TIEM Vol. 1 Prologue


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Prologue – Cheat Magician Reincarnates

“I’m sorry, Abel. Could you leave our party?”

One day.

I, Abel, was expelled by the leader of this party, the Hero Roy. 

It was so sudden that I was at a loss for words.

“The world is mostly at peace now. We can defeat the remnants of the demons without you. I don’t think a magician as great as you is needed on the front lines anymore”

That’s right, we saved the world.

The <<Demon King of Dusk>>, a Demon of Calamity that brought about the Dark Age to this world, was subjugated by a party of us heroes led by Roy.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m in this party because I like it”


Roy interrupted me with a firm tone.

“I’m sure that you also have realized it, don’t you? Your <<Amber Eyes>> are not needed in this peaceful world anymore”

This time I was speechless.

I could feel Roy’s words slowly seeping into my mind.

In this world, the <<Eyes>> say as much as one can talk about one’s <<Ability>>.

One’s aptitude in a specific magic system shows itself in the color of their eyes

If you have the aptitude for Fire Magic, you could have fiery red <<Burning Eyes>>, if it’s Water Magic, then it’s the <<Blue Eyes>>, and if it’s Wind Magic, then it’s the <<Green Eyes>>.

However, there was another color as well.

It’s an eye color that has the aptitude for all attributes and has the highest power when trained.

That was the golden <<Amber Eyes>> that I have.

The amber eyes are the symbol of <<The Strongest>> and <<The Worst>> in this world.

The reason for this is that more than 90% of the demons that oppose humans have the same <<Amber Eyes>> as me.

“This isn’t a bad thing for you either. Once the world is at peace which would definitely come after this, humanity will start to confront each other. When that happens, you will surely be persecuted as a symbol of misfortune”


Roy’s claim is not wrong.

In this world, a person with the <<Amber Eyes>> is called the ‘Reincarnation of The Demon Race’ and will be stoned by the villagers ever since they can remember.

Also, I’m not just a magician.

I am called the strongest magician in the Hero party and even defeated the Demon King.

A Hero who can defeat the Demon King who rules the world is indistinguishable from a monster to humans.

“Of course, it’s not just about leaving the party. There’s an island west of here, right? It’s that desert island where we all used to go and slay the Kraken. We’ve prepared a villa for you on that desert island, where even monsters no longer approach. You’ll be happy there ──”

“That’s enough”

It’s funny.

Is this Hero planning to confine me, his longtime comrade, on a small, desert island?

He doesn’t want to see my face anymore. He wants me gone.

“I will leave as you wish”

“I see. I’m sorry. The procedure for the villa is in this document ──”

“However, I’m not going to take your suggestion”

Roy opened his eyes wide.

I click my tongue, remembering the vex in his jade green eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’ll never show myself in front of you guys again”


I turned around and walked away from Roy.

Roy is shouting something in a hurry. Saying that he didn’t say it the right way, or that he doesn’t have any other intentions.

I think he’s right. I really do.

It’s not Roy’s fault. I know that much.

The truth is, I’ve already known it for a long time.

That in a peaceful world, magicians like me with the <<Amber Eyes>> would certainly be the object of persecution.

It’s not Roy who’s at fault.

It’s not the king or his people. Nor the party members, much less me.

What’s to blame is this ignorant and immature world.

That’s why I completed it.

A <<Reincarnation Magic>> that would probably be impossible to create by anyone in this world but me ──.

This place I came to with Transfer Magic is my hideout.

I slipped through a stone wall deep inside the cave, ran through a stone-paved passageway, and opened a steel door.

Here is my research laboratory.

A special hideout with multiple layers of barriers.

But I don’t know how many years it has been since I last visited this place. The research laboratory was covered with dust, like snow.

── Assuming that the civilization of a peaceful world had matured, and become more knowledgeable and cultured. For example, 200 years from now. If the world is capable of doing the previously impossible with the magic of this age, then the world should have what it takes in accepting these amber eyes.

With a glimmer of hope in the distant future, I took out a dusty book, medicine, and some gems.

I’ve already prepared the body for my reincarnation in advance.

Once you break it down, the structure of the human body is quite simple.

There are a total of 29 kinds of elements that make up the human body.

Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water, and there are only a few overlapping components such as carbon, ammonia, and phosphorus.

I used magic to analyze and copy the substances that make up the human body and repeated multiple experiments over and over again to create my ideal body.

── All right, now that it’s all done.

I lie down in the coffin and stare at the ceiling.

The effect of this Reincarnation Magic is that I rapidly feel drowsy as the soul is gradually ripped away from the body.

My eyelids feel heavy.

The next time I wake up, the world should be far into the future.

Thus, I fell asleep.


Truth to be told, I had made a mistake at the time.

That is, I didn’t tell my companions during my lifetime about the <<Reincarnation Magic>> at all.

This mistake would lead to a great deal of trouble for the inhabitants of the future world….

Well, let’s talk about that matter more as we go along.

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