork?

It would be hard to make time to meet up with someone like a boyfriend or husband like that.

Given sensei’s age, it shouldn’t be surprising that she had a partner.

“I’m on the third floor of Building A!”

“Me too…… are the boys and girls living in the same building?”

“Yeah. The school dormitories are of mixed gender. But don’t get any funny ideas, okay? Because illicit sexual relationship is forbidden after all”

Oh dear.

I haven’t read through the school rules yet, but to think that there was such a rule.

”……There shouldn’t be any such school rules, right? I had memorized them after reading through the school’s rules and regulations”

Marise is staring at sensei.

However, sensei remains resolute,

”Even if there are no such school rules, it’s far too much to have illicit sexual relationship while having magic training. Moreover, you guys are first year students! If you have time to do that, why not use it to learn even one magic!”

……It feels like a personal grudge.

“As the one that oversee the dormitory, I hereby order you. It will be against the rules if you enter the room of the opposite sex without my permission, okay? Keep that well in mind”

Sensei left us after emphasized that.

She’s quite a strict sensei.

However, there is a common opinion that illicit sexual relationship is a hindrance to magic.

In my past life, I continued to train my magic without looking at girls.

……It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that I didn’t have the courage to talk to a girl.

“……sensei were kind of angry. Is it because we didn’t come back early?”

“No… perhaps, but I think it’s something else”

Lara and Marise were talking in a whisper so that the leaving sensei couldn’t hear them.

At any rate, I’m going off to the bed for today.

I’m not physically tired yet, but as expected, I’m exhausted from all the events.

I’ve never been good at crowded places, even in my past life.

◆   ◆

The dormitory room is pretty spacious.

”This is to be expected huh. Well, it is more or less a prestigious school after all…”

I sit down on the sofa and relax.

As I did so, I began to feel sleepy.

I closed my eyelids and naturally fell asleep.


When I opened my half-open eyes, the room was in a pitch black.

I reached out for the clock and looked at it, and apparently while I was asleep, it has become past midnight, so it seems.

……Someone is breaking into my room.

I was able to detect it because I was using detection magic even while I was asleep.

In my past life, I had to do this otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to know when I was going to be beheaded in my sleep.

That person is concealing the footsteps while heading towards me.

I had fallen asleep unexpectedly, so I didn’t manage to lock the room.

What’s going on here?

Well, that’s fine.

Now that I know who it is, let’s see what the other side does.


The person called my name.

However, I purposely pretended to be asleep with my eyes closed.

“Wake up…… kyaa!”


My reaction was delayed because I wasn’t expecting this.

That person tried to wake me up, or maybe was trying to reach out for me and fell over.

Moreover, on top of me.

“…what are you doing? Lara”

“I, I’m sorry!”

And — the intruder, Lara hurriedly apologized.

“I, I will move right away…ahhh!”

Since she was in such a hurry, Lara lost her posture again.

Moreover……this time with Lara’s breasts pressing against my face.

Lara’s breasts are quite big.

The soft sensations from her breasts were something that’s unfamiliar to me even 1000 years ago, so I was at a loss for words.

“I’m really sorry~! I’ll move right away now!”

Lara’s breasts were pulled away from my face.


As for me, I would have liked to keep it that way for a little while longer but……just what am I thinking…this me?

“So… what do you want? To come here in the middle of the night. Didn’t you heard what Erika-sensei just said?”

I asked Lara while turning on the lights.

This light has a magic stone attached to it, which can lighten up the room by operating it.

But on the other hand. Because of the use of a few low quality magic stones, it was often taught that, ‘Be careful not to overuse the electricity (magic stone)!’.

“Yeah…… but I really need to ask Kurt to do something for me”


“That’s why I came here in the middle of the night”

Lara sticks out her tongue with a tee-hee.

And then she looks straight into my eyes.

“Please! Make me a woman now!”

She just said something outrageous.

……what is this girl talking about?

“Ahh! Sorry! By the woman I meant… I’m asking you to teach me more about magic, train me, and make me a woman of fine wizardry!”

Apparently, it wasn’t what I had imagined.

Although I felt a little of place, but

“What’s the matter with you all of a sudden? Didn’t we make a promise? I already promised that I would teach Lara and Marise magic. So there’s no need to panic. Or could it be that I looked like the kind of guy who goes back on his word to you?”

“I, it’s something else! It’s not like what you said…”

“Then what is it about?”

“I…….want to defeat Marise!”

Lara clenched her fists.


“Yes! I was taught with the chantless magic in the labyrinth, but Marise-chan was able to use it better than me. Even if I continue to do the same thing, I’m going to lose to Marise-chan… so I’ve got to practice even when everyone else is asleep!”


She’s quite an ambitious child.

In my past life…….or rather, even now, I’m always trying to be stronger than anyone else.

I can relate the desire of wanting to outdo own rivals and become stronger… more than anyone else.

”……whew. I understand. But next time you should let me know in advance. Something like this is bad for my heart after all”

“I, I’m sorry~! I’d get scared too if someone suddenly walked into my room!”

No, rather than being afraid, if your breasts are pressing against my face like it did earlier, I would be bewildered.

”Well then…shall we start with some special magic training that can be done in this room?”

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