TRM Vol. 2 Chapter 2 Part 2


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Chapter 2 Part 2

◆ ◆

“Shall we get going, then?”

At the exit of the royal capital, Headmaster Diana, Lara, Marise, and I gathered. A carriage was prepared, and it seemed we would head to Shifrea in it.

“A carriage, huh…? It’s been a while since I rode one from my hometown to the royal capital.”

“Kurt could probably go to the neutral city in an instant using teleportation magic.”

said Lara, putting both hands behind her head.

“Lara, even if it’s Kurt, there’s no way he could use teleportation magic. It’s lost magic, a type of magic that the Gods of mythological times used…”

“You are right. I’ve only seen it in fictional stories. I was just kidding.”

“I can use it.”


Lara and Marise exclaimed, their mouths wide open in surprise.

“T-Then! Why don’t we use it!?”

“But there are various drawbacks to teleportation magic. Besides, we have plenty of time, so there’s no need to use it. It’s unnecessary.”

Even for me, it would require a massive amount of magic power to teleport to a place that takes five days by carriage. However, in an emergency, it would not be out of the question to use it. Besides, it is more enjoyable to leisurely take in the surrounding scenery while riding in a carriage.

We would have plenty of time until the negotiation once we get there. It might be interesting to visit the Adventurer’s Guild there.

“Kurt still uses lost magic as easily as breathing…”

“I see Kurt as a character who appeared out of a book.”

Lara and Marise were dumbfounded.

“…You guys seem to be having fun, but there are also monsters outside the city. So you must not let your guard down.”

said Diana in a serious tone.

“Headmaster… With all due respect, I think most monsters can be dealt with if Kurt is there.”

“If you let your guard down, even Kurt could lose his footing. You never know what kind of monsters are lurking. It won’t hurt to be cautious.”

Yes, Diana is right.

With that said, we left the royal capital.

“Wow, it’s so peaceful.”

From the carriage window, Lara was sticking her face out and frolicking.

“Lara… you shouldn’t stick your face out recklessly. Monsters might attack us from afar.”

“Ehhh, but it’s boring. Kurt and Marise-chan, too… Look!”

said Lara, pulling Marise’s and my arms.

Due to the narrow window, the three of us were tightly pressed against each other. As a result, soft parts, such as the chests and stomachs of the two, were pressed against my body.

“It’s certainly a beautiful view.”

As Lara said, a tranquil plain scenery spreads outside.

“I know, right!”

“Occasionally, it’s good to travel by carriage. When I was traveling alone from my hometown to the royal capital, it was boring then.”

Traveling by carriage seemed to be the right choice after all.

“Marise-chan, get your face closer over here!”

“Wait, Lara. Please don’t pull me so forcefully! I’m getting too close to Kurt, and it’s becoming rather embarrassing! Well, I can’t say I dislike it, but…”

Their bodies were getting closer to me.

“Kukuku… Kurt, you seem to be quite popular.”

Diana chuckled, watching the scene from behind.

── And so, three days have passed.

“Hm…? I sense a monster’s presence in the distance.”

I always kept a wide-range detection magic in case of emergencies. Finally, it seemed like something big had come up.

“A monster? Kurt, you said it like it’s a big deal. Is it strong?”

“Not really.”

We had encountered weak monsters such as wolves and slimes on the way here, but this time it was a rare monster.

It was still not enough for me, though.

“How far away is it?”

Marise sounded tense as she asked.

“It’s about 15 kilometers ahead. If we keep going at this speed, we’ll run into it in about an hour.”

“15 kilometers, you say!? How is that possible!?”

“I taught you and Lara the detection magic, didn’t I? You should be able to do this much.”

“But we can only detect up to a radius of 5 meters from ourselves!”

Marise retorted.

“Should we tell the coachman to change the route?”

Lara asked with a worried expression, trying to stand up.

“There’s no need to go through the trouble for such a weak monster. Changing the route would only be a waste of time. Besides, I’m getting bored, and my thirst for battle is calling.”

“Heehhh, if Kurt says so, I guess it’s okay…”

“It’s a weak monster, huh…? I have a bad feeling about this.”

It was decided. The carriage continued on its planned route, and about an hour later…

“Wait, isn’t that a Hydra!?”

Marise exclaimed as she got off the carriage and looked up at the nine-headed serpent.

“That’s right, a Hydra.”

“Isn’t it a <<Disaster-Class>> monster!? Kurt, your ‘weak’ statement is not reliable! If you knew it was a Hydra, you should have said so!”

I was scolded by Marise.

All of us got out of the carriage.

“Headmaster, you can wait inside the carriage.”

“I finally have the chance to see Kurt in action. There’s no way I’m going to miss that, right?”

Diana seemed excited, her voice full of energy.

Well, do as you like, then.


“Wow, we’ve been spotted!”

Hydra’s voice made Lara flustered.

“Fire Spear!”

Marise stood in front of Lara and immediately cast her magic.

The Fire Spear hit one of Hydra’s nine heads, causing black smoke to rise.

However ──

“It didn’t work!?”

Marise exclaimed in frustration as she witnessed the head, which had been struck by the magic, regenerate before her eyes.

Even if one of Hydra’s heads were destroyed, it would infinitely regenerate as long as the other heads remained. Therefore, to defeat Hydra, it was necessary to destroy all nine heads simultaneously.

“Both of you, stay back.”

I stepped forward in front of the two and focused on Hydra.

Let’s see… That magic should do the trick. It was about time I started feeling drowsy from being rocked in the carriage. This will be a good way to wake myself up.


Just as Hydra was about to stretch out its neck and attack, Lara called out my name.

“Oh? You’re not afraid of me. You have quite the courage.”

I was impressed as I quickly assembled and activated the magic formula immediately.

The name of that magic was ── Meteor Bomb. It is a fire attribute magic that triggers multiple explosions, causing huge damage to the opponent.

Explosions centered on Hydra, spreading out in a chain reaction.


Hydra’s last moments echoed around us.

Eventually, after the explosions subsided, only Hydra’s burnt body remained.

“That’s about it.”

I brushed off my hands.

“A <<Disaster-Class>> monster can be defeated in an instant…? As expected, Kurt is truly amazing.”

Diana gazed at the Hydra’s corpse intently.

“I can’t believe Hydra could be defeated so easily.”

“Lara, please don’t misunderstand. It’s only because Kurt can do it. He’s the only one who says that a <<Disaster-Class>> monster is weak.”

Lara poked the burnt Hydra’s body, and Marise watched from behind.

“Kurt… What was the magic you used just now?”

“It’s called Meteor Bomb. I used it because it looks flashy, but not practical. You have to set up a barrier around yourself so that you don’t get caught up in it…”

“To claim that the magic capable of defeating Hydra in a single strike is not practical… You truly are an incredible person…”

Marise sighed and said in a slightly admiring tone.

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