TIEM Vol. 1 Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Written Examination

And so, the day of the examination has arrived. After crossing several mountains, it took half a day by horse-drawn carriage to reach the Royal Capital, Midgard.

Currently, the Royal Capital is divided into five major districts.

The eastern district is a market and industrial area facing the harbor. The southern and northern districts, where the districts still retain the countryside but are inhabited by merchants and ordinary people. The central district is where the nobles live. And finally, the western district, where various academies and research institutions are located.

It is a magnificent view. 

The academy stands majestically, towering like a castle. From what I hear, the Arthuria Magic Academy is one of the oldest buildings in Midgard.

I see. As expected of the most prestigious academy in the country. It is old, and the academy’s buildings have an atmosphere where one can feel the weight of their history and tradition.

I remembered Lilith’s words as I passed through the gates decorated with a silver dragon.

‘Abel-sama. The Arthuria Magic Academy is an elite academy where the country’s best and most promising students gather. Please don’t let your guard down.’

These were the words Lilith whispered to me as we left the house.

I doubt I would fail the examination. But still, I have to be careful.

“Hey-Hey. He doesn’t have a family crest. Is he, by any chance, the rumored inferior eyes?”

As I walked up to the school gate, I felt the gaze of those around me.

“This is the worst. The Arthuria Magic Academy has lost its reputation.”

“Haa… The commoners should sit back and plow their fields.”


At first glance, they all seem weak, or rather, the epitome of modern magicians. Seeing that they are wearing uniforms, they must be the students here.

Many good magicians are skilled at concealing their power. So, let’s keep my guard up, just in case.

“Why is there an inferior eyes taking the entrance examination?”

“I heard that he received a recommendation from the family that donated a lot of money to the academy.”

“Oh? Then, it’s a back door. He will probably fail the examination.”

“No, no. Maybe they are bribing the examiner.”

Hmm. Magicians with the <<Amber Eyes>> are always viewed with a biased perspective. It is troubling that even the elites, who are supposed to be the most knowledgeable in this country, are joining the prejudices.

“Just let them say whatever they want! These people only judge people by the color of their eyes!!”

Good grief. I never thought the day would come when Ted cheered me up. I have fallen from grace as well. Did he perhaps forget that he was thinking the same not too long ago?

“You people should be ashamed of yourself!!”

Just as I was lost in thoughts, I heard a strong-willed voice coming from behind me.

She had long, bright red hair that looked as if it had been cut out of a madder red sky. And her eyes were the <<Burning Eyes>> that shone like garnets. The clothes she wore bore the emblem of a dragon and a sword. It must be her family crest.

Oh? I think I have seen it somewhere before, but I cannot remember.

“To call yourself a noble for talking behind a commoner’s back!”

Is this girl also a student here? Even so, her body seems strangely well-developed.

“…Who are you?”

“My name is Eliza! Five years from now, I will graduate at the top from the Arthuria Magic Academy and become a great magician who will go down in history!”

The girl who calls herself Eliza makes a lofty declaration proudly.

“What is it with this rude girl?”

“Hey, examinee. Come here. We’re going to teach you the proper way of talking.”

The upperclassmen are clearly irritated by Eliza.

I thought about helping her for a moment, but quickly reconsidered as it was unnecessary. The differences in their abilities were obvious, so I didn’t need to step in and help.

“Now then… I wonder which one of us is the one who doesn’t know the proper way of talking.”

Smiling wryly, Eliza draws the sword from her waist.

Mm, great swordsmanship. It seems that she is more than just talk. It has been a long time since I have been impressed by anyone after my reincarnation. 


The student, with a blade thrust at his throat suddenly, sits powerless on the ground. 

“Now, get out of my sight.”

“““I-I’m sorry!!”””

The students who were stared at by Eliza’s <<Burning Eyes>>, all scattered.

Good grief. The examinations have not started yet, and we have already caught up in a terrible mishap.

“Hey, you there.”

I did not ask for it, but I am sure Eliza was covering for me. In that case, it would be polite to give my thanks.

Just as I was about to reach out to Eliza from behind.


Suddenly, I was slapped on the hand.

“You lowly commoner… You have the nerve to touch my body…!!”


What in the world is this girl talking about?

The red-haired girl glared at me, and from her eyes, I could catch a glimpse of the same or even greater sense of discrimination than the students from just now.

“Weren’t you trying to help me just now?”

“What are you talking about? I just don’t like people who sneak around and talk about anyone behind their back! I don’t remember giving permission to allow a commoner to speak to me.”


Give me a break. Is everyone in this academy the same? 

“Listen, commoner! If you want to be in my sight, be stronger than anyone else. I’m not interested in anyone but the strong.”

The girl who calls herself Eliza said that and walked away from me.

Good grief. I did not think there were girls with such a strong will in this era.

“Master! W-What is wrong with that girl just now!?”

“Beats me. I would like to know as well…”

That said, I feel like I have met her somewhere before.

I felt a sense of déjà vu about the girl with the scarlet hair, but I went through the school gate as I was going to be late.


The Arthuria Magic Academy has two examinations. A written examination and a practical examination.

A perfect score would be 200 points, with a maximum score of 100 points each.


*Scribble, Scribble.*

The quiet examination hall was filled with the subtle sound of pens running.

The written examination consisted of three subjects. ‘General Education’, ‘Magic Language’, and ‘Magic Engineering’.

The first one was General Education. It was so easy that it would have been strange to be unable to solve it.

The contents of the examination covers a wide range of topics, ranging from simple mathematics using figures to questions that test reading comprehension.

However, this kind of examination was also given two hundred years ago.

The contents have not changed much. In other words, there is no way I could make a mistake in this examination.

The next one was Magic Language. It was so easy that it seemed to be making fun of me.

Due to the level of magic at this era being low, and since the level is further lowered for students, the questions were enough to make me yawn.

Of course, it cannot be anything other than a perfect score. If anything, I have found four mistakes by the question setter.

And lastly, Magic Engineering. It was slightly more challenging than the previous two, as if the mean-spiritedness of the question setter was apparent.

However, even though it was a bit of a hurdle, it was nothing but child’s play for me.

Good grief. At this rate, I am going to pass the examination with a perfect score in all subjects.

The last question ――

Question 12: This question is based on the Final Theorem of Depolnix. Prove below that the human soul cannot be created by magic.

Hmm? At the very end, a unique question has popped up. The difficulty of the problem has also risen to an incomparable level. 

Perhaps it was set up for the purpose of preventing examinees from getting a perfect score.

I cannot help but smile a little. 

―― Because it was none other than me who created this problem in the first place.

That was two hundred years ago, when I was less than ten years old.

At that time, the world was at the height of the ‘Human body transmutation boom’, and various magicians were searching for ways to create human souls.

It was discovered that some of the most famous magicians had taken the lives of numerous people in what they called ‘Experiments’, and it had become a societal issue. It was truly ridiculous. Creating the soul of a living creature through magic is impossible.

So, I decided to put an end to the nonsensical ‘boom’ by anonymously publishing this <<Final Theorem of Depolnix>>.

Well, it was not nonsensical for me, because I was able to complete <<Reincarnation Magic>> as the result of my research at that time.

Now, back to the main topic.

Even though the difficulty has risen, this is nothing more than a ‘Service Problem’ for me.

After all, the first time I solved this problem was when I was less than ten years old.

I was the only one who knew that the name <<Depolnix>> came from the name of a dog owned by an elderly couple who lived in the neighborhood.

And that was it.

Now that I think about it, the <<Final Theorem of Depolnix>>, which I published at that time, was incomplete and pure nonsense.

Good grief. Even if it was from my childhood, I am truly ashamed of my past self for publishing such an incomplete thing.

And so, I finished the written examination by writing an answer that made up for the shortcomings of the existing Depolnix.

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