TIEM Vol. 1 Chapter 3 Part 1


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Chapter 3 Part 1

Chapter 3 – The Rich Kids Of The Nobility


It was the morning after staying up all night.

I couldn’t hide my surprise at the ‘current state of the world’ that I arrived at and spoke out while basking in the sunlight.

There are two major changes in this world.

The first being the fact that a ‘technological innovation’ occurred in this world.

This is a welcome development.

Thanks to the development of the processing technique of the ‘magic stone’, which can be converted into various forms of energy depending on how it is used, it led to an explosive advancement in the level of civilization of this world.

For example, the ‘Light Bulb’, which Lilith explained to me yesterday.

By extracting the energy from the magic stones, several innovations occurred in various industries and changed people’s lives dramatically.

But if you ask me, there were many things that made me snicker at, such as the need to automate despite the fact that they could be done with magic….


This is exactly what I’m talking about. The second fact that surprised me was ──

“What’s this? The quality of magicians has dropped to such unbelievable levels…”

The book that I’m reading now is a perfect example.

Despite the lengthy and ostentatious rhetoric, the techniques described in this book would have been familiar to children under the age of 10 over 200 years ago.

But this book is still one of the better ones.

There were even books that proudly introduced the wrong magic syntaxes in their explanation.

Have they ever tried to construct the magic by channeling those magic syntaxes?

There were too many mistakes.

It is flawed and going to explode for sure. I’m knowledgeable in this, so there’s no doubt about it.

I stretched and then sprang up from the chair.

Thinking of ventilating the room a bit, I opened the door. Oh? There was bread in front of it.

‘Abel-sama, I’ll leave you some breakfast and lunch. I’m going out to work. I’ll be back by evening, so please relax at home.    ── Lilith’

Perhaps this note was left for me while I was engrossed in reading. 

Work…. Work, huh?

That’s right.

Lilith does something to make a living, too.

I’m curious.

What does she do in this village full of humans?

“Damn…. I’m starting to get sleepy…”

I hadn’t stopped yawning for a short while ago.

As I thought, it was hard to stay up all night with this immature body.


I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll stop reading when I’ve reached a good cut-off point.

Having taken advantage of Lilith’s kindness, it was right after I bit into the bread and went back to reading.


The sound of the front door opening.

Hmm? It looks like someone has broken into the house.

The presence is clearly different from Lilith’s presence.

The energetic bouncing footsteps are getting closer and closer to the library, and then bam! The door swung open. 

“Excuse me!” |TL Note: In the raw, it’s a phrase used by visiting samurai to request entry|

Are you a dojo challenger or something?

Suddenly, a blond boy, looking about ten years old like me, stepped into the library.

“Hehe! You must be Lilith’s brother!”

No. You’re mistaken. 

What, he knows Lilith? Are they acquaintances?

At best, he looks like an ordinary human boy. What’s different from the norm is that outfit of his.

The burnt amber blond hair is neatly trimmed.

The clothes he is wearing are quite flashy.

The red coat has a noisy pattern, and the shirt collar he is wearing has flower embroidery designs, too. 

I see.

He must be a rich kid. Or a nobleman, perhaps?

That reminds me of the neighbor.

He must be the child from the huge mansion next door.

Good grief. Why in the world did this child come into our house?

“Rejoice commoner! From now on, you’re going to be this Ted-sama’s underling!”

Oh? Is this child trying to take me in as a disciple?

Let’s ignore him. Ignore.

He is the kind of brat that exists in all ages.

“Hey-hey! Lilith’s younger brother! Err, Abebe?”

“It’s Abel”

“Heyy! A-be-l! Be my underling! Do you know what an underling is? You will become my sworn younger brother!”

“I’m sorry. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in a master-disciple relationship”

“What? Come on, become my underling!”

Damn. What a day.

The screaming rich kid shows no sign of leaving the room at all. 

It can’t be helped.

Scaring children is not a hobby of mine, but I don’t think I can concentrate on reading at this rate.

Maybe I should scare him a little.

Determined, I close the book with a thumping sound.

“Let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t get involved with me. You probably know these eyes of mine”

Truth be told, this kind of acting is not my forte, but there’s no other choice.

I look down on the intruder with my golden eyes ── the <<Amber Eyes>>.

The very same amber eyes as what the demon race has is an ominous symbol in this world.

With this, this guy probably will never try to bother me again.

“Eh? You…that eye color…!?”

The boy, Ted, took a step back. He looked confused.

Good-good. It seems to be working.

Let’s give it one more push, just to scare him away.

“Kukuku. That’s right. To be frank with you, I have the eyes of the demon race ──”


What Ted did next was something I hadn’t expected him to do.

Somehow, Ted looked straight at my face and burst out laughing.

“Pf-Pfft! Seriously!? That’s the <<Amber Eyes>>, right!?”

I don’t understand.

Ted is rolling around on the floor, roaring with laughter.

“It’s my first time seeing one! Seriously! It’s the <<Amber Eyes>>!”

What? What’s going on?

My mouth was left agape at the scene that’s currently unfolding.

“Hey! Ted! You should not enter Lilith-san’s house without permission!”

A blond boy, who looked much like Ted here, came into the room in a hurry.

He looks to be a couple of years older than Ted.

The two must be blood brothers, judging by their looks.

“Bass nii-chan! Look at this guy! It’s my first time seeing the <<Chicken Eyes>>!”

What the hell? What’s with this boy’s bad attitude?

Well, Ted’s words are just the ramblings of a child who is not yet old enough to understand.

When he is around Bass’s age, he’ll be aware of the amber eyes, even if he doesn’t want to.

“…I see. I’ve heard from Lilith-san that her tremendously talented younger brother is moving in…. But I guess I expected too much”


Hmm? Maybe the brother is the same, too? 

What were these brothers talking about for a while now?

It goes without saying that the amber eyes were supposed to be the symbol of the ‘strongest’ and the ‘worst’ in the world.

No, could it be….

“Are amber eyes something to be ridiculed?”

“Pfft! Bass nii-chan! This Abebe, a commoner, doesn’t seem to know anything!”

I couldn’t even bring myself to correct the mistake in my name any longer.

That’s how shocked I was.

“Listen, Abebe! Those chicken eyes have zero aptitudes for any attribute! Fire, water, wind, production magic, and healing magic are all useless in the <<Zero Eyes>>!”

“Ted, that’s enough. You’re going too far”

This was surprising.

It is true that the amber eyes are eyes that need training.

Specifically, it is a late bloomer type that requires training to be able to handle any magic attribute.

After completing ten years of said training, the amber eyes will be able to manipulate all the attributes.

Eventually (and of course, it varies from person to person), you will be able to manifest the greatest magic of all the attributes almost perfectly.

Although they have been unreasonably persecuted at times, it is safe to say that they are superior to other eyes in terms of performance.

“Err, Abesi-san, was it?”

What’s with that name….

“It’s Abel”

“Abel-san. I’m sorry that my brother was rude to you”

Bass bowed slightly to me.

Aah, it doesn’t matter. I thought to myself, ‘It’s okay. I don’t mind’, and replied quietly. 

“You should apologize too, Ted”

“Eeeh. No, I don’t want to. It’s really the <<Chicken Eyes>> after all”

“You can’t act like this, Ted. In this day and age, even if you can’t use magic, you can still lead a relatively happy life. Abel-san, as long as it’s within your means, we’ll be in your care from now on, and I hope that you can get along with Ted, too”

Hmm? What did you say, Bass?

You’re making fun of amber-eyed people at heart too, aren’t you?

Personally, I don’t dislike bottomless idiots like Ted, but I’m not good with people like Bass who have half-baked knowledge and pride.

“Come on, Ted. Let’s go home and learn some magic. We’ll do what we’ve been chosen to do”

“Yeah, yeah. Then, see you later, chicken eyes Abibi!”

The door slammed shut.

Seriously…. What was that about….

Those brothers came and went like a storm, coming into people’s houses out of the blue and hurling slander after slander at them.

But anyway, so that’s how it is.

I took out a history book. The ’History of War’ that I just read.

In this world, at least for the past 100 years, there have been no wars with the demon race.

In other words, it has been peaceful.

If there are no demons, then inevitably nobody will fear their <<Amber Eyes>>.

Furthermore…originally, anyone with the five great eyes of burning, blue, green, gray, and black can easily use the magic of their respective attribute with a little practice. 

On the other hand, it is difficult for the <<Amber Eyes>>, a late bloomer type, to learn magic without a certain amount of training.

That is why in this day and age where the quality of magic arts has fallen, people with <<Amber Eyes>> have become ‘targets of ridicule’ who are called ‘zero aptitude and unneeded’. 

Aah. I see.

I think I finally understand why Lilith is using colored contact lenses to hide the color of her eyes.

Personally, I don’t like ornaments that disguise oneself such as the colored contact lenses, but if this is the case, then it’s no wonder that she wears them.

After persecution, I guess derision is next, huh?

Good grief.

Living a normal life is such a difficult thing to do….

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