TIEM Vol. 1 Chapter 6


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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Lost Path

Two years have passed since I awoke from my sleep caused by the <<Reincarnation Magic>>.

During these two years, I looked around at different areas of magic.

However, I was not surprised to find that there was not much that I could truly admire within the scope of this territory.

Of course, the quality of magic had also deteriorated catastrophically.

At first, I thought that the decline of magic in this world was due to ‘magic tools’, but now I don’t think that was the only reason.

The decline in the level of this world’s magicians is, to put it bluntly, at a level that one would call ‘abnormal’.

Maybe Lilith would know something about it, but I would like to discover by myself the things that have happened in the past two hundred years that caused the decline in magic. My recent interest has been solely that.

“Abel-sama. Tea is ready.”

“Mm. Thank you.”

The decline of magic is saddening, but in this world, several revolutionary items have become popular instead.

The item called the heating pot that Lilith has is particularly useful. Its special characteristic is that it is good at regularly producing heat energy.

“How was the homemade herbal tea?”

“Mm. It tastes good.”

Maybe all the talented people are gathering in the field of magic tool development.

Perhaps what is needed in this peaceful era is not ‘magic’ that requires rigorous training, but ‘magic tools’ that anyone can easily use.

As a person who was reincarnated from two hundred years ago, I have slightly mixed feelings.

“Master! It’s done! I finally learned that magic!”

With a thud, Ted opens the door and walks in. He is a little shorter than me, with burnt amber blond hair.

For the past two years, Ted had begun to call me his master and begged me to teach him magic.

His speech, which had been rough when we first met, has now completely improved.

“Then show it to me here.”

“Eh? But…?”

“Do you think that I can’t stop your magic? There’s no need to hesitate.”

The technique of analyzing the opponent’s magic and instantly neutralizing it is called <<Dispel Magic>>.

As a matter of fact, <<Dispel Magic>> can only be used if there is a significant skill gap, but it would not be a problem against Ted.

“Okay. Then here I go!”

With both eyes closed, Ted drew a magic syntax in his head.

“Flame Barrage, Burning Bullet!”

The next moment, the air vibrates.

A fiery bullet with a diameter of about ten centimeters was formed at Ted’s right hand.

While drinking the herbal tea that Lilith had brewed, I was evaluating Ted’s magic.

I see. Well, that was about it. It may be a low-quality magic, but it is pretty good for a magician of this era. Above all, he does not rely on toys like magic tools. Those tools will only stop him from thinking, and not understanding the magic itself.

“Eh!? Eeehhhhhh!? Why is my magic disappearing!?”

Ted let out a bewildered voice as his magic was suddenly neutralized.

Good grief.

I wonder if the magicians of this era do not know about <<Dispel Magic>>?

Although <<Dispel Magic>> is surprisingly useful depending on how it is used, the drawback is that it requires a significant skill gap between the caster and the target to use it.

It reads the opponent’s magic formula and creates a syntax that is exactly the opposite of that magic. That sequence needs to be carried out no later than immediately after the opponent’s magic is activated.

After all, it is flawed.

It is effective against a simple-minded magician like Ted, but it is of no use against a competent opponent.

“You’ve improved, Ted.”

From my perspective, Ted’s talent for attribute magic was hopelessly low.

To make it worse, Ted is not smart and has a bad memory, so I had a hard time teaching him.

“Really!? That’s great!”

Was he that happy that I praised him?

Ted, in a good mood, hops around the room like a puppy.

“I’m really glad, Master! I will do my best for the magic academy’s entrance examination tomorrow!”

“Oh, there was such an important event. Go for it.”

The academy, huh?

Ted has reached that age, after all. Children grow up so fast, don’t they?

When I first met Ted, he was just a childish little brat, but now he has grown up to be a very fine young man.

“What are you talking about? I heard from Lilith that Master is going to take the examination, too.”


Hearing that, I tilted my head. 

I am going to take the magic academy’s entrance examination?

I who was called an ‘Unrivaled genius’ and was considered to be unmatched by anyone else two hundred years ago, but now I have to go to the academy?

Good grief. She has bad taste for a joke.

“Hey, Lilith. What’s going on? I’m taking the entrance examination for the magic academy?”

Maybe Lilith was acting on her own without telling me?

Hearing that, while washing the dishes in the kitchen, Lilith put on a neutral expression.

“On the contrary, I would like to ask Abel-sama… What do you plan to do in the future if you don’t enroll in the academy?”

“Well… Just like before, I will be traveling around as an adventurer…”

“With all due respect, Abel-sama… The adventurer profession was completely abolished ten years ago.”

“―――― !?”

A shocking fact that is now revealed.

I see.

All the books in the library had been published a long time ago, so I did not know about the recent situation.

I guess that is how it is.

In my time, an adventurer was to kill monsters and sell some of the materials to the Adventurer’s Guild.

However, in this era, with the monsters’ populations plummeting, it has become an ‘Unnecessary’ profession.

“Abel-sama is planning to work on magic in the future, right? If so, in this peaceful time, you need to graduate from the academy before you can do that. Do you understand?”

I understand the logic, but I don’t feel happy about it.

To think that I have to go to the academy after all these years.

There was no one who could teach me magic even two hundred years ago. It was a harsh world.

“Or is Abel-sama going to just depend on me financially?”

Well, I don’t mind at all, but…

“I understand. I guess I should take the examination.” 

It cannot be helped.

It is true that I am just living off of Lilith like a leech right now. I do not wish to be fostered by a woman forever.

So let’s just think of it as something necessary to expand my views of the world.

TL Note: This novel will be dropped due to getting licensed. The translation on Volume 1 is now completed and is pending editing. The remaining chapters will be posted as soon as they have been edited.

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