TDK Vol. 1 Side Story Part 2


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Side Story Part 2

Side Story 2 – Princess Iris’s Wish

A few days before leaving Baron Grossalia’s territory for the magic guild’s entrance examination.

The eighth Princess, Iris Restia, was talking with Odette Sorey at the Western Palace.

“I heard that you’re heading for the Baron’s territory. It will be a long journey. Please be careful, Your Royal Highness.”

“We are alone, so please, no formalities, Odette.”

“No. You never know who might be listening.”

Odette shook her head.

Iris is envied by the other princes and princesses because of her beauty and talent for magic.

That is why her best friend, Odette, was careful about what she said and did.

“Is he a promising one? The boy from the Baron’s territory, Xellos Grossalia.”

“According to Kachel Mieghem, who recommended him, he seems to be a very talented boy.”

Iris picked up the letter of recommendation.

In the said letter, the outstanding performance of Xellos Grossalia is described in the aristocrat’s characteristic language.

The information is in such a mess that it is hard to read.

“He is said to be good at ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ and ‘Summoning’ of ‘Ancient Magic’. Both his personality and character can be fully vouched for by the D-rank mage, Kachel Mieghem.”

“Can he be trusted? This Kachel Mieghem.”

“He is the eldest son of former Minister Longes Mieghem. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

“I see…”

Odette tapped her finger on the cup in front of her.

A clear sound rang out, she looked at Iris curiously.

“If the boy, Xellos Grossalia, is truly talented, then he might be able to become the ‘knight escort’ of Your Royal Highness.”

“…I am not thinking of appointing a ‘knight escort’.”

Iris murmured.

When a royal family member reaches a certain age, they can appoint a ‘knight escort’ for their own protection.

However, Iris was reluctant.

And that was because she has a secret.

It was the ‘immortality’ that she had inherited from her grandmother.

Her grandmother never aged. Even after giving birth to a child and reaching middle age, she still looked like a young lady.

The marquis, who had taken her grandmother as his wife, did not care about that but loved her for her intelligence and kindness. The same was true of the king who took Iris’s mother as his consort.

However, Iris, among her half-brothers and sisters, has always been under the gaze of curiosity.

That is why she was always hesitant to have a stranger close by.

“If it is alright with me, I am always happy to have a talk with you, Your Royal Highness.”

said Odette.

She knew about Iris’s constitution and that she was troubled by it.

Odette is one of the few people Iris felt comfortable with.

“I am ready to risk my life to protect Your Royal Highness.”

“Thank you very much, Odette.”

Iris replies with a smile.

But it will probably be difficult.

Odette’s family is of a Duke. Her status is too high.

If the eldest daughter were to become the princess’s ‘knight escort’, it would disrupt the balance of power among the nobles.

Odette’s father would love to have his daughter as a ‘knight escort’, but it would be impossible without a great deal of trouble.

“Your Royal Highness.”

“What is it, Odette?”

“I hope that one day, Your Royal Highness will find the right person.”

Odette smiled gently.

“Someone who understands you and will protect you. If there is no such person, please call out to me again. If the problem is that the Duke’s status is too high, then… I will point out my father’s mistake and arrange for his peerage to be lowered.”

“Oh my, Odette…”

Iris laughed.

(Someday, I will find the right person.)

For some reason, Odette’s words were carved into her heart.

She remembered her grandmother saying something like that.

“Why do you never age, Grandma?”

“Time is on our side. Someday, when Iris meets that special someone she thinks is the right person, you’ll know .”

“…Your Royal Highness?”

After coming back to her senses, Odette looked into Iris’s face

Realizing that she had been pensive, Iris looked up.

“It’s nothing. I’m sorry, Odette.”

“Your face is red. Please take good care of yourself before the trip.”

“…I will.”

“Then I will take my leave now.”

With that, Odette left the room.

Now alone, Iris heads for her bedroom. She sat down on the bed to take a rest.

“Someday, the person that will be my ‘knight escort’ will appear.”

Will that person appear?

Someone who she can share her secrets with and be there for her on top of it.

Lying on the bed, Iris closes her eyes.

“…I wonder if there really is someone… that I would want by my side.”

Someone other than Odette, someone who she can trust.

A ‘knight escort’ ── who will stay by her side and protect her.

“…If there is such a person… I wonder if they will really… understand.”

Murmuring softly, Iris then fell asleep.

TL Note: This is the end of Volume 1.

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