TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 6 Part 3


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Chapter 6 Part 3

“Your Royal Highness…”

The tutor, Kachel, suddenly knelt and spoke.

“Why did you allow the illegitimate child, Yuuki-dono, to participate in the examination?”

“That’s rude. Kachel Mieghem-dono”

“I don’t need a soldier to tell me what to do!! You should know your place!!”

Kachel shouted at the soldier who had interrupted him.

“Xellos Grossalia-sama is the one whose talent I brought out. Even I was astonished by his magic power capacity. Isn’t it an insult to compare him to an illegitimate child?”

“…Kachel Mieghem”

said Princess Iris in a calm voice.

“What do you think this examination is about?”

“I believe it is for Her Royal Highness, Princess Iris, to see the results of my education”

“The results?”

“That’s right. Xellos Grossalia-sama, whom I educated, is brilliant and competent. He will break through even if faced with powerful monsters. I believe this is an opportunity for Her Royal Highness to see that I have raised someone of that caliber”

“Is that why you recommended a dangerous mountain as the examination site?”

“…Dangerous? Who told you that?”

“Those who went for a preliminary inspection said so”

“It’s only because they’re weak. Power is everything to a mage. Just like the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’!!”

shouted Kachel.

The air froze.

Princess Iris and the soldiers stared at Kachel with stiff expressions.

“Oh. A slip of the tongue. The ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’ is taboo”

“The ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’ has been destroyed. Kachel Mieghem”

Princess Iris took a few steps away from Kachel.

For a moment, this man who spoke so loudly seemed like a different person.

“The ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’ was destroyed after using up the legacy of the great ‘Capital of Ancient Magic Civilization, Elysium’. The ‘Lindbel Magic Guild’ was founded on the principle that we should not indulge in power, taking what happened to that organization as a lesson. Have you forgotten that, Kachel Mieghem?”

“I understand. I apologize if my remark offended you”

Kachel kept his head down and kept a watchful eye on her.

“I was just thinking. What would I do if I had as much power as the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’…”

“You are here as a tutor for Xellos Grossalia-sama, correct?”

“Yes, of course”

Kachel shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“Yes, of course. I am dedicated to the proper education of Xellos-sama. That’s what my life is all about”

“…I see”

Princess Iris nodded.

As she looked deep into the forest, she thought.

(I hope that this examination will end without incident and that they will return)

The expression on Kachel Mieghem’s face, as he gazed into the forest as well, was ominous.

Xellos nii-sama and I were running through the ‘Kitral’s Forest’.

I’ve gotten used to the bracelet with the ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’.

I’m also slipping through trees at twice the normal speed.

If Dick had been around, he could have guided me along the shortest route, but that’s not happening because it didn’t matter whether I won or not.

So I’ve asked Dick and the others to wait outside the forest. I didn’t call for them, but here they are.

“Xellos nii-sama! I need to talk to you. Please listen to me while we run!”

I shouted.

Xellos nii-sama, who is running in front of me, didn’t answer.

He must have noticed that I am right behind him. After all, he’s been looking back many times.

“Damn!! Why don’t you listen to what I have to say for a change! Don’t get mad on your own and lose your temper!!”

“Shut up”

Xellos nii-sama looked at me with cold eyes.

“I already know that you are trying to take over the Grossalia family”

“Who!? When!? In what month, day, hour, minute, and second did I plot such a thing!?”

“I heard the maids talking about it!”

“I know nothing as such!”

“Kachel-sensei told me that you’ve been bad-mouthing me to the maids!!”

“Like I said, when!?”

“Many times over! Every day!! Even the night before yesterday!!”

“I wasn’t even in the mansion the night before yesterday!!”

I was at the inn in town with Martha.

I’m sure Xellos nii-sama knows that, too.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!! I won’t let you have the Grossalia family!!”

“I told you I don’t want it!!”

“That’s why you always deny me!”

“All right, I understand. Can I beat you up? Xellos nii-sama!!”

“If you’re not plotting to take over the Grossalia family, then why would Her Royal Highness summon you!? It’s strange, you know!? And how come Her Royal Highness knows about your existence, the illegitimate child!?”

“Then let me tell you the truth. But please, you can’t tell anyone! Are you fine with that, nii-sama!?”

“All right. I understand. So tell me, Yuuki!”

“I snuck out of the mansion the other day and went to the mountain behind the mansion. There, I found Clara-san and Barnes-san being attacked by monsters! I lent them a little help at the time!! I guess that’s when she found out! That there’s a child with black hair and black eyes in the Grossalia family!! But to summon me, the illegitimate child, I don’t know what she was thinking. That’s all!!”


“If you think I’m lying, ask Barnes-san, the one who has the axe!”

“…You’re always like that…”


“You’re always doing things I can’t do!!”

As he said that, Xellos nii-sama’s hands were making strange movements.

‘Ancient Magic’, huh!?

“──── ‘Sylph Summoning’!!”

“‘Ancient Magic’ summoning? That’s awesome, nii-sama!”

I pulled out my dagger.

Pale blue spheres were generated around Xellos nii-sama. Several of them.

Familiar spirits in the form of a bird were formed and flew towards me.

Each has two pairs of wings that are as sharp as knives.

No problem!!

I caught the first sylph’s wings with my dagger.

I managed to slay a second one somehow. As for the third one, I fell to the ground to evade it.

“You’re so strong, yet why do you even bother with me!? Xellos nii-sama!!”

“Shut up! Just drop dead!! You illegitimate child!!”

The distance between Xellos nii-sama and I widened. While running, Xellos nii-sama is summoning familiar spirits.

Is he trying to stop me once and for all?

“…That’s it. He’s getting on my nerves”

No more.

I don’t care if they find out who I am. In the end, I wasn’t cut out to be a human.

I’m not going to hold back anymore.

It has nothing to do with the examination or the magic guild.

From here on out, it’s just a fight between brothers.

I’m going to punch Xellos nii-sama in the face, make him understand, and then I’m going to beat up his tutor, Kachel ──

After that, I’ll disappear from the Grossalia family.

I’m ‘Monster, Nosferatu’, after all. I’ll just disappear from the family!

“‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’!!”

I drew the crest of ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood’ on my left hand.

Together with the bracelet, the ‘Body Strengthening, Boosted’ spell effect is doubled.

As it is, I kicked the ground and started running.

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