TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 4 Part 3


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Chapter 4 Part 3


I sneaked out of the mansion and headed for the mountains.

This is to experiment ‘Ancient Magic’.

I overslept.

I slept like a log after dinner because I ate too much.

The pancakes Martha made for me were delicious, so it can’t be helped. This body is still just 13 years old, so it requires lots of sleep.

“The mountains behind the mansion will only be off-limits in the afternoon, wasn’t it?”

The sun hadn’t even risen yet. There aren’t even any guards on duty this early.

If I use the ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ and ‘Flight’ magic, it will only take me 10 minutes to reach the mountains.

“Dick. Are you awake?”

‘…Yes! Master!’

This is at the mountaintop on one of the mountains.

I called out in a low voice, and the bat, Dick, flew over.

“You heard me well just now”

‘Dick knows all on this mountain. Everyone was waiting for Master’s arrival!’


The sky at dawn turned black.

Countless bats were flying in the sky.

“Thank you. I understand the greeting. But let’s have them disperse before someone notices them” 

‘Certainly! Everyone, disperse!!’

The bats scattered.

Dick and three other bats stayed behind. They’re there to keep a lookout for people.

“‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’, activate”

I drew the crest of the ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ magic on my left hand.

It’s been experimented up to this point.

This time I’m going to try drawing the crest on my right hand as well.

I activated the two ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ magic drawn on both of my hands, and started running.

The scenery flew by.

Fast! What the hell is this? I’m scared!!

I can’t keep up with my senses. It’s too fast. When I kicked the ground with my own momentum ──

My body flew through the air.

It’s like the ‘Flight’ magic I used in my previous life. Back then, I used my magic power to fly like a bird.

“The operating time is about 10 minutes, huh?”

The experiment was successful.

Drawing two crests will double the effects of ‘Ancient Magic’.

Xellos nii-sama was chanting an incantation while drawing the crest in the air.

Because there’s only one mouth, so only one instance of the magic can be used at a time.

In my case, however, that limitation doesn’t exist.

I can invoke the magic just by simply drawing the crest with my ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood’.

“…Not good, this has become fun somehow”

In this era, I’ve decided to be an ordinary human.

I’m going to make magic just a hobby, but….

“I wonder what would happen if I draw and invoke 3 crests at the same time”



I tried.

── *CREAK*, I felt my body creak.


This is dangerous. It’s one hell of muscle pain.

When I try to move my limbs, I can feel the cramp going on in my leg with a sense of numbness too.

No good. My body is not keeping up with the magic. This is too reckless for my 13 years old body.



After 10 minutes of intense muscle pain…the effects of the magic finally wore off.

As I thought, ‘Ancient Magic’ is dangerous.

Let’s not be reckless. After all, I’m just an ordinary human in this era.

‘Master. What’s wrong?’

The bat, Dick, perched on my shoulder and looked at me with concern.

As I look at those wings….

“…I wonder what would happen if I draw the crest on Dick’s body”

‘Is it magic? Please give it a try!’

“Are you sure?”

‘It seems fun!’

“I’ll give it a try then”

I’m 13 years old now, a child in the throes of curiosity.

So I inadvertently drew the crest of the ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ magic on Dick’s wings. It ended up looking like graffiti.

“…Okay, I drew it. How do you feel, Dick? Feeling anything?”

‘I’m feeling weird’

“All right. I will erase it immediately”

‘There’s no need to erase it. It’s amazing, Master! I’m full of energy now’

Dick had disappeared ── and when I realized that, he had already flown up to a greater height.



We both raised our voices at the same time.

Dick’s speed as he flew over the sky was several times faster than usual.

I need to focus to see Dick’s movement.

“Hey! Don’t come swooping down like that. You’re going to fly into a tree”

‘It’s okay. My sound waves related abilities have been strengthened, too!’

Dick slips through the trees.

The leaves on the branches fell after Dick passed by.

Bats avoid obstacles with sounds that we can’t hear ── according to his own testimony, but seems like it has been strengthened.

‘This is amazing! To think that Master has such great power’

‘Kyuii. Kyuii’

Before I knew it, the other three bats were flying towards me.

“You guys want to be strengthened, too?”

Nod, nod.

“…Just this once though”

‘Kyui! Kyuii!’

I drew the crest on them.

It can’t be helped.

After all, I need to make sure that this ‘Ancient Magic’ can also be used by anyone, not just my servants.

And the outcome is ──

‘Kyuiiii ──!!’   ‘Kyuuuuiiiiii!’   ‘Kyu kyu, kyu ──!!’

‘This is amazing, Master!’

All 4 bats are now in the ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ state.

“‘Ancient Magic’ is a real force to be reckoned with…”

The mages of the ‘Magic Guild’ can manipulate such power at will?

As I thought…it will be better to not get involved with them.

I’ll go to a public school and live my life as an ordinary human.

Magic is a hobby. I won’t go into it any further. It’s too dangerous. That’s that. 

“Shall I head back now? Martha will get angry if I’m late for breakfast”

There should be some leftover syrup from yesterday for breakfast. It tastes good on bread.

Even the Baron household rarely serves it, so I can’t miss it.

‘Master. I found someone’

Dick returned.

‘While searching for the others, I saw humans are being chased by monsters’

“Is that so? That is going to be a problem”

‘I know right’

“What kind of monster was it?”

‘It’s a Dark Bear’

“They’re in big trouble. But then, to have entered the mountains without any preparation. It can’t be helped”

‘Is that so?’

“They must be reckless travelers. Anyway, it’s none of my business”

‘Then why is Master running at the same speed as Dick, who has been strengthened and you’re still getting faster! You’re really amazing, Master!’ 

It can’t be helped.

This mountain behind the mansion is Xellos nii-sama’s examination site. There will be trouble if there’s a corpse.

Either the exam will be postponed, or it will be rescheduled. If that happens, the tutor, Kachel, will definitely be enraged more than ever.

Ahh, it’s troublesome just thinking about it.

“Who is it? Who is the one that entered this mountain unprepared!”

I’ll have a look at you.

And I will decide whether to help or not after.

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