TDK Vol. 2 Chapter 1 Part 1


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Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 – Report on the Completion of the Examination and Princess Iris’s Concerns

The ‘Selection Examination’ to become Princess Iris’s knight escort has ended.

I teamed up with Odette, and we safely reached where the Holy Sword was located, deep inside the cave. It was unexpected that we were attacked by Gilvan Kiers, possessed by the Dead Priest of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘. I had to draw the Holy Sword to exorcist it, but as a result, I learned the secret of my reincarnation.

── My reincarnation was due to the power of the Holy Sword.

── Also, Alice Carmine, who was my family in my previous life, was reincarnated in this era.

Therefore, I decided to search for the reincarnated Alice. That said, I do not have any leads at the moment.

After the exam was over, the on-site verification by the examiners began. Odette and I were there to attend it.

“As expected. The amulet is destroyed.”

said Demeter, the examiner mage.

This is the entrance to the Holy Sword’s cave on the first floor of the “Capital of the Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium“. Other mages have also come to check the walls of the passage.

An amulet is an item that repels monsters. Apparently, the one that was placed in the passage was destroyed. That was why we were attacked by the priest of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’, who was a high-ranking ghost.

In the “Capital of the Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium“, which only members of the ‘Magic Guild’ can enter, the fact that someone can do such a thing means that there may be someone in the guild conducting sabotage, and there is a possibility that they are sympathizers of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘.”

Come to think of it, the private tutor, Kachel, also praised the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘. In that case, it would not be surprising if Kachel had associates among the nobles or in the ‘Magic Guild’. What a troublesome person.

“May I speak with you for a moment, Gilvan Kiers-sama?”


“Yes. Regarding the undead that attacked us.”

When I said that, Gilvan looked reluctant.

Gilvan himself told us that the Marquis Kiers family was trying to manipulate the undead using Guiel Wolfgang. Demeter and Barnes also knew that the Count Wolfgang family is a lineage of ‘Necromancers’. To those who thought that this incident was Guiel’s own decision, Gilvan confessed that it was requested by the Marquis Kiers family.

It was apparently because of the pride of the nobles, but if that were the case, I wish that they had not interfered from the beginning.

“…Feel free to ask me anything. We have had our qualification to join the ‘Magic Guild’ revoked, and are awaiting judgment.”

Gilvan-Kiers slumped his shoulders.

“I’ll get straight to the point. Was it true that Gilvan-sama and Guiel-sama planned to interfere with the exam by using undead?”

“Yes. But… we never intended to summon the Dead Priest of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘! It’s true!!”

“Just using Skeletons and Ghosts to slow us down?”

“Yes. That’s why Guiel was taught special ‘Ancient Magic’ by the Count’s acquaintance. But I’m sure he didn’t think it would turn out this way, either. Even I wouldn’t have asked for this if I knew… “

Gilvan Kiers covered his face with both hands.

“You guys are amazing. Defeating the Dead Priest of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘ with ‘Ancient Magic’ and saving Guiel… It’s my complete defeat. Please forgive me… Yuuki Grossalia.”

“I don’t care about that.”

“Is that so…”

“More importantly, please investigate the person who taught that magic to Guiel. And also, the person who knows about this exam. Who was it that tried to make Guiel use necromancy at the moment the amulet was broken… That’s what I care about.”

“Wait! Do you even know what you’re saying!?”

Gilvan Kiers raised his face.

“Are you saying that the Marquis Kiers family and the Count Wolfgang family have worshippers of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘?”

“I don’t know anything about that.”

“But that’s an insult!!”

“I just don’t want the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple‘ to cause trouble. That’s all.”

“Yuuki is right, Gilvan Kiers.”

Odette interrupted us.

“You understand the gravity of the situation, don’t you? If Yuuki didn’t defeat the Dead Priest, Guiel Wolfgang might have been turned into a vessel for the Dead Priest.”

“…Guiel, as a vessel for the Dead Priest?”

“He would have been used as a source of magic power, and in the end, even his spirit would have been consumed. We cannot let those who caused him such fate go unpunished, even if they are from the Marquis or Count family.”

“……You guys are right.”

Gilvan Kiers nodded dejectedly.

He was then supported by the mages and walked toward the exit of the dungeon.

The questioning and searching for the culprit will be left to the ‘Magic Guild’. For now, I must find Alice’s reincarnation.

“We’ll also return to the surface. We have to inform Her Royal Highness about the Holy Sword.”


Odette and I decided to return to the surface.

“I have received your report. It seems that Yuuki-sama was the first to clear the exam.”

This is the reception room at the guesthouse. Odette and I sat across from Princess Iris, with a table between us.

“Of course, I have also heard about the accident. That Guiel Wolfgang was possessed by the Dead Spirit of a mysterious priest, and that Yuuki-sama and Odette defeated it with magic.”

“I didn’t do anything. It was Yuuki who defeated the Dead Priest.”

“No, if it weren’t for Odette’s help, it would have taken more time. It was thanks to Odette that we were able to save Guiel.”

“If Yuuki hadn’t pulled the Dead Priest off Guiel, I wouldn’t have been able to attack it.”

“During the exam, Odette and I were equal partners. So Odette should also be given proper recognition.”

“Yuuki is so stubborn!”

“That’s my line!”


The Princess cleared her throat in the reception room.

I looked over and saw that, for some reason, the Princess’s cheeks were twitching, and she was looking at Odette and me.

“…You two seem to be very close.”

“I apologize. Yuuki is already the Knight Escort of Princess Iris, isn’t he?”

“Yuuki-sama will not be appointed as a knight escort until he receives a formal award in front of Father… which is fine, but…”

Princess Iris muttered, looking down.

“His achievement is important, but the fact that Yuuki-sama drew the Holy Sword was more significant.”

“I would like to try drawing it again later in the presence of Princess Iris. Then we can decide what to do with it.”

I said.

“However, I don’t want it to be known. If it’s known that a Baron family’s illegitimate child obtained an ‘Ancient Artifact’, it will cause a commotion among the nobles.”

“I understand. Let’s keep this a secret.”

Princess Iris nodded.

“After confirming that Yuuki-sama has drawn the Holy Sword, we will decide whether to study it ourselves or establish a separate research team.”


“…Yuuki-sama is… truly amazing.”

Princess Iris stared at me.

Large blue eyes. Beautiful lips. The shape of her ears ── she really resembles Alice. But Princess Iris is two years older.

There are several ways to confirm whether she is Alice’s reincarnation.

First, her blood.

After reincarnation, I can use my ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood‘ just like in my previous life. Therefore, the blood that I gave Alice in my previous life might have left some effect behind.

If Princess Iris is Alice’s reincarnation, there is a good chance that she has blood similar to ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood‘. However, that does not mean I can ask for her blood directly…

The second method of confirmation is to let Princess Iris touch the Holy Sword, Rinkal.

Alice was also reincarnated with that Holy Sword. So even if I draw the Holy Sword and then let Princess Iris touch it, if there is any hint of ‘Erosion, Hacking‘, it should indicate that the Holy Sword is reacting to her.

The third method is to confirm it from her attitude and knowledge.

However, I have already told Princess Iris the names of Lyle, Remilia, and Alice. I told her it was a dream, but my intentions should have been conveyed if Princess Iris was Alice. If she still remains silent, she might be a different person, or her memories may not have returned yet…

Or could it be that she knows but is remaining silent? Since it is Alice we are talking about, there is a possibility that she is happy just by seeing my reaction.

Confirming whether the other person is a reincarnation of an acquaintance is rather difficult.

“…What’s the matter, Yuuki-sama?”

“It’s impolite to stare at the Princess’s face like that.”

“I’m sorry. I was just lost in thought.”

“You’ve just arrived in the Royal Capital, Yuuki-sama. It’s only natural to have a lot on your mind.”

Princess Iris smiled.

“However, I believe you will adapt quickly. From now on, Yuuki-sama will always be by my side as my knight escort.”


Odette nudged me with her elbow.

“…This is the perfect moment to say something clever. Princess Iris seems quite pleased that you’ve been chosen as her knight escort.”

“Got it.”

Something clever, huh? Well… I cannot think of any.

I was a village’s guardian deity in my previous life, and I am just the second son of a countryside noble in this life. I have never been in high society, and I have never been a knight. So I cannot think of something clever to say, even if I want to.

“I, Yuuki Grossalia, promise to become the knight who protects and serves Your Royal Highness with absolute loyalty.”

“Thank you very much!”

Princess Iris shook my hand.

Standing next to me, Odette sighed and said,

“…That’s just barely a passing grade.”

Well, I am sorry about that.

“The tea has gone cold. Let’s have it made again.”

Princess Iris rang the bell, and the maids entered. They took away our cups and made new tea. There are a few cookies on a small plate. If any is left, I’ll take them home for Martha and Remy.

“By the way, Yuuki-sama. You mentioned that you were told to protect me in a dream before, right?”

Princess Iris said as she held her cup of tea.

“Did I say that?”

“You did, right?”

“…Yes, I did.”

It happened on the day after I arrived in the Royal Capital.

Summoned by Princess Iris, I asked if Lyle, Remilia, and Alice were her ancestors. Ultimately, I could not determine whether the three of them were Princess Iris’s ancestors. During our conversation, I told her that I had dreamt of the three of them, and they had asked me to protect Princess Iris.

“Were they Lyle-sama, Remilia-sama, and… um, that appeared in your dream, Yuuki-sama?”

“You remember it well.”

“It was a memorable story.”

With the cup in her hand, Princess Iris looked at me and said,

“…Those people must have been important to you, Yuuki-sama.”

In a calm manner.

“That might be true.”

I took my time to reply.

Princess Iris then asked me with a gentle smile.

“Could it be that… one of them was Yuuki-sama’s former lover…?”


“…Is that so?”

“I have never had a lover.”

“B-But… surely, there must have been someone important to you…?”

Princess Iris leaned towards me.

*Nudge. Nudge.*

Odette nudged me again.

“……Do you not understand how Her Royal Highness feel, Yuuki?”

Odette whispers softly into my ear.

How does Her Royal Highness feel? Then ── does that mean Princess Iris is Alice’s reincarnation, and she is asking if there is someone important to me among Lyle, Remilia, and Alice?

── I could not help but think that, but of course, Odette’s words were different.

“You will become the Princess’s knight.”

Odette looked at me with a serious expression and continued,

“As a knight escort, you must prioritize protecting the Princess. So Her Royal Highness wants to make sure you have the resolve to do so.”

“Thank you, Odette.”

She is dependable, as always.

As the soon-to-be Princess’s knight escort, I should respond accordingly.

“Of course, the most important person to me is Princess Iris Restia. Even if I had a lover or someone I used to have feelings for, they would not surpass Princess Iris. I have forgotten the past and know that my life is for Her Royal Highness.”

“……Is that so.”


said Princess Iris with a slow reaction, and Odette made a strange voice.

“Wait, Yuuki, stay here for a moment.”


“Princess Iris… no, Iris. Can we have some time to talk as childhood friends?”

“Eh, ah, yes. Of course. Odette.”

“In that case, I will borrow another room for a moment. You stay here, Yuuki. It’s a girls’ conversation, so don’t eavesdrop!”

said Odette, taking Princess Iris to a different room.

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